Compare Boiler Cover in 2022: How to Get the Best Deal on the Market

If you sometimes wake up in a cold sweat worrying about your boiler breaking down, how you will stay warm, and how much it will cost to fix, a boiler care plan might just be the solution to all your problems.

Boiler and heating care plans are not a new concept, but it is only in the past few years they have gone mainstream. For a long time, they were considered to be something of a rip-off and a waste of money unless your boiler was on its last legs. But modern boilers are much more high-tech and while this means they are in many ways far better than their predecessors, there is also more to go wrong too.

Compare boiler cover, find the best market deals

A boiler care plan is a solution to these worries. They give you the peace of mind of knowing that if the worst happens and your boiler does stop working, you can get a repair or a replacement fast and without having to break the bank.

In this guide, we will explain exactly how boiler care plans work and the pros and cons of signing up for one. We will also reveal the results of Heating Force’s extensive tests to determine the best boiler care plans on the market right now.

What is a boiler care plan?

A boiler care plan is quite simply a type of insurance policy that provides people with cover if their boiler stops working or has a problem.

These plans are usually provided by gas or heating engineer firms or boiler manufacturers themselves. In exchange for a small monthly fee, users have access to an emergency helpline that they can call if something goes wrong with their boiler. The helpline will arrange for a qualified engineer to visit your home and fix the problem using fully-approved parts.

If the problem cannot be fixed, they will often install a replacement boiler for you. All of this is done under your boiler cover policy meaning you don’t incur any costs for parts of labour. Repairs will also be carried out fast, often within 24-hours of your initial call.

Boiler care can also be part of a broader home care plan. Depending on your budget and what you want to cover, the plan can include your heating system, plumbing, drains, electrics, home security, and even pest control.

There will usually be an excess charge every time you use the service. Often, if you are willing to pay a slightly higher monthly fee, this excess can be reduced or even eliminated altogether. Other than that, you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get your boiler fixed when it goes wrong.

Why invest in a boiler cover plan?

Awareness of boiler care plans is growing all the time, but people are not always aware of how they differ from regular home insurance policies. While a care plan is a type of insurance policy, there are many differences and advantages which are worth highlighting.

There is quite a long list of things that a boiler care plan can offer that a regular insurance policy doesn’t include:

  • Emergency helpline – All home care plans operate a bit like an emergency service. You have access to an emergency helpline and if something goes wrong with your boiler, one phone call is all you need to do. Your home care provider will then make all the arrangements for a qualified engineer to visit your home to fix the issue. If you rely on home insurance, you have to make all these arrangements yourself.
  • All parts and labour included – A boiler plan should come with no hidden costs. As long as you pay your monthly fee, the only charge you will face for a callout is your agreed excess. All costs incurred for parts and labour will be covered by the plan.
  • Guaranteed coverage – Once you sign up for a boiler plan you have guaranteed coverage regardless of what the problem is. If your boiler cannot be repaired, your plan will also cover the cost of a replacement boiler in most circumstances. There should be no debating with your provider about what is and isn’t covered.
  • Fast fixes – Boilers always tend to go wrong at the worst possible time. It might be just before Christmas or right in the middle of a cold spell. That can make getting repairs done fast extremely hard. But a boiler plan should ensure you get your fix as fast as possible with emergency repairs usually carried out within 24 hours.
  • Less work for you – As well as the cost, making all the arrangements to get a boiler repaired or replaced can involve a lot of time and effort on your part. If you have a boiler plan, all this hassle is taken away and your provider will do all the organising for you.
  • Range of coverage – Home care plans also give you the flexibility to choose what you want to cover. You can just get cover for your boiler or you can pay a little more to get a huge range of issues within the home covered. Home insurance tends to be far more restrictive in what areas of your home and what issues are protected.
  • Premiums – Most people make a home insurance claim through gritted teeth these days knowing they will pay for it through higher premiums when they renew their policy. With most home care plans, this isn’t an issue. Monthly payments are standardised and should never go up, even if you use the service multiple times.
  • Peace of mind – The biggest single benefit of a home care plan is the peace of mind it brings. You can rest assured that even if the worst happens, you are protected and the issued will be resolved quickly and by a reputable engineer. If you have to scrabble around to find a tradesperson to fix a problem yourself, you might never be sure of how good their work is.

Compare boiler cover – best deals in the market

There are a number of benefits to signing up for a boiler or home care plan but there are also quite a few different care plan providers on the market these days too. While they all boast websites that proclaim them to be the best in the business, the reality is that some offer a far higher level of service than others.

So, if you have decided to sign up for a boiler or home care plan, how can you be sure you are picking the right provider. That’s where we can help. We have spent the past few months putting all of the main home care providers through their paces.

