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7 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans on the Market (Reviews)

Moisture in a bathroom can be a serious problem. Moisture, left unchecked, can lead to mould growth and unpleasant odours. Thankfully, though, a bathroom extractor fan is a cost-effective solution for ensuring that you don’t get an excessive build-up of moisture in your bathroom. Also known as bathroom exhaust fans, these quiet little units are the perfect solution to ensuring your bathroom remains free from offensive odours and excess moisture.

Do I need to fit a bathroom extractor fan?

Ideal for sucking out the moisture that builds up in your bathroom — due to the nature of bathrooms, which are often getting wet — it is essential that you use an extractor fan to prevent all this. You will be able to get away with the occasional shower where you forget to turn on the fan, but making this a common habit will put you on the fast track to moisture build-up and bad odours.

The best bathroom extractor fan

For this list, we’ll be considering price, quality, value for money, efficiency, and (to a lesser extent) appearance. Since extractor fans aren’t as visible in the house as, say, a radiator or outdoor heater, we believe that appearance should be more of an afterthought than as something to which we should pay too much attention to.

For the sake of convenience, this list will be ordered from cheapest to most expensive. Please note that the ranking of items by price in this article (as well as specific mentions of prices, where listed) are current at the time of writing, and they may be subject to change. We implore you to check the prices of all items before making a purchase (if budget is a concern, of course).

Based on our extensive testing we found these to be the top bathroom exhaust fansto buy:

1. 100mm Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan

100 mm Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan Standard Bathroom Kitchen Low Energy Consumption

If you are looking for a cheap bathroom extractor fan that will do the bare minimum, 100 mm Silent Extraction Ventilation Fan with Low Energy Consumption is a great option. At 10 cm in diameter, this fan is a pretty typical size, and the lower power output and noise level during operation are two major benefits. It has a high flow rate of 93 m3/h and has, as of writing, maintains a solid 4-star rating, which is honestly quite impressive when you consider its bargain price of £11.99 (plus delivery).

If this is your first order, you can make use of Amazon’s free delivery for first-time customers. We had a tester use this model for six months, and they didn’t detect any mould growth throughout this period. The fan eradicates moisture rapidly and can also be used to ventilate an office shed.

If you would like to use it in a shed, it can be used during summer to vent the hot air out; alternatively, you can use it in winter or colder days to prevent dew from forming.

Who Should Buy This?

If you are after a no-frills option that will do the bare minimum. Additionally, this fan is capable of being left on around the clock, which is great if you have a shed or some other kind of room that requires constant air flow.

One minor issue, though, is that the hole for the cable is very small, which means you may need to drill it to fit a 1.5 mm cable. Nevertheless, if this isn’t a problem for you (either because it doesn’t apply to you or because you don’t mind getting a drill out), this bathroom extractor fan will serve you well. And, honestly, for the price being as low as it is, that’s a minor miracle!


  • Cheap as chips
  • Reliable
  • Capable of being left on for days on end
  • Low energy
  • Will successfully suppress mould growth despite the low cost
  • Able to prevent dew from forming if you use it in a shed environment
  • Easy to install and operate


  • Arguably not as quiet as the marketing material would have you claim, but it is still better than many fans on the market; this is probably a matter of opinion. As a point of reference, the claimed noise output from the manufacturer is 26 dB(A), which is literally one decibel above a whisper-quiet noise, according to this chart.

Check price on Amazon

2. Manrose CF100T Centrifugal Extractor Fan

Manrose CF100T Centrifugal Bathroom / Toilet Extractor Fan

The Manrose CF100T from Manrose is a wonderful little unit. Marketed as a toilet extractor fan, Manrose had this product awarded an “Amazon’s Choice” award, which is definitely something to take note of. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, and the cable length is 23 cm long. There is also a backdraught shutter as well as a flow rate of 25 litres per minute.

We should note here that the 25 litres per minute claim seems to be in error, since this is well below the minimum standards required for extractor fans by law, and most fans on this list hover around 17 to 25 litres per second, so we’re going to make an assumption here and deduce that they actually meant 25 litres per second.  What can we say other than to reassure you that we take our comparisons seriously! In any case, we’re not going to let a simple typo ruin this extractor’s inclusion on this list!

