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Top 6 Modern Electric Fireplaces in 2023 (Reviews)

Modern electric fireplaces look incredible, decisively resembling a warm and cosy fire. They also do an excellent job as a secondary heater in your living room.

What’s more, mounting a fireplace to the wall also helps save floor space in your living room. With safety features, zero combustion, and no ashes, soot, or CO2 to worry about, they are also a safer and much more convenient option. LED technology and various light setting features offer you myriad colour schemes to create the perfect ambience for your family.

Modern electric fireplace

Why an Electric Fireplace

There may be many reasons for choosing an electric fireplace but be assured that they are an excellent alternative for a traditional wood fire.

Easy Installation

Installing a modern electric fireplace is pretty straightforward. All you need is an outlet with 120-240V and a bit of space on the wall. Like wall-mounted TVs, electric fireplaces are sold with screws and brackets. You’ll find them relatively easy to install by yourself, and you needn’t do any brick layering, wood chopping, or fretting about the gas supply. Just follow guidelines for clearance, have a screwdriver and a level at hand, and you’re good to go.


Most modern electric fireplaces are super convenient! You can sit back in your armchair and relax while adjusting heat levels, light settings, and colour schemes with remote control without ever needing to get up. These fireplaces are also low maintenance — other than a quick dust-off now and then, they don’t need to be cleaned or maintained much.

Saves Floor Space

Since they’re wall-mounted, these fireplaces are handily out of the way, and there are no wires to trip over. Even if you live in a smaller home or are thinking to purchase a fireplace for your bedroom, space will not be an issue with a wall hanging unit.


Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, electric ones are much safer for indoor air quality and the environment overall. There is zero combustion involved (apart from what it takes to generate the electricity — but at least there’s no CO2 in your home). This ultimately means that electric fireplaces are safe for indoor use.


Once you’ve hung it on the wall, you probably won’t be moving the fireplace from one spot to another in your home. However, if necessary, an electric fireplace designed for wall hanging can quickly be taken down and brought to a new location — or even a new home.

It’s well worth mentioning that many wall-mounted fireplaces can be inserted or recessed into a wall. Recessed fireplaces ultimately mean a more complex installation, and I will recommend you to get professional help unless you have superior construction skills. Hardwiring a recessed electric fireplace is the best option, but similarily requires a professional electrician.


Due to safety precautions, it is essential to ensure clearance around your wall-mounted electric fireplace. Installing the device too close to furniture or wall hanging objects will create a fire hazard.

Many units have air vents that face upwards and emanate heat from there. If this is the case with your electric fireplace, then it will slowly heat the surroundings and possibly cause massive damage to nearby objects.

That said, the vast majority of modern electric fireplaces — and all units included in this list — live up to safety standards. This means that they, as a minimum, are equipped with:

  • Safe touch — the fireplace’s front is equipped with tempered glass and does not get hot, so it’s safe to have around children and pets.
  • Thermal cut-off/overheat protection — the electric current gets cut off if the fireplace exceeds temperature limits to prevent burn-out or failure.

Top 6 Modern Electric Fireplaces

1. Wärme Firebox Designer Electric 50″

Wärme Firebox Designer Electric Fireplace

The Wärme Firebox Designer Electric 50″ offers multiple colour settings for side LED-lights, bed-light, and multicolour flames with a 3D fire effect. Whether you set it to 1,000W or 2,000W, the heater will remain safe to the touch, making it ideal for homes with children and pets. The fireplace may be surface-mounted (brackets are included), recessed into the wall, or left floor-standing on its metal feet. A remote control is included in the purchase.


  • Dimensions: 127 X 15.1 X 46
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Mounting: wall (surface) mounted / recessed / freestanding
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50 HZ
  • Heat Method: Fan
  • Output: 1,000W/2,000W
  • Safety: Overheat protection
  • Light modes/special features: multiple colour and flame bed options

What do people say about it? The Wärme Firebox Designer Electric 50″ is simple to install and has a surprisingly strong heat output. The lowest setting provides adequate warmth for a decent sized room, whereas at the maximum level, enough warmth is generated to keep your room warm in the cold winter months. One minor downside mentioned is that the fan gives out a small sound when operating.


