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Biasi Boiler Prices, Warranty, and Alternatives [Boiler Review]

Thinking about buying a Biasi boiler? With a new boiler installation generally costing over £2,000, it’s worth taking the time to do a little research before making a purchase.

To make your life easier, we’ve done the research for you. From the current system and combi boiler range, to online reviews, warranty, and prices, this review has everything you need to know about Biasi boilers. Keep on reading and you shouldn’t have any surprises when you make your purchase.

Biasi boiler

The Biasi Boiler Range

Biasi UK Ltd have plenty of manufacturing experience when it comes to boilers. They’ve been producing various heating solutions since the 1940s and still offer a range of system and combi boiler models.

Biasi Combi Boilers

If your heating system doesn’t use a cylinder or water tank, it’s likely a combi boiler that you need. Biasi currently have the following combi gas boilers in their range:

Inovia Combi

The Inovia combi boiler from Biasi comes with a 5 year warranty, and is available in 25kW, 30kW and 35kW.

Advance Plus 7 Combi

The Advance Plus 7 is the next step up from the Inovia. It’s available in the same sizes as the Inovia, but it comes with a longer, 7-year warranty.

Advance Combi

If you’re looking for the same features offered with the Plus 7, but want to spend a little less, the Advance Combi is worth a look.

25kW, 30kW and 35kW options are available, but the warranty is slightly shorter than the Advance Plus 7, at only 5 years.

Biasi System Boilers

If your heating system uses a water cylinder (but not a water feed tank) and takes water directly from the mains, a system boiler is the better boiler type. You may also want to consider a system boiler if you want a high hot water flow rate to satisfy above-average hot water demand.

The current Biasi system boiler range is as follows:

Inovia System

The Inovia system boiler is only available as a 25kW unit, coming with a 5 year warranty.

Advance Plus System

Biasi’s Advance Plus System boiler comes with a 7 year warranty and is available in 25kW and 30kW models.

Advance System

Looking for something slightly cheaper than the Advance Plus? The Advance comes with a 5-year warranty and is available as a 25kW or 30kW.

What Size Biasi Boiler Do You Need?

We’ve created a detailed guide to boiler sizes here. However, it’s probably easier to use this online boiler calculator from Heatable. It’s going to account for the following factors:

  • Fuel type — natural gas or LPG
  • Property size — number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Central heating demand — for heating radiators and towel rails
  • Water demand — required flow rate for the number of showers

After 10 or so clickable multiple choice questions, you’ll get your recommended boiler sizes on screen. You’ll also get a range of fixed prices, which you can use later to compare with local installers’ prices; doing so will ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Online Reviews for Biasi Boilers

Before investing somewhere in the region of £2,000 into a new boiler, it’s worth digging up some feedback from previous buyers.

Biasi boilers are known for being a reasonable brand, with good reliability. Like any product, reviews from existing customers might highlight any potential surprises.

Whilst Biasi are well known, they’re not fitted at the same volume as Worcester Bosch. And that means that reviews are a little thin on the ground.

At the time of writing (May 2022), Trust Pilot only holds roughly 40 reviews from Biasi customers. The overall review score isn’t too bad: 4 out of 5 stars, with ~70% leaving positive feedback, ~20% not liking Biasi too much, and the rest somewhere in the middle.

For comparison’s sake, Worcester shows 4.7 out of 5 stars and Viessmann boasts 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Biasi Boiler Warranty

When you’re buying a new boiler, the warranty is the one thing you to which you should pay close attention.

Assuming a £2,000 total installation cost for a small-medium sized property, the boiler and associated parts will make up around half of that price; the rest is labour.

The thing is, the difference between a lesser-known brand with 1-2 year warranty and a solid boiler manufacturer with a warranty of 5 years+ is usually only a few hundred pounds.

You should be aiming to get a boiler with a 5-year warranty as a minimum.

And, that’s a thumbs up for Biasi boilers. Unlike other brands, their offering doesn’t include any of the lower end products that only come with a measly 1-2 year warranty. Instead, you’ll be getting from 5-7 years across the range.

However, it’s worth noting there are manufacturers offering much longer warranties. For instance, Ideal Boilers Max range, comes with a 12-year warranty. And, the likes of Worcester Bosch or Viessmann can offer up to 10 years when fitted via Heatable.

You can get your own boiler quotes from Heatable by filling in this anonymous, 90-second form.

Heatable boiler installations

Biasi Boiler Prices

With a decent warranty of 5 years or more, the next thing to consider is price. And that’s another area where Biasi are favourable.

If you take their Advance Plus 7 Combi in its 30kW form, you’ll be looking at around £850, boiler only; that’s excluding parts needed for installation, such as a flue and boiler filter.

Now compare that to Worcester Bosch — you’d be looking at paying around £1,200 the Worcester Greenstar 4000 30kW.

Basically, on paper, the Biasi Advance Plus 7 is around £350 cheaper.

There are a few things to consider that might change this price difference:

  • Most merchants buy Worcester boilers in bulk, so your local Gas Safe heating engineer will get them much cheaper than online list prices.
  • An installer that fits a large volume of Worcester boilers will get them even cheaper still.
  • You can get a Worcester fitted by Heatable, and they can compete with Biasi boiler prices.
  • The Worcester 30i comes with 10-year warranty, whereas the Biasi Advance Plus 7 only comes with 7 years’ coverage.

On the flip side, the same applies for merchants buying large volumes of Biasi boilers and a fitter installing 100s per year.

Long story short? You need to do your research on prices from fitters in your area to see what the exact price difference after installation is.

For Worcester, Viessmann, or Ideal, you can get a fixed price from Heatable on screen in about 90 seconds.

For Biasi, you can get quotes from installers near you and compare them to prices you get from Heatable.

Repair Costs Versus Replacement Costs

If your old boiler is giving up the ghost, another thing worth considering is whether repairing your boiler is more cost effective than a replacement.

Typically, if your boiler is over 5 years old, becoming unreliable, with an expected repair bill of over £400, investing in a new boiler is probably wise.

A new boiler that’s energy efficient can save you up to £840 on fuel bills per year. So, even if you needed to buy a boiler on finance, the monthly payments could be covered simply by the energy savings you’re making on a monthly basis.

For repair costs less than £400 on a boiler that in general, is in good condition and reliable, the wise move would be a repair. You can check out boiler repair costs here.

Should You Buy a Biasi Boiler?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a Biasi boiler fitted, but it’s important to not take that £350 price difference at face value. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get a Worcester fitted at a similar price and be able to take advantage of the extra 3 years warranty in the process.

If there’s a local Gas Safe installer getting excellent deals on Biasi boilers, that’s going to be the most cost-effective option. But, if there’s nothing in it price-wise, I’d prefer to stick with Worcester, simply because of the extra 3 years of warranty coverage.

You can get Biasi boiler quotes here from local Gas Safe installers and compare them to a fixed price on a Worcester here.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000

What’s Next?

So, that’s it. Thanks for reading our guide to Biasi boilers. Hopefully there is enough information for you to decide on whether a Biasi boiler is the right choice for you.

Is your Biasi boiler giving you a fault code you don’t understand? You can read our guide to Biasi fault codes here.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark Heatingforce.co.uk, we regularly update our website with boiler reviews, repair advice, and info on where to get the best deal on your new boiler.

Got questions? Drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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