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Best DeWALT Safety Trainers for Comfortable Protection (Reviews) 2023

You probably already know that DeWALT makes great work boots, but did you know they also offer a range of high-quality safety trainers? That’s right, you can have all the protections and industry know-how from a major player like DeWALT, wrapped in the daily comfort and flexibility of your favourite trainers!

DeWALT Safety Trainers UK

Today, you’ll learn all about the top-rated work trainers currently in DeWALT’s line-up.

Further down the page, we also cover some general tips you can use to narrow down your own comparison shopping for the best value for money.

Top 5 Lightweight DeWALT Safety Trainers

If you need a certified work shoe that does away with bulk and discomfort, a DeWALT safety trainer is the way to go. But how to choose the best one for you?

Below, we review five of DeWALT’s best-selling safety trainers. We’ll discuss their build qualities, protections afforded, plus how they fit, look, and wear.

1. DeWALT Cutter

DeWALT are an iconic brand among manufacturers of quality safety footwear, and their Cutter is a great example of why. One of their best-sellers, the Cutter blends the right mix of wearability, protections, durability, and plain good looks.

DeWalt Cutter Safety Boot

While kitted-out similar to many full-fledged work boots, the Cutter very much wears and looks like trainers. These are the kind of safety trainers you won’t mind wearing even on your days off!


The DeWALT Cutter features an overall sporty cut, but with a clear mind for safety first. This is apparent in the design of their uppers, which display an array of reflective ribs to boost your visibility at night. These are set amidst a combination of synthetic polyurethane and mesh–highly durable materials which don’t bog your feet down with excess weight or stiffness.

Cemented below are grippy outsoles made of a durable compounded rubber. Also present in the sole construction is cushiony Phylon, underneath the heel and ball of your foot. All this material has the virtue in common of being incredibly lightweight; indeed, DeWALT’s Cutter weighs in at just a hair under 1kg for the pair.


DeWALT is a trusted provider of industrial safety equipment, so it follows they’d know how to design a properly protective pair of trainers. The Cutter shields your feet from high-energy impacts and crushing forces by way of tough steel toe caps. DeWALT didn’t stop there; also adorning the toe is a dedicated scuff guard–perfect for anyone who does a lot of kneeling for their job.

The Cutter’s soles are another big safety feature, providing 300°C heat protection, chemical and oil resilience, and SRA traction on wet surfaces. As well as the rest of the interior, the insole features a moisture-wicking mesh which combats bacteria and odour alike. After long days on the job, you don’t have to worry about succumbing to swamp foot!

Fit and finish

With generous padding about the tongue and collar, DeWALT’s Cutter is an incredibly comfortable safety trainer. The pair runs true to size, though you may consider a size up if you have particularly wide feet. Regardless, you’ll certainly enjoy the flexibility offered by the Cutter’s advanced construction.

The magic ingredient for comfort is the combined EVA midsole and dual-density insole. This layering features a variety of super-spongy material which mould to your foot, and efficiently absorbs the energy of each step you take for less fatigue.

If you’re one to suffer foot fatigue in general, you’ll find the Cutter works with your natural range of movement, rather than against it. What’s more, if you hate the insole or find it’s worn through, then you can actually remove it in place of your favourite gel insert, Bob’s your uncle.

Beyond being comfortable, the Cutter is an attractive trainer. That said, it can be a bit of a chore to keep it looking smart, as dirt likes to dwell stubbornly in the mesh.

They won’t last forever, being of cemented construction. But you should easily get a year’s hard wear from your DeWALT Cutters with minimal care.

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2. DeWALT Krypton

If you’re looking for a bit more armour, check out DeWALT’s Krypton safety trainers. Overall, construction is robust, and while that does translate to a higher weight, it also allows for some plush comfort and powerful safety provisions.

DeWALT Mens Krypton Safety Trainers

What’s more, if you need a shoe that’s breathable, you need look little further.


