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Most Energy-Efficient Space Heaters for Home and Office (Reviews)

There are a lot of space heaters on the market today. And whilst this is good for consumers, it also means that finding the best energy efficient heater isn’t always easy — how do you know which ones use high-quality components and safety mechanisms?

Many poor imitations and counterfeits proliferate the market, and these inferior products aren’t just inefficient—they can be dangerous.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy to guide to the best energy efficient heater models in 2024. Here, we’ll go over our top 6 picks, and walk you through a detailed buying guide. Hopefully, this will give you enough information to make an informed buying decision!

Best Energy Efficient Space Heater for Home Use

Below, we’ll take a look at 6 of the best space heaters on the market in 2024.

1. COMLIFE PTC 900W/1800W Ceramic Space Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 17 x 11.5 x 20.4 cm | Heat modes: 3 | Power: 900 and 1800 watts | Material: Ceramic with ABS flame-resistant materials | Finish: Black

COMLIFE PTC 900W/1800W Ceramic Space Heater - Electric Mini Personal Heater

COMLIFE PTC is one of the most energy efficient space heaters available, using a rotation mechanism to warm up your room. Where many heaters are limited to directional heating that leaves cold spots in the room, COMLIFE heats evenly throughout by design.

This heater has 3 warming modes (high heat, low heat, and fan-only), making it usable both at home and at work. Designed as a standalone unit, COMLIFE’s sleek black heater takes only 2 seconds to fire up and blanket your room in comforting warmth.

It’s also incredibly safe, with built-in sensors that automatically shut the unit down if it is either knocked over or if it begins to overheat.

Most heaters emit quite a lot of noise; COMLIFE does not. It always runs quietly, and its reasonable size makes it portable–and affordable to boot.

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2. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Price: £££ | Dimensions: Amp diameter – 153 mm; base diameter with plate – 204 mm | Heat modes: Can be set to the exact degree | Power: 1500 watts | Material: Rubber-like | Finish: White/Nickel

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater - White/Nickel

Outfitted in a handsome white and brushed aluminum housing, Dyson’s AM09 Fan Heater is a stylish yet comforting addition to any room. With its convenient, compact footprint, you’ll never have to worry about the AM09 hogging your floor space or making it difficult to carry it between rooms.

Core to the AM09’s design is a patented air-multiplier technology, invented by James Dyson himself. It allows you to change between a wide-range diffused mode for blanket heating and a more narrow jet for focused heating. It’s not only functional, but highly aesthetic, with a graceful loop set atop a space-saving 204 mm-wide base. 

Unlike other conspicuous heaters, the AM09 presents itself as an attractive, modern piece of home décor. The lack of obvious heating elements not only adds to its space-age styling, but is actually a safety feature as well, since it prevents nearby drapes and sheets from catching fire. What’s more, the Dyson AM09 features an automatic cut-off to prevent fire from breaking out due to overheating, allowing you true peace of mind.

The AM09 is extremely efficient and customizable, allowing you to dial in the settings between 0 and 37 degrees. Another unique feature of the Dyson AM09 is that it functions as both a heater and a cooler, so it can continue to serve you during the Summer months. In any use-case, it produces even temperature changes almost instantaneously in a whisper-quiet, 100% odour-free fashion.

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3. DOUHE Portable Space Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 20.5 cm | Heat modes: 3 | Power: 950 watts | Material: Ceramic | Finish: Black

DOUHE Portable Space Heater, 1-Sec Heat-up, Small Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Overheat and Tip-Over Protection

DOUHE’s portable space heater offers near-instantaneous heating in an eye-catching package. It’s not just powerful, however; it’s highly efficient and wastes very little of the energy it draws to warm up your room. Designed firmly with indoor heating in mind, the DOUHE is equally at home in the household or office.

Despite its fast-heating specifications, the DOUHE is also incredibly safe, featuring an automatic shutdown of its electric fan in case of an accidental drop or tip. This effectively prevents any electric shocks or any damage, reducing the risk to high-traffic homes with rowdy children bouncing about. Its highly stable foundation demonstrates a clear mind for safety in its design.

Even better, the chassis consists of fire-resistant materials, and the way it diffuses heat allows it to safely operate even in cramped quarters. The DOUHE heater offers even warming throughout the room without interfering with air circulation one bit. Its small footprint is matched by its price as well, especially as there are voucher discounts that are made applicable from time to time.

While DOUHE has only been making space heaters for five years, it’s already sold more than 5 million units. Their success demonstrates that they’re willing to learn from their competitors, and producing a unit that is safe, stylish, and highly energy-efficient that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

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4. UFO Micatronic T23 Free-Standing Electric Infrared Heater

Price: ££ | Dimensions: 111 x 38 x 40 cm | Heat modes: 5 | Watts: 2300 watts | Material: Various | Finish: Black

UFO Micatronic T23 Free Standing Electric Infrared Heater, 2300 Watt

Once the temperature dips below a certain level of comfort, you need a heater that warms the room as soon as possible. Enter the UFO Micatronic T23 heater, which warms your room within seconds.

