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The 6 Best Flue Gas Analysers For The Money In 2023? [Spoiler: It’s Testo]

A flue gas analyser can be a prohibitively expensive device. But if you’re planning on doing a boiler service or testing flues, you’re going to need one.

So, if you’re about to invest a large chunk of cash into one of these devices, you should make sure you’re buying the right one. Our 5-minute guide will walk you through our top picks for the best flue gas analysers in 2024, and answer a few common questions. Read on to learn more!

Please note: Gas checks should only be made by qualified engineers on the Gas Safe Register. If you are not Gas Safe registered, find someone who is to do your flue gas tests.

No time to read? These are the best flue gas analyser models in the UK

1. Testo 310 — best value flue gas analyser, which comes with a printer kit, condensate trap, filters, and a 10-hour battery.
2. Testo 327-1 — pricier than Testo 310, but easiest to handle and offers superior testing performance.
3. Anton eVo2Kit3 Sprint — stores up to 200 readings, which you can send to your PC to print.
4. Kane Flue Gas Analyser (455) — comes with a straightforward display, infrared printer, and KMCP2 probe.

5. Regin Probe Regxa1 — best budget flue analyser.

How We Selected Our Top Picks for the Best Flue Gas Analyser

When choosing the flue analyser models for our list below, we considered the following factors:

  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Ability to store readings
  • Included printer, or ability to print readings with an external device

Best Flue Gas Analyser Models in 2024

1. Testo 310 Flue Gas Analyser

Testo 310 flue gas analyserTesto gas analysers are first on our list — they’re a brand that need no introduction in the testing space, and consistently get top quality online reviews.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use flue gas analyser, the Testo 310 is the perfect choice. It allows heating engineers to take all basic measurements from heating systems, as well as more complex combustion measurements. These include Direct O2, CO, flue gas, and ambient temperature.

You’ll also be able to switch from Wood, Biomass, Fuel Oil, Propane, and Natural Gas easily using the on-screen display, which is back-lit in case lighting isn’t perfect.

During our tests, the device was always quick to fire up, so we were able to start testing within 30 seconds of turning the 310 on. That’s something that can’t be said for many of the cheap gas analysers on the market.

And, we didn’t need to charge it for a while despite continuous testing, because it’s got a long 10-hour battery life. And if you find yourself in a situation where the battery is low, Testo has equipped this flue gas analyser with a USB charging function.

A bit clumsy? No problem. The Testo 310 is hard-wearing, and will withstand a few drops (certainly did back in our testing lab).

We were happy to see that probe filters and a condensate trap are included, so you can keep it fresh.

At just under £500, this flue gas analyser offers excellent value for money, especially considering it comes with a printer kit.

Check price on Amazon

2. Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser

Testo 327-1 flue analyserLike the 310, the Testo 327-1 has a simple display, and is easy to navigate.

And we loved how incredibly lightweight it is. The 310 sits at around 700g, but at only 500g, we hardly noticed the 327 was there — and it has a much more durable feel than the 310.

The Testo 327-1 lets you grab the draught measurements as well as the Ambient CO reading using flue gas probe. The CO measurement (undiluted) can be stored.

Alongside this, you’ll get the option to get the combustion efficiency, °C, O2, CO2 and CO levels.

You can measure in a range of -40 to +600 °C and 0 to 99.9% to grab anything from 0 to 4000 ppm.

The one con we found, is that Testo 327-1 analyser is lower on battery power, with 5 hours, but that should suffice between charges.

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3. Anton Flue Gas Analyser — eVo2Kit3 Sprint

Anton flue gas analyserPriced at £760, it’s hardly this Anton Flue Gas Analyser cheapest model out there.

But, in our opinion, it’s worth the cash — and here’s why.

The Anton eVo2Kit3 Sprint offers engineers a tonne of test possibilities, including temperature and efficiency readings, draft and differential measurements, and the ratio of CO/CO2.

As you’re going through a boiler flue test, you’ll be able to store up to 200 readings ready for the printout. You can view these stored readings on the display, or fire them straight over to your PC ready to print. So, you don’t need a separate printer.

It’s also got everything you need from a flue gas analyser. Whether it’s a time CO build-up test, or a multi-fuel functionality, the Anton eVo2Kit3 Sprint has got you covered.

Out of the box, you’ll get a calibration certificate and a 12-month warranty, which you can extend by another year if you get an annual calibration.

You’ll also get instructions, a probe, and batteries. One small downside is that if you want a carry case, you’ll need to buy that separately.

Check price on Amazon

4. Kane Flue Gas Analyser (455)

Kane flue gas analyserKane flue gas analysers are probably the most well-known in the testing industry; but, that brand recognition certainly has a price attached to it.

Like the full 455 CPA1 kit, the standard Kane 455 pack offers a straightforward flue analyser, with a simple, coherent display.

Measurements are the same, at 0-2000ppm, and so is the same storage — 99 combustion tests, 20 for each room CO, temp, tightness, and pressure tests.

You’ll get a tonne of kit with your purchase, including 4 x batteries, a manual, an infrared printer, a KMCP2 probe, and a rubber boot to protect the analyser.

Check price on Amazon

5. Regin Probe Regxa1

Looking for a cheap flue analyser? Well, the words “cheap” and “flue analyser” seldom coexist in the same sentence, but here is what we found.

At around £300, you can’t knock the Regin Probe Regxa1 analyser. You’ve got all the domestic fuel capability you need (gas, butane, LPG and oil), and there’s a 12-month warranty to protect your purchase.

Like many of the other flue analyser models, the Regin Probe doesn’t come with a carry case, so we’d recommend you to get one.

Check price on Amazon

Flue Gas Analyser FAQs

Below, we’ll answer some flue analyser questions we’re often asked.

What is a flue gas analyser?

A flue gas analyser is a portable electronic device that measures fossil fuel emissions from various appliances, such as boilers and fireplaces. These devices are used mainly to test appliance emissions and ensure that the appliance is working properly.

Flue gas analysers can also be utilised to monitor the air quality in any given space. By recording elevated levels of dangerous gases, such as CO2, a flue gas analyser can alert the tester that some appliance or another is not being vented properly, and the room occupants’ health and safety are at risk.

How to read a flue gas analyser?

A flue gas analyser will show the ratio between Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide in the flue gases. When measuring a condensing boiler’s flue gases, unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer, this ratio should not exceed 0.004; likewise, the CO concentration should not be higher than 350 PPM. If the readings are higher, the appliance should be investigated.

Meanwhile, a CO/CO2 ratio of 0.008 is considered dangerous.

Remember, flue gas analysis is not a DIY-type task. If you believe that your appliance’s flue gases — or your room air quality — should be measured, please get in touch with a Gas Safe engineer.

How do I calibrate a flue gas analyser?

You shouldn’t try to calibrate a flue gas analyser yourself — your device’s manufacturer can do this for you. Typically, the timeframe for the calibration process is about 24-72 hours, depending on the manufacturer.

Which flue gas analyser should I buy?

The Testo 310 would be our top pick — it’s got a range of combustion measurements, is highly durable, reliable, and easy to use. Its 10-hour battery life means you needn’t ever worry about recharging the device during your workday, and though it’s not cheap by any means, your purchase includes a printer kit, condensate trap, and filters.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute guide to the best flue gas analyser models in the UK.

Not sure which flue analyser to buy, or bought one not mentioned above and got an opinion on it that you want to share?

Leave a comment below.

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  1. Liam seery. says:

    Thank for grading the gas analysers,here in ireland we have been informed that our anton sprint kits are not serviceable after 10 years, sounds strange.

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