The Krypton has an interesting build, with uppers consisting of large, single-piece moulded TPU. One might expect that to be overly stiff, but smart design from DeWALT implements numerous perforated flex points generously throughout. Still, the armoured bits retain convincing stiffness that tells you they’ll be able to take some abuse and walk away unscathed. Overall, they balance mobility with protections extremely well.

If you’re looking for an active cut, the Krypton delivers. Its aggressively low collar, paired with a heel cut give your ankle tonnes of room to move unimpeded. The tongue is high but not overly so, and consists of the same padded mesh you’ll find throughout.

Below, you’ll find tough-but-flexible PU outsoles. The treads feature a fairly low-profile, making the Krypton an ideal safety trainer for gripping hard and/or wet floors.

Overall, they definitely have a bit heft to them at 1.43kg for the pair, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in safety footwear. You’d never call the Krypton bulky, even though it has good protections in place.


With a beefy steel toe cap, the DeWALT Krypton safety trainers are more than capable of protecting you from a vast array of physical threats. However, they went a step further, including a composite midsole plate to guard against sharp objects piercing underfoot.

Of course, a good safety shoe should ward off more than crushing and puncturing damage. Indeed, sometimes your own sweaty foot can lead to bacteria build-up that can cause real health problems. However, DeWALT combats this issue with the use of a moisture-wicking aerospace liner. Because the interior is breathable, you get a more comfortable shoe that won’t build up odours, either.

The Krypton’s sole is a beauty beyond its sleek aesthetic, as well. Those low-profile PU treads hug the ground with an SRA-rated grip. Additionally, the material is naturally oil-repellent, preventing chemical breakdown of your critical safety footwear.

Fit and finish

We don’t think it’s meant to be, but the Krypton is a beautiful trainer. The uniquely designed mesh uppers combined with the understated hi-vis colour choices are a wonderful marriage of form and function.

Sure, they’re a bit heavy, but they’re so comfortable–and durable to boot. Want a safety trainer that’ll last you a year or two? Consider the Krypton. Officially, they’re not waterproof, but they do okay in the rain–and certainly air out quickly after. This helps preserve the material strength of the shoe. Moreover, they’ll age with grace, thanks to DeWALT’s use of stain-resistant fabric.

At the end of a long day, you’ll feel like the Man of Steel himself with your Kryptons on. They work a treat to reduce foot strain and fatigue with lightweight, energy-absorbing materials. What’s more, they offer a roomy, wide fit that never pinches. The choice of composite for the midsole protection was similarly a good one, as it flexes with your foot whilst offering superior stability and support.

They run true to size, so buy in confidence.

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3. DeWALT Plane

While the DeWALT Plane is a low-cut safety trainer, it has protections to rival many full-sized work boots. You get the protective qualities of shoes twice the weight, but also the breathable, wearable cut of a summer shoe to get you through hot, sweaty days on your feet.

DEWALT Plane Classic Mens Safety Steel Toe Midsole Trainers Shoes

The style is fairly technical and not for everyone, but it’s undeniably a well-designed entry in DeWALT’s legendary catalogue.


The first thing you’ll notice about the DeWALT Plane is its ultra-low profile. However, further inspection reveals that all the protective bulk normally associated with safety shoes is present–though only where absolutely necessary. The rest has been trimmed away for maximum mobility.

Somewhat less common for trainers, the Plane features taupe suede upper material alongside breathable mesh. It’s not waterproof, but it is rugged enough to withstand all sorts of scuffs and abrasions.

Speaking of which, there’s a rubber toe guard, triple stitched to prevent the toe cap from wearing through with repeated kneeling. The uppers all come together with the outsole via cemented construction–precisely what you want when flexibility is a priority.

And that sole is much beefier than you’d expect. This is where smart design has allowed for a bit more fortitude about the treads without presenting a bulky aspect overall.


Hidden with the Plane’s lithe form is the power of steel, with protective armour in the toe and midsole. As with all DeWALT protections, these bear certification adherent to UK and EU standards. Thus, you can take them into your workplace without fear of safety inspectors nabbing you for the transgression of wearing comfortable shoes.