The results of our exclusive research are in and we can now reveal our pick of the top three home care plans on the market right now:

1. YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan

YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan is our number one recommendation. It combines an unrivalled level of customer service with a great range of flexible plans and super-competitive prices to create a truly impressive all-around service.

YourRepair gives its customers a choice of five plans that allows them the flexibility to choose from just covering your boiler to a comprehensive plan that even includes electrics, home security, and pest control. All plans are competitively priced with the cheapest costing from just £9 a month. All YourRepair boiler care plans include an annual boiler service and a carbon monoxide test as standard. Costs for parts and labour and unlimited callouts are also included with all plans.

YourRepair has a dedicated UK-based 24/7 emergency helpline that will coordinate your repairs with their network of more than 5,000 qualified heating engineers. They boast a 95% first-repair success rate which just goes to show how good their work is. They also have a customer service promise that is a major reason why so many customers continue to switch from other providers.

BEST HOME CARE PLAN: Try YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan today and save even more with our exclusive deal.

2. 24|7 Home Rescue Boiler and Heating Cover

24|7 Home Rescue manages to combine excellence in gas and heating engineering and repairs with great customer service and competitive pricing to create a compelling package.

With prices starting at just £6.99 a month, 24/7 Home Rescue is the cheapest provider of boiler insurance, repair, and installation services on our list. They also offer a unique monthly rolling contract which means you can cancel at any time rather than having to commit to a 12-month contract like most providers.

But those prices don’t come at the expense of service. All their plans are of the highest quality and all come with an annual boiler service and the cost of all parts and labour covered as standard. 24|7 Home Rescue also has a 95% first-time repair rate. With over 50,000 positive Trust Pilot reviews, you certainly will be in good company should you choose them.

And you will also benefit from unlimited repairs, a 24/7 UK-based helpline, and access to a large network of fully-qualified engineers.

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Rolling monthly contracts and low prices make 24/7 Home Rescue a truly cost-effective home care plan provider.

3. British Gas Home and Boiler Cover

British Gas is the best-known provider on this list and is one of the UK’s big-six utilities provider. This reputation is reflected in their home care plans which are the most expensive on this list but do provide you access to British Gas’ dedicated network of trained engineers.

Choosing British Gas gives you the surety that you are signing up with an established and sizable company but service reviews are actually more mixed than some of their less-well-known rivals. They do offer four plans that cover everything from just your boiler to electrics and plumbing systems too.

While they might cost a little more, British Gas do offer you a 14-day cooling-off period to let you change your mind if you want to. This flexibility is useful if you want to get immediate coverage but also ensure you have done your research and chosen the best provider for you.

BIGGEST REPUTATION: You know what you are going to get with British Gas and for a little more you can have the confidence of using a tried-and-tested provider.

A note for landlords

All of our recommended plans are all aimed at individual homeowners rather than landlords. However, all three of our providers also offer dedicated landlord plans that cover rental properties and include annual gas safety certificates and other landlord-specific benefits as standard.

We have reviewed these landlord plans and you can read our detailed views here:

  1. YourRepair Boiler Cover Landlord
  2. 27/7 Home Rescue Landlord Boiler and Heating Cover
  3. British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover

How to choose the right boiler cover plan for your home

In the previous section, we outlined the top three boiler and home care plan providers, but how can you be sure you are choosing the right one for you.

There are a few different consideration you should bear in mind when making your decision. In particular, we would urge all readers to consider the following:

  • Is your boiler covered? – Make sure that the plan you choose covers your specific boiler manufacturer and make. Most plans cover all the top providers but there are some exceptions so check carefully before signing up.
  • Choose the right package – Think very carefully about what you want your home care plan to cover. It would be very annoying if you only got cover for your boiler and then had to sort out a big problem elsewhere in your heating system. Consider the age of your system and the likelihood of things going wrong and try to factor this into your choice of package.
  • Factor in free extras – All boilers need to be serviced annually and these services typically cost around £80 a time. All of these plans include a free boiler service so when deciding on a budget, be sure to factor in this saving.
  • Think about the excess – It can be tempting to ignore the excess to keep monthly costs lower. But this can backfire if you have to use the service several times and end up paying a big excess each time. Think carefully about this and decide what level of excess you are comfortable with.


Choosing the right boiler care plan is a difficult decision and getting it right takes time and research. This will pay off if you make the right decision though and this guide is intended to provide you with all the information you need.

In it, we have explained the big benefits of opting for a boiler or home care plan. We have revealed the results of our exclusive research into the top boiler care providers in the UK right now and also given you some top tips on things to consider when choosing a plan.

Have you recently chosen a boiler plan or are you looking right now? Are there any considerations that we have missed out in this guide? Do you have any additions tips or advice for our readers? It’s always helpful to hear about readers real-life experiences, so please do share yours with us using the comment box below.

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