At 39 dB(A), this bathroom extractor fan is actually quite a bit louder. According to the Decibel Level Comparison Chart, this fan runs at a noise level that is about halfway between a whisper and the hum of a refrigerator. Another point of reference is that it is about the sound of a suburban area at night, although we feel the first comparison is probably more helpful for most people.

Essentially, if you can tolerate a bathroom extractor fan with a noise level that’s roughly 70 percent of a refrigerator, you’ll have no issues with this fan.

Who Should Buy This?

Anyone on a budget should look into this. If you are after a cheap product that will do as advertised, Manrose has put something very solid together. Another thing to consider is its design. Manrose has really taken some time to invent a design that is clean and modern. Additionally, if you’re after a fan that can be mounted on either your wall or your ceiling, this wonderful little fan has you sorted.

The unit is made from ABS thermoplastics – which gives it strength and durability – and the unit is designed in such a way to ensure easy cleaning, requiring no maintenance throughout its lifespan. Manrose achieves this by using a phase induction motor with pre-oiled bearings.


  • Can be mounted on your toilet wall or ceiling
  • Can be mounted on your bathroom wall or ceiling
  • Backdraught shutter
  • Overrun timer
  • Also suitable for utility rooms and cloakrooms
  • Cheap
  • Good value for money
  • Designed with durability in mind
  • No maintenance required


  • Not the quietest bathroom extractor fan on the market

Check price on Amazon

3. Xpelair C4TS Extractor Fan with Timer Delay

Xpelair C4TS 4"/100mm Simply Silent Contour Extractor Fan Timer Delay

The Xpelair C4TS is, like the title here suggests, simply silent. And, at 16 dB, there is no argument from us! What we really find appealing about this heater is its ability to be installed at two speeds: 15 litres per second or 21 litres per second.

Additionally, it has a very solid 4.2-star average rating from 900 customers, with many people praising its quietness and effectiveness. Additional praise was heaped upon its appearance and ease of installation – and, frankly, we have to agree. However, like any budget electrical product, you’re bound to get some trade-offs, which we will get to in the next section.

While only a small step up in price (assuming you get it at its sale price of £27.89 for the timer version, which is what the price currently is as of writing in May 2020), choosing the Xpelair C4TS will get you a heater with a modern design and silent operation. If you’re the kind of person who has housemates or family members who are in close proximity to the heater while using the bathroom, having an extractor fan that is this quiet is a godsend.

To install, one only needs to ‘twist and click’ to lock the extractor fan into place.

Who Should Buy This?

If you need an extractor fan for your bathroom, cloakroom, shower, or toilet, definitely take a note of this extractor fan. One other thing to mention is that this extractor fan can be installed on a wall, ceiling, or panel, giving you some versatility with your options. Oh, and it comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is always a lovely (and welcomed) addition. Finally, we should also mention that there are four variants in total, which include the standard model, a model with humidistat and timer, a model with a pull-cord switch, and model with just the timer, which is what we’re reviewing here.

Having said that, this heater is a solid choice but far from perfect. This extractor fan won’t be winning any efficiency awards, nor can we enthusiastically recommend the idea of mounting this to the wall. We have also received multiple reports of the humidistat failing to work, although we didn’t personally encounter this issue during testing.

However, like mentioned above, if you do encounter any problems, Xpelair’s 2-year guarantee will take care of any issues with the product you might have, so you can buy confidently in the knowledge that they will take care of you.


  • Seriously great value for money
  • Cheap but not nasty
  • Q U I E T!
  • Capable of being fixed to walls, ceiling, or panels
  • Simple installation
  • Two power modes available at installation
  • 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Mounting method is not great
  • Not the most efficient extractor fan on the market

Check price on Amazon

4. EnviroVent SILENT100S Designer Silent Extractor Fan

Envirovent SILENT100S Designer Silent Extractor Fan

If the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii had a baby, this is what we imagine it would look like. It even has that vertical blue line that just screams mid-2000s game console. Alas, this is no video game console; the EnviroVent SILENT100S is an extractor fan, and a damn good one at that!