As mentioned previously, the DeWALT Plane’s soles are surprisingly robust, with a unique tread design which grips hard floors and uneven terrain with equal ease. Additionally, the rubber compound features anti-static and heat-resistant properties, protecting you from a wide range of hazards.

Once again, we see DeWALT’s liberal usage of breathable mesh and anti-bacterial treatment to create a healthier internal working environment for your feet. The Plane would thus be a great bet for especially hot days.

Fit and finish

DeWALT’s many unique design decisions for the Plane come together neatly. This is a durable, hard-wearing safety trainer which borrows a few protection and construction ideas from larger work boots.

Believe it or not, the pair do weigh in at just under a kilo and a half. That’s fairly heavy as far as trainers go, but still featherweight in terms of safety gear. Nevertheless, we’re willing to bet you’ll be glad for what bulk there is when something heavy falls on your feet!

If we had to pick a gripe, it’s that the triple stitch adorns only the toe, rather than everywhere else on the uppers. We say this because it simply has so much stitching; theoretically it’s a stronger shoe but in practice they can start slowly unravelling at the seams. It’s not every pair like this, but enough to mention.

Regardless, you’re very likely to get your money’s worth, and then some with the DeWALT Plane. They’re extremely comfortable, thanks to their boot-like inclusion of an EVA midsole. Not only does this mould to your feet, it helps put a literal spring in your step as it absorbs the energy of footfall.

Overall, these are the safety trainers you want for long, hot days on your feet.

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4. DeWALT Crossfire Mid

Whereas our previous entry was all about doing a lot with relatively little, the DeWALT Crossfire Mid holds nothing back to protect your feet.

DeWALT Crossfire Mid Safety Trainers

FYI, there are actually two safety trainers which bear the Crossfire name: a low-top and hi-top. Of the two, the latter is by far the better buy. Below, we take a look at why it might just be the best DeWALT safety trainer for you.


The Crossfire Mid, as its name suggests, is a mid-rise trainer which completely covers your heel and ankle. Not to be mistaken for a boot, the Crossfire Mid is an athletic cut which balances mobility and flexibility with sheer protection.

For proof, one need only pay the uppers a passing glance. You’ll find literally bullet-proof Kevlar housed in a high-impact TPU exoskeleton. This combination eats scrapes and abrasions for breakfast, while offering cut and puncture protection all around your foot and ankle.

But considering the bulk of the uppers consists of fabric, the Crossfire Mid is far more flexible and lighter weight than similarly-sized work boots. In fact, the pair weigh barely over a kilogram together, undercutting even many low-rise trainers!

Even more trainer DNA is present in the integrated eyelets, rather than boot-like metal lacing hardware. This is not only a more flexible option, but more durable as Kevlar will dutifully hold your laces fast without warping or snapping.

The outsole is essentially a runner’s sole, made of lightweight, flexible rubber. It extends over the tip of the toe, reinforcing the area further against wear and rubbing.


Like many safety trainers, the Crossfire Mid features armour around the toe and within the midsole. However, DeWALT does away with the bulk of steel, opting for an aluminium toe instead. While this meets the same standards as steel, it sheds a tonne of weight. Similarly, the midsole is Kevlar composite, which is actually superior to steel in almost every way.

As mentioned prior, the uppers are made of tough twin materials which not only resist wear and tear, but offer abrasion and cut protection. This construction is also water resistant, enabling you to work in the rain or around standing water or muck without a second thought.

Moreover, the interior of the Crossfire Mid features Dri-Lex DL aerospace mesh lining, a highly advanced material which quickly wicks moisture away from your feet. Beyond the obvious benefit of improved foot health, this preserves the material integrity of the shoes for enhanced durability.

Moisture-wicking wasn’t enough on its own for DeWALT; they’ve treated the inside of the Crossfire Mid with their Agion anti-microbial silver, a time-tested formulation proven to eliminate bacteria and odour alike.

