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8 Best Bathroom Heaters in the UK Market

Heaters are a staple feature in most households, especially if you live in a cold climate (or just a place where the nights get chilly). So why not keep a heater in the bathroom as well? The problem is not getting just any heater, but getting the best bathroom-specific heater. It should be purpose-built for energy-efficiency, costing neither an arm nor a leg (and certainly not both) to buy and sustain.

This article explores the best options available to the average consumer for bathroom heaters–their specs, and prices.

We make a full comparison, and give you all the relevant information to make a sound choice.

Top-rated Bathroom Heaters for Your Money

Each bathroom is different, and as such there is no one-size-fits-all heater. Instead, you’ll want to carefully consider the size and floor space of your bathroom, plus your budget.

Below, we recommend a range of bathroom heaters that will best fit the widest array of applications without breaking the bank. Whether you need a free-standing or wall-mounted unit, you can rely on any of these heaters to keep you safe and comfortable in the coldest months.

1. ProBreeze Mini Ceramic Fan Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 27.8 cm x 19.6 cm x 17.4 cm | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 2000 watts | Material: Ceramic | Finish: Black and white

Pro Breeze® 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater - Automatic Oscillation

Overall, ProBreeze’s Mini Ceramic Fan Heater is the market leader, and it’s easy to see why. First, it’s one of the least expensive options on our list, yet it doesn’t compromise on performance. Its advanced ceramic heating elements efficiently convert energy drawn into an even warmth, and quickly. Coupled with automatic oscillation up to 60°, you can effectively distribute optimal heat without cranking to max settings. You can further dial into the best temperature with a high/low heat toggle switch. All together, these features allow the ProBreeze Mini to effectively operate in a wide variety of bathrooms.

True to its namesake, the ProBreeze Mini’s diminutive size and ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to move and store anywhere in the house. It also comes with built-in safety features in case of overheating, plus an auto-off switch if it is accidentally tipped over. These make it an apt choice if you have animals or small children around the house.

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2. Economy+ Electric Radiator (Wall-mounted)

Price: £££ | Dimensions: Various – 486 mm to 1296 mm wide | Heat modes: Programmable | Power: 560/840/1120/1400/1680/1960 watts | Material: Silica-filled with ultra-durable exterior | Finish: White

For those of you who require a more robust, permanent (and yes, expensive) choice, consider the Economy+ Electric Radiator. It does not require you to drill holes in the wall, so rest assured that your security deposit is safe! It comes with a frame to be stuck to the wall, and the heater is simply attached to that frame.

Of course, this listing refers to a full range of heaters of various wattage rather than a single unit. Whatever the size of your room, there’s an Economy+ for you. Don’t let its slim, wall-mounted aspect fool you. Each model is more than equal to the task of warming up your bathroom–even in the dead of Winter. Economy+ stands by its products, and so guarantees your purchase with a 2 year warranty. And hey, they’re handmade in Yorkshire, so you can feel good about buying local.

Economy+ heats through a silica sand convection medium, which heats up quick and stay warm long after you’ve shut the unit off. Other features include a 24/7 programmable thermostat and timer for highly efficient operation throughout the day.

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3. MYLEK Electric Fan Heater (Wall-mounted)

Price: £ | Dimensions: 38 cm x 28.5 cm x 12 cm | Heat Modes: Adjustable (5–35℃) | Power: 1000/2000 watts | Material: Waterproof IP24 | Finish: White nickel

MYLEK Electric Fan Heater - Wall Mounted Downflow Blower Suitable For Bathrooms

The new MYLEK Electric Fan Heater allows fine-grained temperature control and programming with its digital touchscreen display. This product comes with a scheduler; you can now set the temperature for hours, days, and weeks, according to your needs. For example, if you want the heater to work for 2 hours at a constant temperature for a week, you can easily program it to do so without guesswork.

MYLEK’s heater also features a unique temperature sensor. It not only responds to changes in ambient temperatures by adjusting settings, it shuts completely off when it detects you’ve opened a window. Other intelligent features include IP24 splash-proof construction–perfect for bathrooms–and frost protection for when Old Man Winter really starts to howl. It’s dead-simple to install and use, and its clean aesthetic perfectly fits that of most bathrooms. Overall, the MYLEK Electric Fan Heater offers a solid balance of value, safety, and effectiveness.