  • Realistic flame
  • Flexible mounting options


  • The fan is a bit noisy

To summarise

The Wärme Firebox Designer Electric 50″ is much more than just a pretty flame. It has a surprisingly strong heat output, too. What’s more, the flexible mounting options make it easy to install this fireplace anywhere in your home.

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2. Homezone® Modern 50″

HomeZone® Modern 50" Hi Gloss White Wall Mounted Electric Fire Insert Fireplace

The Homezone® Modern 50″ is a white, high-gloss electric fireplace designed for a surface or a recessed wall-mount. The fireplace presents a realistic 3D flame on a wood-log background with adjustable brightness and lets you keep the flame effect even with the heater switched off. The device offers two output settings of 1,000W and 2,000W and features a 24/7 timer function and thermostatic control. You can manage all these features remotely, and the heat outlet is conveniently downward-facing to allow the installation of a TV above the fireplace.


  • Dimensions: 117 X 58 X 21
  • Mounting: surface mounted/recessed
  • Heating method: fan
  • Power supply: 240V
  • Output: 1,000W/2,000W
  • Safety: thermal cut-off

What do people say about it? The consensus is that the Homezone® Modern 50″ is as powerful as it is visually appealing. The few negative reviews noted that the fireplace produces a humming noise when used for the flame effect only and makes a loud beep whenever a program is changed. The fireplace is easy to install, and it’s handy to have the mantel above it, as it creates room to place photos and other décor.


  • Unique design
  • 24/7 timer function
  • Downward outlet


  • Noisy operation

To summarise

The Homezone® Modern 50″ Homezone offers a truly modern and refreshing design with this model. The fireplace also produces a great deal of heat, and settings are easy enough to adjust remotely.

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3. TruFlame 2021

TruFlame 2021 7 colour Side LEDs Wall Mounted Arched White Glass Electric Fire with Pebble Effect

The TruFlame 2021 is an updated version of previous models, which now includes a thermostat, timer, light dimmer and an on-screen display. This wall-mounted fireplace is made of arched white glass and has a bed of pebbles inside the screen. Its LED sidelights have seven different colour schemes that create a cosy atmosphere and eliminate the need for replacing light bulbs. The device is equipped with two heat settings — 1,000W and 2,000W. You can operate its heating and flame effect functions separately and adjust them with a remote control. The Truflame 2021 is CE- certified and comes equipped with an overheating safety device.


  • Dimensions: 88. 5 X 56 X 13.5 cm
  • Mounting: Wall-mounted
  • Heat method: Fan
  • Output: 1,000W /2,000W
  • Safety: thermal cut-off device to prevent overheating

What do people say about it? The Truflame 2021 is undoubtedly one of the best-reviewed wall-mounted electric fireplaces. Its lowest heat setting of 1,000W provides comfortable warmth, whereas 2,000W is much more powerful, giving heat for most rooms quite quickly. It’s easy enough to install the fireplace with a simple wall bracket and screws. The only downside is the slightly noisy fan.


  • On-screen display
  • Stylish design
  • Thermostat
  • Timer
  • Light-dimmer


  • Small noise coming from the fan

To summarise

The TruFlame 2021 is a highly praised fireplace. It has a stylish design that sets it apart from the average fireplaces on the market, it’s simple to install, and the many new features are a welcome addition. The on-screen display is convenient for a better overview of each setting and handy if you misplace the remote control.

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4. Endeavour Fires Runswick

Endeavour Fires Runswick Wall Mounted Electric Fire

The Endeavour Fires Runswick is a fireplace designed for wall surface mounting, with an off-white MDF and plinth. The device meets Eco design 2018 (Lot20) requirements, meaning that it’s designed and manufactured for optimum energy efficiency and is very low in operational costs.

This fireplace is equipped with a remote control, from which you can operate a 7-day programmer and thermostat. The remote control also features a room-temperature sensor, open window detector, an adaptive start control, and lets you adjust the brightness and colour of the flames. The Endeavour Fires Runswick is equipped with an electronic safety control (thermal cut-out) that makes the heater switch off if it overheats or gets covered.