The Crossfire Mid’s outsole is slip resistant, and repels the intrusion of harsh fuel oils which would otherwise degrade the rubber (or your feet, besides). Additionally, you can feel safer around electrical hazards, as DeWALT’s anti-static outsole provides sound electrical insulation.

Fit and finish

Sure, the Crossfire Mid offers protections more akin to a safety boot. However, the moment you slip them on your feet you know they are, in fact, trainers through and through. With an athletic cut and flexible materials, you’ll never feel encumbered whilst running, jumping, climbing, lifting, or any other highly mobile task. And, did we mention they’re only 560g each?

This lightweight flexibility has important implications on fatigue, which is itself a safety hazard. A shoe that works with your gait enables you to work longer and go farther. Of course, DeWALT isn’t satisfied to merely shave grams; they also include an injected EVA midsole which moulds to your feet, helping the shoe to transfer and absorb energy far more efficiently.

Additionally, the Crossfire Mid features the ProComfort insole. This is DeWALT’s top-of-the-line insert, which layers cushioning memory foam atop a quick-recovering PU bottom layer. The result is highly stable, durable, and extremely comfortable with ample arch support.

DeWALT’s Crossfire Mid safety trainer runs true to size.

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5. DeWALT Darlington

Last but not least are the DeWALT Darlington safety trainers. These are excellent all-rounders, designed to balance comfort, safety, and mobility. They’re quite affordable as well, making the Darlington an ideal candidate for highly protective daily beaters.

DEWALT DEWDARLING11 Darlington Safety Trainers


If it weren’t for the big “DeWALT” logo slapped across the tongue, you might be forgiven for mistaking these for dedicated running shoes. The Darlington features all the trappings of an athletic shoe, from the synthetic uppers to the aggressive tread design beneath the sole.

Indeed, the soles feature the same dual-layer construction as found on running shoes. The outermost layer is a durable rubber compound, whilst the midsole consists of low-density EVA. Together, they work to cradle the foot bed and put a spring in your step, which boots endurance and comfort at once.


The Darlington might look like it belongs in a marathon, but they’ll serve equally well on the job site. Like all DeWALT safety trainers, these bear official CE safety certifications, with the paperwork to satisfy workplace requirements and to avoid fines (not to mention prevent accidents!)

Most important of these are the steel toe caps, which fend off all impacts up to 200J in energy. Of course, hazards don’t just fall from above. DeWALT’s outsole design provides meaningful protections against electrical shock and static build-up, infiltration by fuel oils, and slippage on slick surfaces.

Fit and finish

DeWALT pulled out all the stops to make the Darlington comfortable. The foot bed consists of their special ProComfort insole and shank. This combination provides firm arch support and a stable base for your feet, yet cradle the contours of each foot and absorb the tiresome impact of each footstep you take.

While incredibly comfortable, if you’d prefer to use your own gel inserts (or to replace your worn-out ProComforts), the Darlington’s design makes it a simple task to swap them in. Overall, it’s quite clear that DeWALT set out to produce an exceptionally comfortable work trainer. Indeed, if you’re unhappy with the fit within the first 30 days, they’ll refund or exchange them no questions asked.

In terms of durability, you can expect your Darlingtons to go the distance–up to a year of hard wear is to be expected. And, while steel toes are normally a point of strain, causing the uppers to wear through or stitching to come apart, that’s not the case here. DeWALT reinforces the toes of the Darlington with scuff pads, offering vastly improved longevity of these otherwise lightweight safety trainers.

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What makes a great safety trainer?

Brand and certification

These days, it’s not hard to find no-name safety trainers which promise the moon, but have nothing but their advert and some dodgy user reviews to back their claims. Moreover, many overseas manufacturers only pay lip service to safety standards, but never provide any paperwork to prove their products have been tested and certified.

That’s why it’s important to go with a trusted, established brand name when selecting safety footwear. Larger companies like DeWALT have been producing protective equipment for years, giving consumers plenty of time to publicly hone in on any design faults that don’t pass the muster of the workplace. And, to retain their customer base, top-tier brands carefully consider their feedback, and implement improvements for better products.