The UFO isn’t just fast–it’s also incredibly energy-efficient. While it’s rated for a powerful 2,300 watts, it converts an incredible 99% of that energy to heat. What’s more, it retains its performance even through adverse weather changes like wind gusts and humidity seeping into the home. Further, the eco-friendly UFO Micatronic T23 does not interfere with oxygen supply or internal humidity distribution, and you will barely sense a change of odour once the heater goes on.

Other defining features of this heater include remote control, tip-over protection, and free-standing ability. It also has a distance-detection sensor, which will effect an automatic shutoff if it is accidentally shoved near to upholstery, drapes and the like.

UFO offers a unit which is appealing to the eye, black in aspect with handsome orange detail. Its incredible performance somehow manages to come in a highly portable package, as well, making it highly versatile. You can use it in any room large or small, making for toasty bedrooms, or you can even take it outdoors with you to enjoy your patio in the colder months. In both cases, it works effectively and efficiently.

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5. GoHeater Portable Mini Electric Fan Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 20.5 x 10 x 19.5 cm | Heat modes: 15 °C to 32 °C | Watts: 500 watts | Material: Ceramic | Finish: Black

goheater Portable Mini Electric Fan Heater

This portable mini electric fan heater is another in the line of highly versatile units by GoHeater. You can use it at home, in the office, or when travelling, thanks to its portability and energy efficiency. Furthermore, the heater is easy on the eyes, with dial illumination cycling through 7 attractive colours.

While it isn’t the most energy-hungry unit on this list, it clocks in at a respectable-for-its-size rating of 500 watts, and does a great job of converting the vast majority of that power directly into heat. Where most small-footprint heaters struggle with efficiency, you’ll have no cause for complaint with GoHeater.

You can customize its output with a convenient 12-hour timer, allowing you to make best use of it when you need it and shut off when you don’t. This makes a remote control something less than a necessity, though you have the option to purchase one for just £5 more. Additionally, there is an easy high- and low-speed setting button for you to select the intensity of the heater when warming your room.

Just a warning, though, that you cannot use an extension lead with this product — GoHeater is firmly designed to operate directly from the wall plug.

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6. NEXGADGET 600-Watt Ceramic Space Heater

Price: £ | Dimensions: 27.6 x 17.8 x 16.6 cm | Heat modes: 2 (Normal and fan-only) | Watts: 600 watts | Material: PTC ceramic heating | Finish: Black and blue

NEXGADGET 600 Watt Ceramic Space Heater, Portable Mini Desktop Heater

Portable and with smart touch control, NEXGADGET offers rapid heating with smart inbuilt safety features. Within just 3 seconds of turning on, you’ll enjoy a blanket of warm air that permeates the room thoroughly and easily.

This is in opposition to most small-footprint heaters, which must compromise heating for a smaller aspect. We were highly pleased with the NEXGADGET, which offered sustained warmth throughout all normal-sized rooms. It’s simple to transfer from room to room as well, with a sturdy inbuilt handle comfortably distributing this unit’s already slight weight for the best in portability.

You can toggle your NEXGADGET’s output with a single press; in one mode you get comfortable heating, while the other blows a soothing, natural wind for freshening up stale air. In heating mode, you’ll enjoy low energy consumption to cut your monthly bills and make for a more eco-friendly home.

While NEXGADGET’s price is low, you still get features for peace of mind like tip-over protection to guard your home. Overall, this small, affordable heater is poised to be a best-selling heater in 2024.

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Buyer’s Guide to Space Heaters

There are many energy efficient heater models on the market, many with similar specifications and price-points. If you’d prefer to do your own market research beyond our recommended units, use this quick buyer’s guide to aid your decision-making process whilst weighing features.

Gas vs Electric Space Heaters

The first thing you’ll need to decide before choosing your energy efficient heater, is whether you want it to be gas or electric. Both have their pros and cons.

Gas Space Heaters

Indoor gas space heaters are typically bulkier, less energy efficient, and difficult to move around, not to mention that they run on a non-renewable energy source. Worse, gas space heaters produce dangerous fumes, which you’ll need to vent to the outdoors — like you would with a fireplace. And, unless you’ve got a fireplace, you’ll have to keep buying gas cylinders for your heater.

On the upside, gas heaters tend to cost less to operate than their electric peers — and that’s because gas is less expensive.

Electric Space Heaters

Electric heaters tend to be the most efficient, converting almost all of the energy they consume into heat. They’re also cleaner, and depending on your electricity supplier, can run on 100% renewable energy.

Unlike their gas counterparts, electric heaters don’t need ventilation, either, as they don’t produce harmful fumes. For this reason, electric space heaters are also extremely portable — without worrying about the exhaust, you can move them around with you anywhere you go.

