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7 Best Safety Goggles for 2023 (Buying Guide)

Whether you’re hard at work on the job, crafting, sporting, or rendering vital medical care, safety goggles are essential PPE. Of course, some goggles offer far greater protection, fit, and durability that others. It’s important that you know how to select the right tool for the task, and today’s guide seeks to help you learn more about safety goggles.

Top 7 safety goggles to protect your eye health

You’ve only got two eyes, but losing sight in just one of them is a life-changing tragedy. Fortunately, you can keep hazards such as chemicals, debris, viruses, and flying projectiles away from your eyes by selecting the right safety goggles.

Below, we review the seven best goggles on the market, each with unique features and specs to guard your vision in various applications. Every entry offers exceptional value, durability, and protection for money, so shop in confidence!

1. DeWalt Safety Goggles – DPG82 Concealer

DEWALT Concealer Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles

DeWalt is a top-of-mind brand when it comes to heavy duty safety gear, and their DPG82 Concealer a great example of why. Indeed, when you think of safety goggles, you probably imagine something exactly like this model–even down to the yellow-and-black industrial colour scheme.

But the Concealer’s best-selling success isn’t built on appearance alone; the DPG82’s dual-mold design comfortably seals your eyes off from every type of environmental hazard. Whether you’re facing dust, chemical splashes, intense UV rays, or flying debris, the Concealer’s ANSI Z87.1+ certified polycarbonate lens offers robust protection you can count on.

DeWalt’s Concealer features a wrap-around lens, which maintains a wide field of view whilst protecting your periphery. What’s more, you can ensure the perfect fit regardless of your face shape by adjusting the rugged, fully integrated head strap.

The DPG82’s rubber interior is made of dual-injected thermoplastic and silicone. This allows for enough flexibility to mold to any face while retaining ample strength to protect against impact. At just under 140g, the Concealer is light enough to be worn all day without discomfort.

Got prescription glasses? No worries, as these safety goggles have just enough room to accommodate a snug fit with most frames. Better yet, DeWalt ensures you always have the clearest vision, with their patented Xtra Clear anti-fog coating and powerful scratch resistance. To ensure breathability and further reduce interior moisture build-up, there are numerous ventilation channels between the rubber and lens.

The bottom line

DeWalt are industry leaders in PPE for a reason, and the DPG82 Concealer is their flagship safety goggle. Superior design and materials provide a safe, comfortable fit that withstands both hazards as well as daily wear and tear. These goggles are both OSHA and ANSI Z87.1+ certified, and purpose-built for heavy duty jobs.

If you’re not completely satisfied, return them within 30 days for a full refund. There’s even a 90-day guarantee on workmanship and material integrity that we bet you’ll never have to take advantage of. DeWalt means quality, and you should settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to protecting your precious eyesight.

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2. SolidWork Safety Goggles

SolidWork Safety Goggles with universal fit, Safety Glasses with coated lenses

Before we discuss the virtues of the SolidWork Safety Goggles, we have a disclaimer to make: Due to the need for quality PPE by essential workers fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not unusual for this model to be out of stock.

With that said, it’s also a testament to the trust people place in SolidWorks when it matters most. Indeed, these are some of the best-selling safety goggles on the market because they place your health above all other concerns.

Nowhere is this more apparent in SolidWorks’ design than in the soft rubber contact surface, which forms a gently snug seal around your eyes. The closest comparison we can draw is to diving goggles, which also completely isolate your vision from the surrounding environment. This barrier encloses your periphery, and sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose with zero pressure points. Finally, tighten the integrated head strap for the perfect fit on any face!

Because these safety goggles are meant to be worn all day in high-stress situations, they are exceedingly lightweight at 90.7g. What’s more, they offer a clear, panoramic field of view that is further aided by an effective fog-resistant coating. Don’t worry about scratches either; true to their namesake, SolidWorks are indeed solidly built to withstand the rigours of daily usage without scratches impeding your sight.