By the same token, companies like DeWALT won’t get a free pass on using vagueries to describe their trainers’ protections. Instead, they put their products through the certification process, allowing them to bear CE marks and ship with paperwork to satisfy workplace requirements.

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It’s not just red tape, it’s safety. An established, trusted brand is more likely to take both of those considerations seriously, as they have a reputation and customer base to maintain. No-name companies, on the other hand, may be satisfied to dump stock, then disappear into a cloud of overseas vapour when customers begin to complain and file suit.

Balancing protections and mobility

Typically, the more armour a shoe has, the less mobile it’s going to be. That’s because protective materials tend to be rigid and thick in order to provide adequate protection from impacts, oils, electricity, and other hazards. When you buy a safety boot, you expect there to be some kind of break-in period, and moreover you accept that you’ll never run a marathon in them.

Safety trainers, thus, have an interesting position to fill. Obviously, you’ll need the protections to be in order, or else you can’t consider your purchase “safety” footwear at all. But the “trainer” part denotes a certain level of comfort and agility, cut well above the standards of work boots. After all, trainers are typically the daily shoes you throw on for mundane activities–they should be plush and pliant enough to not prove a nuisance day in and day out.

There are a few tricks manufacturers like DeWALT use to boost flexibility without cutting protections. First, is to opt for lightweight composites and aluminium in place of steel toes and midsoles. These materials usually bear the same rating as their steel counterparts, but greatly reduce weight and discomfort within the shoe.

Another method is to use lightweight, flexible materials like mesh where the shoe needs to bend. You’ll usually find this material about the ankle and above the instep, as well as on the sides of the foot.

Usually, manufacturers will use both methods, then shore up defences by shoring up non-flex areas. The most common location for reinforcement is over the toe cap, along the metatarsals, and right behind the heel. This reinforcement may include leather, TPU, Kevlar, or other sturdy materials–usually with a double or triple stitch to bind it to the rest of the uppers.

Quality control, durability, and guarantees

The fact of the matter is, most safety trainers will not have years-long lifespans, especially if you wear them hard over long hours. That said, you should always look to get at least six months of service in return for your purchase–even if you decide on a budget shoe.

Anything less is not only wasteful, but dangerous. After all, if your safety trainer has a reputation for splitting open after just a few weeks, you’ll always be on your guard wondering whether today’s the day.

To hedge against this, choose reputable brands like DeWALT, Timberland, and Dunlop. Not only do they have years of experience for smarter designs, they have access to the scale of production to make higher-quality builds and materials available for cheap.

Moreover, they’re in a financial position to be able to offer satisfaction guarantees. These can be anywhere from 30 days to six months, but they offer the reassurance of a hard minimum return on your investment.

While major companies ought to have great quality control, it’s not always a given for every model of safety trainer. Pay close attention to user reviews, scanning for recurring complaints and concerns. This is doubly true for cheap, no-name trainers coming from overseas beyond the bounds of UK regulation.

Larger concerns aside, look for safety trainers built with certain features. These include:

  • Double and triple stitching
  • Water resistance and moisture-wicking mesh
  • Scuff guards over the toe
  • Mould injected soles

All of these denote a shoe of superior durability. Good stitching obviously holds things together for longer, while moisture control will prevent premature degradation of the materials. Scuff guards prevent upper material from wearing out over the stiff toe cap, while mould-injected soles are far more durable than cement-constructed shoes.


DeWALT are a well-known manufacturer of protective gear, and they have an admirable range of safety trainers. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-light athletic shoe with extra protective kit, or you need something approaching the sturdiness of a work boot, DeWALT has it all.

We’ve spent some time reviewing the top five DeWALT safety trainers, plus given you some general advice about how to find the value for money on the market.

Have you ever worn any of our recommended safety trainers? Want to see us review another brand besides DeWALT? Leave us your requests in a comment below!

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