It features whisper-quiet sound (truly earning it its ‘silent’ status) and a timer that you can keep on for 1 to 30 minutes after hitting the off switch, which is perfect for when you want to let the fan do its work after you’ve gone to the toilet or taken a shower.

To save energy, most people just turn off their extractor fan immediately after they leave the room, but this solution is far from ideal. Thankfully, though, EnviroVent (cool name, by the way) has seen to this issue. It uses mains 230 / 240 V with 8-watt power consumption.

Who Should Buy This?

At around £40 (with free delivery, no less), it is difficult to believe that such a swanky fan could be at such an aggressive price point, but here we are! In case you’re wondering, yes, that blue strip does light up when in use, which we think is just a cherry on top of the cake.

We tried to rack our brains for a good five minutes to think of a drawback to this extractor fan, but in all honesty, we are just (sigh) blown away with this sleek unit from EnviroVent that looks like it escaped from Sony’s research & development lab. We think this is the best one on this list insofar as looks are concerned, and its solid performance makes this a hot contender for our personal favourite.

However, despite us singing EnviroVENT SILENT100S praises, there are a couple of things missing that stop this being a perfect solution for everyone.


  • Modern design
  • Capable of being hooked up to an extra switch
  • Aggressive price point for the quality and design


  • No timer
  • No backdraught shutter

Check price on Amazon

5. Vent-Axia Solo Plus Centrifugal Extractor Fan

Okay, okay, so the Vent-Axia Solo Plus Centrifugal Extractor Fan with Timer won’t be winning any design awards for its appearance, looking more like a hand dryer as it does, but looks are a matter of taste, and there is certainly nothing wrong with its appearance . . . it is just that the EnviroVent extractor fan looked so swish by comparison that it is kind of ruined all other extractor fans. Anyway, enough about the past – let’s look at what Vent-Axia has to offer.

The Solo Plus has two modes of operation that can be set during installation: 17 litres per second vs. 25 litres per second. There is also an optional ‘constant trickle mode’, which allows a user to change the flow rate down to just 10 litres per second, also selectable at installation.

Who Should Buy This?

If you’re looking for a bargain, you might be in luck with the Vent-Axia Solo Plus. As of writing, there is a massive 63% discount from its original recommended retail price, going down from an original recommended retail price of £111.71 and settling at just £41.65 with free delivery. The extractor fan itself can be mounted on a surface or installed flush; the choice is yours.

Like others on this list, there is an installation option of 17 litres per second vs. 25 litres per second. Additionally, there is a delay mode, which is great news for people who find this function useful. This extractor fan currently holds a 4.3-star rating on Amazon.


  • Delay mode
  • Great user feedback
  • Effective
  • Decent value for money


  • Not as powerful as its predecessor
  • Uninspired design (unless the inspiration is a hand dryer, in which case it is very inspired)
  • Really difficult to mount to the ceiling; you might want to consider hiring professional help if you decide to take this route

Check price on Amazon

6. Blauberg UK TURBO-150 Extractor Fan

Blauberg UK TURBO-150 Blauberg Turbo Mixed Flow in Line Extractor Fan

Look, we don’t know about you, but whenever we hear something to the tune of “NOT THE CHEAPEST, BUT POSSIBLY THE BEST” (which is a delightfully all-caps quote from by LandlubberDave in Banwell, North Somerset), our ears can’t help but prick up.

Remember what we said about nice-looking extractor fans? No? Well, it doesn’t even matter in this case, since the appearance of this heater is about as important as the face of a radio host. Indeed, if you’re looking to place an extractor fan in the duct itself, the Blauberg UK TURBO-150 Blauberg Turbo Mixed Flow Inline Extractor Fan is the perfect choice.

There are a dozen different sizing options, so there’s bound to be something there for everything. The fan can be electrically wired directly into 240 V mains power with a 50 W motor.

Who Should Buy This?

If you’re looking for an extractor fan to fix to your vent, this is your best bet, hands down. If you’re looking for a ventilation extractor fan that is easy to install, has good performance, and doesn’t sound like a jet engine going through a hurricane, Blauberg has you covered. The only thing that sucks about this extractor fan is its moisture-sucking ability.


