Fernox TF1 Boiler FIlter – Review, Price & Alternatives

Fernox are right up there with MagnaClean when it comes to the top magnetic system filters.

And, the Fernox TF1 boiler filter is the most well-known product in their range.

And today, we’re going to cover all products in the Fernox TF1 range, prices and suitable alternatives.

The range includes:

  • TF1 Total
  • TF1 Omega
  • TF1 Compact

Boiler filters remove debris that’s travelling through pipework and radiators.

Ironically, this demonstration video comes from MagnaClean (Adey), but all filters work on the same principles shown in this video.

Fernox TF1 Total Boiler Filter (22mm & 28mm)

First up, we have the TF1 Total boiler filter. Unlike some cheaper filters, the TF1 Total works to get rid of not just magnetic particles in a heating system, but also non-magnetic particles as well.

The debris in the heating system is collected in the filter, and can be removed with an annual boiler service.

The Total comes in both 22mm and 28mm sizing, and can be fitted both horizontally and vertically.

The Fernox TF1 can be connected directly onto 22mm pipe work using the valve fittings provided.

Fernox provides a 2-year warranty.

Fernox TF1 Omega Boiler Filter (22mm & 28mm)

Like the Total, the TF1 Omega will work hard to catch all kinds of debris; magnetic and non-magnetic.

The Omega filter is basically the next step up from the Total. Its capability is similar but Fernox offer a 25-year body parts warranty.

The main difference between the two filters is the TF1 Omega can be installed vertically, horizontally and at a 45˚angle; there’s much more flexibility on where the magnetic filter can be installed.

Fernox TF1 Compact Boiler Filter (22mm & 28mm)

The TF1 Compact filter also comes complete with a 2-year warranty. Essentially, this is a “Total” filter that’s designed to fit into much smaller installation areas.

And, that’s really useful if you have a really tight installation area to work with.

Naturally, being a smaller filter, it’s capacity to collect debris is limited. Where possible, always fit the biggest filter possible, to collect as much debris as possible.

I’d always recommend the TF1 Total or Omega over the Compact.


The Total and Compact filters come with a 2-year warranty, whereas the Omega comes with a 25-year body parts warranty.

TF1 Filter Prices & Alternatives

Filter Type


22mm TF1 Total £90
22mm TF1 Compact £100
22mm TF1 Omega £100-115
28mm TF1 Total £100-115
28mm TF1 Compact £115
28mm TF1 Omega £115


*Prices correct at time of writing.

Fernox TF1s are by no means the cheapest filters, but they are a trusted brand.

Check out the alternatives here which include:

  • MagnaClean (Professional and Micro)
  • Instinct Eco-Mag
  • Worcester Bosch’s own-brand filter

TF1 Review Verdict

TF1s can be purchased at a reasonable price here.

The TF1 Total filter is more than enough, and I’d suggest the Compact where the installation area is small.