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4. Devola Alto 2 kW Bathroom Heater (Wall-mounted)

Price: £ | Dimensions: 24 cm x 23.5 cm x 12.5 cm | Heat modes: 2 | Power: 2000 watts | Material: IP Rating IP21 | Finish: White

Devola Alto 2Kw Bathroom Heater Wall Mounted Pull Cord Operated With Energy saving Thermostat

The Devola Alto bathroom heater comes in a sleek, modern design that mounts on any bathroom wall. Featuring a built-in energy-saving thermostat, you can easily adjust the optimal setting for efficiency and comfort. There are two heating modes, consuming 1 or 2kW as needed to heat bathrooms of various sizes. It has a pull cord to initialize the heating element with a single pull that almost anyone can use, child or adult alike. What’s more, you won’t be kept waiting long for the Alto to provide you with comforting warmth.

Even better, the Devola Alto Bathroom Heater is as affordable as it is convenient, representing one of the best bargains on this list.

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5. ANSIO Ceramic Mini Electric PTC Fan Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 17.5 cm x 13.5 cm x 22.8 cm | Heat modes: Natural/warm air settings | Power: 2000 watts | Material: Ceramic | Finish: Black

ANSIO Heater Ceramic 2000W Mini Electric PTC Fan Heater with 2 Heat Settings, Space Heater, Thermostat and Safety Cut-Off

The ANSIO Ceramic Mini Electric PTC Fan Heater is ideal for small spaces, with its diminutive stature a perfect fit for bathroom counters or corners alike. The PTC heating element feature allows for quicker and efficient heating, with superior air circulation to what you might expect in a unit this small. It’s not the quietest system on the market, so if this is a deal-breaker for you, there are other similarly specced units on this list to consider.

With an adjustable thermostat and 2 power settings, you’ll be able to perfectly tailor the heat to the size and shape of your bathroom for even warmth. ANSIO is careful to design for safety, and this unit features reliable tip-over protection, plus an overheat shutoff. For more peace of mind, ANSIO gives you a generous 2-year warranty, and will even refund you no-questions asked if you really are unhappy with the fan noise.

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6. PROLECTRIX EH0197SPRON Three Bar Portable Halogen Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 30 cm x 13 cm x 51 cm | Heat modes: 3 | Power: 1200 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: Grey

PROLECTRIX COMBO-5915 Three Bar Portable Halogen Heater with 3 Heat Settings and Wide Angle Oscillating Function

The PROLECTRIX EH0197SPRON is an extremely affordable option that won’t let you down on even the coldest nights. With three functional heat settings, you can adjust its respectable 1200W halogen heater to perfectly suit your needs. Even better, there’s no fan to be found here, so it’s completely silent even in the dead of night. We found it particularly easy to move around at a mere 1.86 kilograms, stable base, and ergonomic carry handle. If you need it to double duty in the bathroom then follow to your bedroom, PROLECTRIX makes it a cinch.

What’s more, there’s an oscillation function to better distribute warmth over a wider area–perfect for odd-shaped bathrooms. We also loved how easy it was to replace the halogen tubes as well. This shows a mind for sustainability rather than planned obsolescence so common elsewhere on the market. With a tip-over switch, thermal cut-out, and overheat protection, you can count on your EH0197SPRON to keep you comfortable and more importantly, safe.

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7. Devola Designer Electric Glass Panel Heater (Free-standing or wall-mounted)

Price: £££ | Dimensions: 83 cm x 56 cm x 14 cm| Heat modes: Digital thermostat | Power: 2000 watts | Material: Glass panel | Finish: Black

Devola Designer 1500W WiFi Enabled Electric Glass Panel Heater 24 Hour 7 Day Digital Timer With Thermostat Ultra Slim Design

A gorgeous unit that can be mounted on the wall or left standing free, the Devola Designer 2000W is our favourite ultra-slim bathroom heater. Featuring a sleek black glass panel, you’d be forgiven for not even recognising it as a convection heater at first glance. Nevertheless, the specs make the Devola’s functionality unmistakable. With its precision thermostat and wide-range heat distribution, this Devola model makes it easy to bring your bathroom (up to 22 square metres) up from frigid to comfy.

What’s more, the Designer series features Wi-Fi capability, allowing remote phone control from the Tuya Smart App. What’s more, this is an Alexa-approved control system that integrates nicely into any smart home. You can programme it to switch on and off automatically as needed for more efficient power usage as well. With IP24 construction, you’ll never have to worry about common bathroom splashes shorting out your space-age heater. The biggest drawback we could find is that you can’t mount the Devola on the wall yourself–you’ll need to hire an electrician to do it safely.