And did we mention the polycarbonate lens effectively filters out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays? Whether it’s for immediate hazards or your long-term health, it’s clear that SolidWorks knows how to deliver PPE that works.

The bottom line

Everyone from healthcare workers to contractors to athletes can benefit from the superior comfort and protection offered by SolidWorks. They sell out quickly for a reason, and bear the EN166 and EN170 certifications to prove their efficacy, besides. If you find you’re unhappy with your purchase, SolidWorks offers an incredible 1-year satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

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3. Bollé Safety Goggles – PILOPSI Pilot

Bolle PILOPSI Pilot Safety Goggle

Bollé are known for their designer sunglasses, and their flair for style is readily apparent in their Pilot Safety Goggle. That doesn’t mean they’ve made any concessions to function, comfort, or protection however–far from it.

The secret sauce of the PILOPSI is the special Platinum lens coating, which provides a number of virtues. First and foremost, Platinum protects your eyes against even the most aggressively caustic chemicals, making the Pilot an exceptional choice for industrial and laboratory work. Moreover, Bollé’s patented coating hardens the surface of the lens, making it extremely scratch resistant.

The PILOPSI’s exceptional field of view is made even better by Platinum’s anti-fog property, in tandem with extensive venting along the brow and below the eyes. Nevertheless, the Pilot Safety Goggle’s co-injected polypropylene/thermoplastic rubber frame forms a durable yet comfortable seal around your face. Due to this flexible material’s ability to retain its shape in the presence of high heat, the PILOPI Pilot range is one of the leading choices for firefighters.

Even if you’re not braving burning buildings, you’ll appreciate the comfort co-injected frames provide. Bollé’s safety goggles weigh in just under 90g, and sit lightly upon your face while still providing plenty of room for eyeglasses beneath.

There’s also tough, replaceable elastic head strap on board to help you find the perfect fit. Notably, the Bollé Pilot is a comfortable choice for Asian face shapes as well, which is not something many safety goggles can claim.

The bottom line

Bollé makes extremely attractive eyewear, whether it’s high-fashion sunglasses or dedicated PPE. The materials used on the PILOPSI, in conjunction with Bollé’s do-everything Platinum coating, offer incredible protection against chemicals, heat, impact, and UV rays. Pilot safety goggles are comfortable as a rule, and can be worn comfortably all day in even the most demanding applications.

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4. ToolFreak SS-6103 Spoggles

ToolFreak Spoggles Safety Glasses & Protective Goggles

You’ve heard of sporks, but have you heard of ToolFreak’s Spoggles? A slightly absurd, thoroughly humorous portmanteau of spectacles and goggles, they nevertheless take your safety extremely seriously.

Stamped with the letter “F”, this rating denotes the level of impact goggles can safely withstand. In this case, it’s a 6mm steel ball, fired at 45m/s, meaning that ToolFreak’s Spoggle is no wilting flower in the face of danger! What’s more, its polycarbonate lens works a treat to shield your eyes from intense UV rays.

So, protection aside, are Spoggles just a gimmick? Functionally speaking, not at all; ToolFreak’s hybrid strips down a lot of the bulk associated with regular safety goggles to yield a frame just 59g heavy. If you need day-long protection, you’ll really appreciate the comfort.

What’s more, because they don’t strictly look like the heavy-duty PPE that they are, you can get away with wearing them anywhere–be it your lunch break, the office, or even a hiking trail. You can switch out the arms for a head strap and vice versa, making ToolFreak’s Spoggle the convertible muscle car of the protective eyewear industry.

Lightweight and stylish though they may be, ToolFreak’s Spoggles nevertheless hug your eyes to form an effective barrier vs. wind, dust, and debris. They retain a good field of view, just generally stay out of your way while you handle the important things.

The bottom line

Spoggles are an interesting hybrid that cross the rugged protection of safety goggles with the lightweight, stylish wearability of traditional spectacles. ToolFreak makes use of premium materials cutting edge production methods, enforced by rigorous quality control to produce a jack-of-all trades safety goggle you can wear anywhere. They’re ANSI Z87.1+ and EN166-rated, and come with a 30-day guarantee–so you know they’re legit.