  • The perfect option for installing an extractor fan in a bathroom vent
  • Easy to install
  • Good value for money


  • Limited installation options, although this is a niche product that has an intended use

Check price on Amazon

7. EnviroVent 8413893374981

Envirovent 8413893374981 extractor fan

No, we didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard – this unit really is called the EnviroVent 8413893374981. We’re not sure what the number signifies, although one suspects EnviroVent didn’t have 8.4 quadrillion other prototypes to wade through to get to this masterpiece. If you saw the other EnviroVent extractor fan on this list, you’d be forgiven for thinking they look identical.

Indeed, the only way I could be sure they were visually different was to compare them side by side. Aside from a different font design in the bottom-left corner and an ever-so-slight change to the vertical blue light that runs down the device, these two units are essentially a spitting image of each other.

Who Should Buy This?

We loved the first unit, although our only real nitpick was the lack of a timer. However, EnviroVent heeded the call and has a variant with a timer on it. It has all the benefits of the first model listed in this article – including the sleek, modern design – but it also includes a backdraught shutter, which isn’t included on the other model. Put simply this is our overall favourite extractor fan. We’ll heartily recommend this fan (unless you need a ducted extractor fan, in which case number 6 will be your best bet).


  • The perfect option for installing an extractor fan in a bathroom vent
  • Easy to install
  • Good value for money


  • We honestly couldn’t find anything to pick at for this unit. Well done, Environvent!

Check price on Amazon

Comparing the different kinds of extractor fans

Okay, so this can be a bit confusing to figure out. There are ceiling extractor fans, wall exhaust fans, inline exhaust fans, and even window extractor fans. While we haven’t made room for any window extractor fans on this list, there certainly isn’t anything inherently wrong with such fans; it’s just we only had seven slots to work with, and we didn’t feel like bloating this article any more than it needed to be.

The extractor fan that is best for your situation is something only you can determine (or have a professional determine on your behalf). Deciding on which approach to take can be a bit tricky, so we highly recommend you contact a plumber and/or electrician to let them guide you. Indeed, some installations may require being wired, which means having an electrician on hand who knows what they’re doing will be of invaluable benefit.

There’s no sense in trying to improvise a solution when you have experts with years of installation experience only a phone call. Trust us when we say that you should seriously consider bringing in the pros to tackle this predicament.

Extractor fan FAQs

When should I use my extractor fan?

This is a good question. As you may know, sometimes it is prudent to operate an extractor fan when you are no longer in the room. At the same time, you don’t want it running all day. What if, say, you decided to have a shower but need to get to work in short order (or possibly just forget)? No sweat! Many of the extractor fans on this list come equipped with a timer, so you’ll never have to worry about leaving it on all day again (unless you forget to set the timer, of course).

Where should I use my extractor fan?

Extractor fans are fairly versatile. As mentioned throughout this list, the best location for your extractor fan will often depend on the unit in question. Some units are more flexible than others, while some have a dedicated purpose (i.e. number 6 on this list). Some places we recommend include a bathroom, toilet, utility room, cloak room, and shed, although these locations are not exhaustive.

If you’re not sure about whether or not a given location is suitable, please contact the manufacturer or a licenced professional.

What are some safety concerns I should consider?

As always, read the item’s description and specs carefully. Once again, it doesn’t hurt to contact the manufacturer or a licenced professional if you have any questions whatsoever. The difficulty of installation will vary from model to model, and you might want to seek professional help with installation if you feel such an installation is beyond your skill set.


Bathroom extractor fans are the unsung heroes of the bathroom. They help ward off moisture and bad odours, and they won’t cost you an arm and leg to purchase. Also, while we’ve used the term ‘bathroom extractor fan’ here and intermittently throughout this article, there is no reason why your extractor fan can’t be installed elsewhere.

One thing that we should reiterate before we wind this article up is that you follow correct installation procedures, as many extractor fans have multiple modes that require you to determine their flow rate during installation.

Finally, as always, make sure you do your homework and take your time figuring out which unit will work best for your specific case. With all of that out of the way, thanks for reading this article – we hope we have helped make your selection process fun and convenient!

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