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8. UFO Micatronic Electric Infrared Heater

Price: £££ | Dimensions: 111 cm x 38 cm x 40 cm | Heat modes: 1 | Power: 2300 watts | Material: Metal | Finish: Black

One of the more expensive entries on this list, the UFO Micatronic T23 nevertheless provides exceptional value for money. First, its 2300W rating ensures ample horse-power for heating any size bathroom. Of course, you can attenuate the output with the included remote control for smaller spaces as well. While the argument of blown vs fan-less heating is a matter of personal taste, we appreciate that the UFO won’t dry out your bathroom air like a crypt. What’s more, there’s absolutely no detectable odour from this unit.

When you turn the T23 on, you can expect full heating performance in just seconds owing to its design. Fan-less infrared heating also allows for greater energy efficiency, with virtually all power drawn being converted directly into comforting warmth. You may be tempted to pass this unit by on price alone. But considering the energy savings and lack of maintenance, you’ll find the UFO Micatronic T23 respectful of your budget in the long term. For what it’s worth, we love the aesthetics and find it befitting the name “UFO”.

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Bathroom Heaters: QUICK Buying Guide

Does the use of a heater in the bathroom increase the risk of hazards?

It depends on which type of heater you are using. They often provide safety provisions like the ALCI plug, but it is important to read your manual and understand the specific safety features.

Because heaters come in many different shapes and sizes, the types of protections will vary according to the specific risks a certain kind of heater would otherwise be likely to cause. For example, a heater prone to falling over is very likely to have tip-over protection, while a wall-mounted heater probably wouldn’t need such protections. In many cases, you can also programme the heater to function only when you’re at home to enjoy the heat–and to keep an eye on your heater’s correct operation.

RELATED READING: Best halogen heaters on the market

How can I select the perfect heater for a bathroom?

Selecting a heater should be an easy task if you’ve already read through this article already. All you need to do first is decide the location of the heater you want to install in the bathroom. Do you lack floor space? Then opt for a wall-mounted or even a ceiling-mounted heater (the latter of which we do not cover in this article, as they are their own category). Otherwise, you might just want a portable heater that travels with you throughout your most-used rooms in the apartment. If you’ve got an odd-shaped bathroom, consider heaters that have flexible dispersal.

Are bathroom heaters costly?

We run the risk of repeating ourselves, but the price will depend on your needs as well. Short-term solutions tend to be cheaper and less efficient, but work well in a pinch. More permanent wall-mounted units or powerful free-standers will cost more, but generally require less maintenance and draw on your power more efficiently. If you plan to move apartments several times in the near future, you might prefer to spare the expense and go with something cheap but functional. A cornerstone appliance in a home you’ll own forever, however, requires a long-term investment that will pay itself off over time.

We’ve compiled this list of recommendations based on the widest array of variables for your convenience.

Are bathroom heaters durable?

We selected each heater in this article for their durability, waterproofing rating, and need for maintenance. While there will inevitably be some duds rolling off the factory floor, reputable companies understand that heaters will be used daily for years to come, and design their units to match the application.

Do bathroom heaters take up much space?

Bathroom Heaters comes in all sizes and shapes (as mentioned). You can get one according to your needs and stylistic preferences. If floor space is a concern, go for a wall-mounted design. In either case, you can expect great performance from our recommended manufacturers.

Do bathroom heaters need any operational guide?

While electric bathroom heaters are usually simple to operate, we strongly recommend that you read through your manual. After installing and placing your device, in most cases you’ll simply turn it on, and set to the temperature you like. However, there are typically advanced options that make for a safer, more efficient heating experience. Make sure you understand them to get the most out of your investment.

Once you have it installed or placed where you want, you can use it simply by turning it on and off and adjusting the temperature using the thermostat, if it has one. Just be careful not to put foreign objects too close to the heater, otherwise they may pose a fire risk.


Today, we reviewed the best bathroom heaters for your money. Our selections came after careful consideration of the wide range of use-cases consumers may have. To be sure, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Whether you’ve got a compact apartment bathroom or a luxurious home spa, we’ve got something to fit your heating needs and budget.

Which bathroom heater best fits your needs? Do you require any specific functionality? Let us know your situation in a comment below–it may help our other readers to make up their minds as well!

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