Your purchase of ToolFreak’s Spoggles comes complete with detachable arms and head band, microfibre cloth, and handy zip case.

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5. SAFEYEAR SG007 Safety Goggles

Safetyear Anti Fog Safety Goggles - SG007 Wraparound UV Protection Safety Glasses

SAFEYEAR is a manufacturer you only really read about online, and that’s because it’s a trademark owned by a Chinese producer of safety goggles. Don’t let that turn you off though; their SG007 Safety Goggles are extremely hot sellers, and they do a lot to justify their place on the market.

Sure, their product listings are a bit word-salady, but the SG007 have got the safety features that count. Namely, they bear the all-important EN166 rating for PPE durability, so they hold up on paper as well as on the field.

The SG007 is also packing a wraparound polycarbonate lens, which provides a 360° safety seal around your eyes and periphery. PC is something of a wonder material for blocking UV rays on its own, but the SG007 adds a UV400 coating which blocks out everything under 400nm (aka, all the bad stuff that harms your ocular health).

While there’s sadly no meaningful ventilation, there is a fairly effective anti-fog coating that does well in sweaty situations. Whether you’re cycling, working in heavy industry, or a healthcare worker, you’ll find the 115g SG007 from SAFEYEAR comfortably wearable for hours on end. They also adjust well to most face shapes with their plus-sized head strap.

The bottom line

If you’re willing to forgo brand recognition and any sort of warranty, the SAFEYEAR SG007 provide a lot of value for money. These safety goggles adhere to European standards for safety and durability, and offer superior UV protection. What’s more, their roomy overspec design allows you to continue wearing your prescription glasses underneath. A solid anti-fog coating and wide field of vision ensure you can always see what you’re doing, as well.

FYI to anyone with latex allergies: the SAFEYEAR SG007 is 100% latex free, so buy in confidence!

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6. HONGCI Children’s Safety Glasses

HONGCI Children’s Safety Glasses

Once again, we find ourselves recommending a Chinese brand that you probably haven’t heard of, yet still produces an outstanding product. In this case, it’s HONGCI’s Children’s Safety Goggles, which offer exceptional protection to kids aged 5-10.

Before we get into the safety specs, let’s address the elephant in the room: Safety goggles aren’t actually safe unless your kid will actually wear them during playtime. This is where HONGCI has really done something right: their Children’s Safety Goggles look like adult PPE, and your kids will feel cool wearing them.

It helps that they’re incredibly comfortable, and lightweight to the tune of just 49.9g. The adjustable strap and foam padding work together to comfortably mould onto any face shape. The fit is snug, and doesn’t pinch or leave irritating red marks behind.

So, while your children are out having Nerf wars and water balloon fights, you can count on their HONGCI safety glasses to keep their vision clear and eyes safe from splashes, debris, and impacts. The frames are sturdy acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, which is the same stuff LEGO bricks are made of and, thus, nigh indestructible.

The lenses themselves are shatterproof and wear-resistant, so you can safely plan to reuse your HONGCI goggles for future playtimes. They also provide exceptional UV400 protection, so the blazing outdoor sun will be much less a hurt on kids’ developing eyes.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for sturdy goggles that can withstand the rowdiest play dates, HONGCI has got the answer. Their aptly-named Children’s Safety Glasses feature advanced protection, indestructible materials, and an extremely comfortable fit. It also helps that your kids will feel like they’re wearing professional gear, and be happy to keep them on tight.

Oh, did we mention that you get three goggles for the price of one? If you’ve got a large family or your kids are just particularly rough on their things, HONGCI’s value proposition can’t be beat.

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7. NASUM Industrial Goggles

NASUM Industrial Goggles Anti Fog and Anti Scratch Spectacles Glasses

Last but not least on our list of the best safety goggles, we present NASUM’s Industrial Goggles. To be sure, there’s nothing glamorous here; but pure functionalism wins out to make these a national bestseller throughout the UK.