  • Dimensions: 110 X 25 X 57. 3 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Mounting: Wall-mounted
  • Heat method: fan
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50HZ
  • Output: 1,000W/2,000W
  • Safety: a thermal cut-out
  • Lightmodes/special features: 13 colours and light-dimmer

What do people say about it? Apparently, the heat is dispersed almost instantly when the fireplace starts working, so the room it’s in gets heated quickly. The flames look relatively realistic and come with crystals, stones, and artificial wood logs to place on the fire bed. The device is well worth the money as it feels and looks luxurious.


  • Various colour and brightness settings
  • It comes with crystals, logs, and stones
  • Great heat output
  • No noise


  • The remote control is a bit complicated

To summarise

The Endeavour is powerful, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to control. It’s also noise-free and offers a unique design along with multiple colours and flame settings.

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 5. Hawnby Recessed Electric Fire E142R by Endeavour

Hawnby Recessed Electric Fire E140R

The Hawnby Recessed Electric Fire E142R is specifically designed to be recessed into a wall. It offers an elegant look thanks to its tempered glass finish and has an LED-light flame for a more realistic effect. You can choose between the log and crystal stone settings, while the flame display can stay on even with the heating element switched off.

The Hawnby Recessed Electric Fire E142R lets you choose between 1,000W and 2,000W outputs, with thermostat settings and a 7-day program timer as an additional, unique feature. All functions are remote-controlled. The open-window detector helps to save energy, as it makes sure the fireplace shuts off if temperatures suddenly drop.


  • Dimensions: 103 X 14.5 X 51.5 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Material: Toughened glass and steel
  • Mounting: Recessed into the wall
  • Heat method: fan
  • Power supply: 220-240V / 50 HZ
  • Output: 1,000W / 2,000W
  • Safety: Thermal cut off
  • Light modes/special features: 4 flame settings and 5 brightness levels

What do people say about it? The LED light provides a realistic effect, so the device actually looks like a real fireplace. Conveniently, you can set a programme for a full week, and everything is done via the remote control. It is an excellent secondary heating source, well worth the money. The only downside is the lack of a manual, but it is easy enough to navigate through the installation even without one.


  • Resembles a real fireplace
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Low running cost
  • Energy efficient


  • No manual

To summarise

The Hawnby Recessed Electric Fire E142R seems to have it all – It is affordable, energy-efficient, and visually pleasing.  Combined with features like the 7-day thermostat programming, various flame and light-bed settings, the device provides as convenient, comfortable and realistic an experience as possible.

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6. C-Hopetree Electric Fireplace

C-Hopetree Electric Fireplace Insert, Portable Free-Standing Heater

The C-Hopetree Electric Fireplace is an electric fireplace designed to fit into an existing fireplace or function as a freestanding unit. Energy-efficient LED lights create a warm and cosy ambience, and give you six brightness levels from which to choose.

It has two heat settings — 900W and 1,800W, is thermostatically controlled, and you can use the device for the flame effect only if you don’t need the heat. Other features include an 8-hour timer and remote control. The fireplace is equipped with an overheat shut-off for safety.


  • Dimensions: 71 X 17 X 55 cm
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Mounting: Recessed/freestanding
  • Heat method: fan
  • Power supply: 220-240 V / 50 HZ
  • Output: 900W/1,800W
  • Safety: Overheat shut-off, tempered glass
  • Lightmodes/special features: 6 brightness levels / 8-hour timer

What do buyers think about it? The C-Hopetree Electric Fireplace provides a mesmerising fire effect and works brilliantly as an additional heat source. It’s hard to tell that the fire isn’t real. The device is easy to install and straightforward to operate. If you misplace the remote control, the unit has a front panel from which you can control every feature.


  • Realistic looking
  • Both manually and remote-controlled.
  • Easy installation


  • Nothing obvious

To summarise

The C-Hopetree Electric Fireplace is a quality device with tonnes of stellar consumer reviews. It’s got a high heat output and a lovely aesthetic, 2 heat settings, and different brightness and colour levels. Best of all, it’s easy enough to set up, whether you want to recess it into a wall or leave it standing.

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Parting Words

Have I missed anything? Have you used any of the electric fireplaces I mention here, or any other ones, for that matter?

If you have and would like to share your experience with our readers, please leave us a comment below.

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