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Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser [5 Minute Review]

If you’re on the look out for a new flue gas analyser, there’s a good chance you’ve been contemplating the 310. 

The Testo 310 flue gas analyser is the cheapest analyser in Testo’s range.

The current RRP for the Testo 310 Standard Kit is £379+VAT (£454.80). That rises to £489+VAT (£586.60) for the Testo 310 Printer Kit.

With many others costing in the £500-£1,500 range (including many of Testo’s own), it offers Gas engineers a cost effective way to test flue gases, without completely breaking the bank.

What To Expect From The Testo 310

The 310 is designed for gas engineers that need:

  • Total accuracy when it comes to measurement
  • The ability to take all the most important measurements from heating systems
  • Long battery life (up to 10 hours)
  • A compact design – easy to stow away
  • A flue gas analyser that doesn’t completely break the bank

We’ll talk about the two different 310 kits available, but both include integrated magnets.

That means you’ll be able to quickly and easily fix your analyser to the unit your testing – saves you tripping over it 😊

Online Reviews

There aren’t many reviews of any flue gas analysers online. It’s not exactly Fernox F1 that people buy in the bucket load, so that’s to be expected.

However, the reviews that are online focus on the ease of setup, the usefulness of the printer (optional extra) and how easy it is to switch between fuel types.

Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser Features

OK, so what can you expect if you buy the Testo 310 flue analyser?

Kit Contents

First up, let’s talk about what your kit is going to include: 

  1. Flue gas analyser
  2. Protocool for calibration
  3. Probe (180mm) and cone
  4. Spare pressure plugs
  5. Hard case
  6. Rechargeable battery
  7. USB charger
  8. Pressure hose
  9. Spare filters (5)
  10. Printer (Advanced Kit only)

Standard & Printer Kit Options

The question is, do you need a printer?

If you’ve been looking at the 310 Standard Kit, that won’t include the printer. You’ll need the Advanced model which has it included.

You’re looking at over £100 difference in price. However, it’s worth considering the time-saving and accuracy aspect of having a printer handy.

If you decide you want the printer in future, it’s price is in the £240 range. So, you’re saving a reasonable chunk by buying the Printer Kit to start with.

On the Standard Testo 310, you’re going to need to manually write down all readings, ready to show them to your customers. Of course, there’s always the chance of human-error, or that a customer doesn’t believe you.

With the 310 Printer Kit, you’ll be able to:

  • Get 100% accurate measurements with print outs every single time, with no room for human error
  • Give proof of measurements to customers, giving them peace of mind too

Check price on Amazon


Remember, if you want a printer, you need the 310 Printer Kit. It’s also labelled as the “Advanced” kit by some suppliers. If you buy the Standard 310 kit, you won’t get a printer – you’ve been warned.

The printer that comes with the Testo 310 is compact and runs on an infrared interface. That means you’ve got the ability to create not just accurate and clear reports, but quickly, and on-site!

You’ve got the option to print out measurements as you’re taking them, or you can print them all in one go after you’ve finished the job.

Fuel Types

You’ve got all fuel types covered here with:

  1. Natural Gas
  2. Propane
  3. Fuel Oil 2
  4. Biomass 5%
  5. Wood 20%

Menu Navigation

If you’ve been looking at other cheap flue gas analysers, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed one thing; poor menu layout. 

If you’re not using an analyser daily, a poor menu is going to take months to get used to.

But Testo are one of the best in the business. So, they’ve focused on making sure their 310 has an ultra-easy layout. It’s split, making measurements easy to dissect.

There’s even a back lit-display, so you’ll be able to see what you’re doing even if it’s dim.

Better still, you’ll always know what you’re measuring; no second guessing.

That’s because the screen will display the symbols for measurements being taken. Once they’re taken, they’re not just logged as random numbers like some analysers; they’re clearly labelled.


Flue analysers are complicated devices. And some cheap analysers with poor software can take an age to load. Luckily, that’s not the case with this one.

Upon start-up, you’ll be able to start using it within a matter of 30 seconds.

That’s because the software focuses on loading up the most common measurement functions first which include:

  • Flue gas
  • Ambient CO
  • Draught
  • Pressure

Measurement Capabilities

There’s two built-in sensors which cover both 02 and C0. They’re coupled with a flue gas probe that has a temperature sensor built-in. 

It’s the gas sensors that measure the oxygen and carbon monoxide, but also the gases from the flue, and even ambient temperature.

Unlike other analysers, the gas probe here is fixed. That means less chance of losing it!

The gas sensor will zero in on start-up.

That’s going to take around 30 seconds. However, this process can be stopped if you’re not ready to start the job in hand.

Here’s a couple of the measurements you’ll be able to take…

Measurements Accuracy
Flue gas temperature 0-400 °C
Temperature (ambient) -20-100°C
Draught hPa -20-20
02 0-21%
CO 0-4,000 ppm
Loss of exhaust gas 0-99%


Not all of us look after our kit the way we should. Even if we do, on-site work can be rough, so we need expensive equipment protected.

For that, the 310 gets a tough exterior case, making it perfect for dirty conditions.


You’re going to get plenty of battery life, given the Testo 310 uses a 1500 mAh unit. On a full charge, the lithium battery (included with your purchase) should be getting you 9-10 hours of testing done.

However, if you get really stuck, there’s the ability to charge via USB in your van!


With something as expensive as this, you need to keep it in good condition. And, that doesn’t just mean wiping down the screen every 12 months 😊

With the Testo 310 you’ve got a:

  • Built-in condensate trap, ready to be emptied quickly
  • Probe filter that’s quick and easy to change


The warranty on the Testo 310 is split.

The thermocouple and rechargeable battery get 12 months.

The probe and gas sensors get 24 months.

Check price on Amazon

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute review of the Testo 310 flue gas analyser.

Still not sure which analyser to buy? Check out our 5-minute guide to flue gas analysers.

Got questions?

Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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