That said, electric space heaters do have a major downside — since the cost of electricity is higher than that of gas, they cost more to operate.

Size vs Efficiency

Once you’ve decided whether you want a gas or electric space heater, it’s time to consider the size. Keep in mind — the most energy efficient heater isn’t always the smallest.

While it’s common sense that larger heaters consumer more energy, they also tend to be more efficient. However, it’s good to settle for smaller heaters where they will suffice, as sometime a larger heater simply means additional features to power.

Also, larger heaters tend to be more basic in terms of their construction. Smaller heaters, on the other hand, are generally more advanced in technology —  this is how they’re able to maintain efficiency.

Heater Portability

Different heaters have varying degrees of portability. Whilst you can move some heating appliances from one location to another, it may be impossible or inconvenient with others.

Mounting is another thing to consider. If you want your heater out of the way, mounting it to a wall or ceiling is the best way to go. But sadly, not all space heater models come with this mounting option.

Heater Capacity

When thinking about an energy efficient heater, consider the relationship between input and output. A heater that uses a lot of energy to give a high output may be more efficient than one that uses overall less energy to produce less. At any rate, ensure your heater uses the least amount of energy to produce the most heat.

Heater Safety Features

A heater, just like any other electrical appliance, may develop defects after a period of time. That’s why most space heaters come with safety features to protect you should a fault occur. And, the more safety features a heater has, the better.

Auto shut-off in case of extreme temperatures is one of the important features to look out for, while portable heaters should also have a tip-over switch.

Having the power to easily control your device’s output also minimises the chances of accidents occurring. Remote controls and programming are not just for convenience — they encourage optimal operation of your device, and thus, boost safety.


A wide range of settings give you greater control over your space heater’s safety and efficiency.  So, if you want a truly energy efficient heater, look for one with an assortment of flexible control options.

For example, sudden weather changes might give you problems. That’s why you want a heater that allows you to adjust dynamically according to the changes taking place. If utilised well, flexible controls will help you save you energy, time, and money, and ward off potential safety hazards.

Energy-Saving Features

An energy efficient heater should have features like a thermostat, remote control, timer, programmability, and other items that foster ease of use. After all, if it’s difficult to operate your heater, you’re unlikely to make the most of its energy efficiency settings. Be doubly sure you can turn your devices off when you do not need them, or when you’re outside your house.

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This may sound like common sense, but we’ll say it anyway — go for powerful heaters when you have a larger room to heat.

Typically, though, your seller will tell you how far your heater’s reach extends. Some buyers ignore these details and end up with unfulfilled expectations. We do not want the same to happen to you; matching your living area with the right heater will achieve optimal results.

Tips to Use Your Space Heater Efficiently

An energy efficient heater will only conserve energy if you use it right. So, be sure to follow this guide to ensure the optimal operation of your chosen unit:

Read the Details of Your Manual

The first step to running an appliance properly is mastery of the instructions. Once you have the details with you, it’s now time to start exploring the best settings for your room. Every manufacturer is legally obliged to contain safety and correct operation information in these manuals, which is why we advise you not to skip any details.

Have a Plan Beyond the Failsafes

You should have a good idea of what to do in hazardous situations. For instance, whom should you call for assistance in case you are in need? In the event of a fire, do you have adequate gear on hand to put it out?

Most buyers overlook these aspects. Remember, different space have different advanced features, which only the manual can fully explain. While these offer a great measure of peace of mind, you can’t fully rely on them to protect you.

Simply put — always remain vigilant when your heating appliance is switched on.

Match the Heater to the Application

Different heaters use different heating methods.

For example, infrared heaters focus their warmth on a specific target; their heat is direct, instant, and incredibly efficient. However, they won’t help you heat up an entire room.

Conversely, a fan heater will warm up the surrounding air, but it may take you longer to feel the warmth.

Also, consider safety — you should NEVER use an outdoor heater indoors.

For example, using a garage heater inside a single room will cause you to burn yourself and make the room unsafe to occupy.

Or, imagine also what could happen if you used a kerosene-powered heater in the kitchen. (Here’s a hint: it starts with ‘f’ and rhymes with ‘wire’.) It is, therefore, essential to evaluate the likely risks before deciding where to position your heater.

The Bottom Line

It would be wonderful if we could recommend a single energy efficient heater that stands tall above the rest, but every home has requirements as unique as the people living in them. That’s why we’re reviewing a range of products that should best fit the widest range of needs.

Keep in mind that no heater is a fully “set it and forget it” appliance – you must exercise due diligence to control the proper variables for the application, including power consumption and room placement. However, each of our recommended units feature various failsafes to mitigate the inevitable mistake or malfunction over time and keep your home safe and secure.

Which of these units appeals to your situation, and why? Do you already have experience with one or more of these products? Leave us a note below, we love to hear from you!

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