While these goggles don’t form a seal around your eyes like most of our other recommendations, they confer other advantages. There is plenty of ventilation both around the eyes and along the temples, allowing for superior breathability during long hours of wear and eliminating moisture build-up. Like any good safety goggle, of course, NASUM outfits their model with a special anti-fog coat. This is to ensure temperature and humidity changes never obstruct your vision.

NASUM’s large overspec design allows you to simultaneously wear your favourite Rx frames underneath, and provide a panoramic field of view. The lens itself is a special polycarbonate which blocks out 99.9% of UV rays, and which sports a visible light transmission rating (VLT) of just over 89%.

Its VLT rating indicates that the lens reduces glare, and forces light to reach your eye in a more uniform, less scattered manner. In other words, you’ll experience less strain and eye fatigue due to light, making the NASUM Industrial Goggle an ideal choice for long hours in a brightly-lit clinical setting, for example.

Thanks to a bevel along the brow and under the eye, you’ll receive effective barrier protection from chemical spray. What’s more, NASUM’s design easily accommodates respirators and dust masks, allowing you to make use of these goggles in an expanded array of use-cases.

The bottom line

If you work with chemicals or in harsh-light settings for prolonged periods of time, NASUM’s Industrial Goggle is for you. They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and built for long service hours. What’s more, they tame bright light to reduce eye strain, helping you stay focused, alert, and productive.

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When safety glasses aren’t enough, turn to safety goggles

There are plenty of good reasons to wear safety glasses. After all, they shield your eyes against impacts from flying objects and debris. They also often offer significant protection against UV rays and glare, especially when they’re tinted

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People usually don’t mind wearing safety glasses either, as they’re lightweight and stylish enough to wear casually in many cases. In short, when you need nominal eye protection that you can just forget about for the rest of the day, safety glasses are a great bet.

But unfortunately, there are (many) other threats beyond UV light and flying objects. Here are just a few things safety glasses won’t protect you against:

  • Airborne viruses
  • Dust
  • Heat and smoke
  • Chemical fumes and splashes
  • Metal grindings

But safety goggles can effectively ward off these threats, and many more. The reason they succeed where safety spectacles fail is because they enclose the area around your eyes in a protective barrier.

Often, high-quality goggle manufacturers will go a step further and actually include rubber padding which completely seals off your eyes to hazards of the world outside. What’s more, elastic head bands really hug goggles up against your face, ensuring they don’t jostle around and open up gaps in your protective barrier.

Another thing to consider is that safety goggles typically have greater heft to them. Not only do you get heavier-duty materials (usually in the form of dual-injected thermoplastic/rubber), goggles will simply consist of more mass overall.

Sure, they’re a bit heavier, but that extra space also typically allows you to comfortably fit your favourite pair of prescription eyeglasses underneath.

How do safety goggles protect your health?

So, it’s clear that the fundamental benefit of wearing safety goggles is the way in which it encloses your eyes in protective material. But what precisely is being used to form this barrier? Let’s take a look at some of the most common components below:

Impact resistance

First and foremost, goggles are meant to stop foreign objects from making contact with your sensitive, delicate eye tissue. The bulk of this stopping power comes from the lens itself, which typically consists of a hard polycarbonate. 

Connected to the lens is the frame, usually made of ABS, PP/TPR, or some other co-injected thermoplastic. These materials are highly resistant to impact, heats, and caustic chemicals, and together form a physical barrier few hazards can get through.

UV reduction

UV rays are great for your tan, but generally terrible for your long-term eye health. Macular degeneration, cataracts, and even cancer can result from prolonged UV exposure, and thus you should make every effort to protect yourself.

Safety goggles almost always use some form of polycarbonate lenses–a material which naturally filters out the vast majority of ultraviolet light. However, many manufacturers go a step further, and coat their lenses with a special UV-blocking layer. Look for the UV400 rating, which indicates lenses capable of blocking 100% of light waves shorter than 400nm, which includes UVA, UVB, and UVC.

Just keep in mind, plain plastic blocks significantly less than coated polycarbonate. Don’t skip out on UV protection just to save a couple of quid–it’s not worth it.

