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The 4 Best Open Tote Tool Bags For Tradesmen

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a plumber, gas engineer, mobile mechanic or an electrician. You need to have your most essential tools close by. And, a soft open tote will give you exactly that.

Today we’re analysing the best open tote tool bags for tradesmen. We’ll recommend the best products for the money and highlight a few good options if you’re looking for a cheap or small tool bag.

What’s The Best Open Tote Tool Bag?

Let’s just get straight to it.

#1 – Stanley FATMAX Open Tote Tool Bag

Stanley offer the best all round open tote tool bag — it’s called the FATMAX Open Tote Bag.

Online Reviews

Let’s face it, before we buy anything, we checkout what past buyers think of it.

I checked a tonne of reviews and found on Amazon it has over 240 reviews, giving an average of 5 stars.

Size & Weight

At 600 x 600, it’s more than big enough to carry all your essentials, and even a bacon sarnie’ or two.

Being just 1KG it’s perfect for site or residential work. And, that’s not to say you won’t be able to stack it out. I’ve had over 20KG in a FATMAX and it handles it no problem.


Stanley have used a denier fabric in their open tote tool bag; boring, right?

The denier fabric will take a good beating. But, more importantly, there’s a stiff and waterproof plastic bottom. So, if you’re working in grubby conditions on site, give it a wipe off, and you’re ready for a residential job.


I liked the storage the FATMAX offers. There’s a tonne of individual storage pockets, some with non-slip rubber straps – perfect for a mini spirit level that you really can’t risk landing on the deck.

There’s internal tool loops and even a drill bit holder. And, there’s even an extra durable pocket designed for tough tools like saws, and a holder for a measuring tape.

Carrying Comfort

If you’ve got a long walk to site, or need to carry other tools, you’ll want a shoulder strap. Unfortunately, the majority of open top tool bags don’t have them.

But, the Stanley tool bag does.

Check price on Amazon

OK, So What Are The Other Options?

#2 – RothenbergerBest Open Tote Tool Bag For Plumbers

If you’re a plumber or gas engineer, another option is the Rothenberger tote.

There are less compartments to organise your kit, but it’s more specifically designed towards soldering kit than the Stanley.

It’s more expensive, and there’s more than enough room in the Stanley to accommodate essentials.

And with the Stanley, you can organise tools better, so you’re not spending half your day finding a flux brush or wire wool.

Check price on Amazon

#3 – Deuba Compact – Best Small Open Tote Tool Bag

If you’re looking for a small open tote tool bag, the Deuba is going to be perfect.

It’s just 34 x 28 x 23 cm, but it weighs 200g more than the Stanley (1.2kg, over the Stanley’s 1KG).

Why they advertise it as being a large tool bag is beyond me.

It’s £20, so a little cheaper than the Stanley. But, your average tradesmen is going to need a lot more space than this.

And, that’s why we’d pick the Fatmax.

#4 – Silverline Heavy DutyBest Cheap Open Tote Tool Bag

The Silverline heavy duty tradesmen tool bag is worth a shout here.

It’s incredibly cheap, at under £20. Again, like the Deuba though, it’s really small.

40 x 20 x 25 cm gives you a little more flexibility than the Deuba, but we’d rather grab the extra storage space all day long.

We still prefer the Stanley, but I reckon the price tag as a reputable adversary for this product.

Check price on Amazon


No, we’re not sponsored by Stanley, but we’d still go with the Fatmax.

Are you using any other tote bag we haven’t covered here? Which one?

Or used one we did and want to tell us more about your experience? How was it?

Hit us up in the comment section below.

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