Ideal Boilers F2 Fault Code – Explained

If you’ve noticed the F2 fault showing up on your boiler’s display, this guide will help you determine what the problem is, and what you need to do next.

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What does the Ideal F2 fault code mean?

If your boiler displays the F2 error on the control panel, it means the flame went out while you were calling for hot water or heating. Note that this doesn’t mean your boiler can’t ignite in the first place — that’s a separate issue that’s shown by the L2 fault code on Ideal Logic boilers.

Ideal Logic F2 Fault Code Causes

There are many causes for the Ideal Logic F2 fault code — and most of them require an invasive inspection of your boiler. So, if you’re wondering “What does F2 mean on a boiler?”, the best way to answer your question is to get a Gas Safe engineer to come and check out your appliance. In other words — do not attempt taking your boiler apart yourself.

That being said, below we’ll present the most common underlying causes of the Ideal Logic F2 error.

  1. Gas Valve

We’ll start with the gas valve, as it’s the most common reason for the F2 fault code showing up on Ideal Boilers, such as the Logic and Logic Plus.

Your boiler engineer will first want to check that the gas valve isn’t stuck. If it can’t rotate, it won’t supply the pilot jet and the burner with the fuel they need to keep a flame. Once the flame goes out, your boiler will show you the F2 fault code.

Sometimes, the engineer will be able to fix a stuck gas valve. But if they can’t, a replacement is likely to cost around £300.

There are other gas valve faults worth mentioning, such as loose and damaged wiring.

You can get a repair engineer to fix your gas valve here, or read our guide to boiler gas valves to learn more.

  1. Fan

The fan in a boiler works by creating a draught. This draught pushes harmful gases out of the flue so they don’t accumulate on your property.

Consequently, a faulty fan means a dangerous boiler that can’t vent its toxic fumes. It’s such a critical fault that the boiler won’t even fire up if the fan isn’t running. And if the fan stops working while the boiler is on, the flame will go out, and you’ll see the F2 fault code on the boiler.

If you suspect that this is the issue, you can get an engineer to check over your fan. And, you can read our full guide to boiler fan faults here.

  1. Flue

If there’s no solid airway for flue gases to escape through, your boiler will extinguish the flame and display the F2 fault code.

One of the things that could cause this is the flue. Typically, this is the case if you have a vertical flue (through the roof) and it doesn’t have a flue guard. This omission gives potential for debris (leaves, etc.) to accumulate in the flue, causing a blockage.

You can book a Gas Safe engineer to check if this is the case. They’ll be able to run through the gas valve, fan, and flue to determine what exactly is causing the problem.

  1. Gas Pressure

The strength of the flame in your boiler fluctuates depending on the gas pressure. If the gas pressure is too low, the flame will go out and you’ll see “F2” on your Ideal Logic boiler. 

A qualified Gas engineer can test the pressure into the meter (from the mains gas), out of the meter, and into the meter, to determine what the problem is.

It could be a mains gas issue (your gas supply), in which case you’d need to contact your gas company. However, during winter months for instance, the problem could be that the regulator on the meter has frozen. This is going to restrict the flow of gas and cause the boiler to lockout.

In Summary

There is more than one explanation for why you’re seeing the code F2 on an Ideal Logic fault code. However, in all scenarios, you’re going to need a Gas Safe engineer.

And, if you’re fed up of your boiler, or it’s out of warranty and likely to cost over £400 to repair, we’d consider getting a replacement. You can get on-screen prices here, within a matter of 90-seconds.

Do you have any questions, or an experience with the F2 fault code you’d like to share? If you do, please leave us a comment below!

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