VLT reduction

This is a more esoteric topic, but lenses which subtly reduce visible light transmission can offer profound benefits. For all intents and purpose, lowering VLT has the safe effect as turning down the lights; if you find that the sun or fluorescent light is producing an obnoxious glare, your goggles can help alleviate the problem.

But is this really a health issue? By taming the amount and directionality of the light that hits your eyes, you can dramatically reduce strain and fatigue. This can lead to a profound improvement in concentration, mood, energy, and focus on the task at hand. And that’s not even touching upon the potential life-saving benefits of reducing user error at your job, depending on what it is!

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Related to VLT reduction is colour filtration, such as blue-blocking. Certain wavelengths in the spectrum (especially high-frequency blue light emitted by phones and computers) tax your eyes more than others; fortunately, there’s an array of tinted lenses which allow you to filter these luminous irritants out.

Make sure you can always achieve a proper fit

As safety goggles are among the bulkiest eyewear, they are less pliable and flexible than standard spectacles. This can prove troublesome for people with various head sizes and shapes. To wit, it is utterly uncontroversial when manufacturers specifically advertise that their goggles specifically fit Asian face shapes.

Thus, it follows that an adjustable strap isn’t always going to be the cure for a poor-fitting goggle. When making your purchase, pay special attention to the bridge length and overall weight; these factors dictate how well the sit upon your face. Also, goggles with padding or a protective rubberised layer to seal your eyes will greatly improve their ability to mould to your face shape and create a secure, comfortable fit.

Don’t forget about fogging, either. Unlike safety glasses, where you can often just snatch them off your face and wipe them with a cloth, goggles are more of a pain to remove and clean. It’s better just to buy a pair which prevents moisture build-up in the first place.

Venting will be essential here, especially in models that form a perfect seal around your face. Anti-fog coatings on the lens creates a hydrophobic surface that is impossible for humidity to cling to, thus promoting quick evaporation through the vents. Look for both whenever possible–you’ll thank yourself the next time you’re working hard on a hot, sweaty day!

Don’t ignore durability

You may be tempted to purchase cheap safety goggles that you can toss after the job is done. While this may have been cost-effective in the past, materials science has progressed to the point where you can get a lot of service from relatively inexpensive goggles.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of cheap, frail models out there! While the frames may not necessarily snap after one day on the job, poor-quality lenses have a way of getting scratched, seemingly out of nowhere.

It is thus vitally important that any safety goggles you buy have some form of scratch resistance. Not only will it extend the effective service life of your purchase, but it will preserve your ability to see clearly and without annoyance or strain.

You’ll also want to pick safety goggles which are sufficiently rigid to keep their shape. Look for models which advertise anything other than generic plastic construction (such as ABS or TPR). If the manufacturer provides a rating for thermic capacity, all the better! You certainly don’t want your goggles warping during a hot day or from your own body heat–never mind jobs like forging or laser work which regularly produce high temperatures!

And speaking of ratings, the bare minimum European standard your PPE eyewear should meet is EN166. This speaks to a goggle’s ability to withstand impacts and daily wear and tear. The American equivalent is ANSI Z87.1, and either will serve you well.

Finally, don’t forget about warranties! Most goggle manufacturers give you a month to make a return, but some guarantee their products up to a year. Sure, safety goggles are relatively affordable, but if a manufacturing defect or poor fit renders your purchase useless, you ought to be easily able to seek remediation from any reputable brand.


If you’ve made it this far down the page, congratulations! You are now far better informed than the average consumer on the topic of safety goggles. We’ve reviewed seven of the best goggles to protect your eyesight on the market, and spoken in depth about what makes for good PPE eyewear.

Shopping around a crowded marketplace isn’t easy, but hopefully we’ve taken some of the stress out of your purchase decision. While each of our recommendations serves a specific niche, all of them provide exceptional value for money.

Which safety goggles most appeal to you? Do you have any stories to share about a time when goggles saved your vision? Leave us a comment below!

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