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The Difference Between A Direct And Indirect Hot Water Cylinder

Direct And Indirect Cylinders

Looking to renew your heating system, but not sure whether you need a direct or in-direct hot water cylinder?

No problem. In our 60 second guide, we’ll explain the difference between the two, and which cylinder is the best for your property.

And, if you want expert advice, get quotes and help from qualified hot water cylinder engineers.

What Is A Direct Hot Water Cylinder?

Some properties don’t have access to mains gas. And, that causes a problem when it comes to heating up water.

The solution to heat hot water in a cylinder, is an internally placed immersion heater. So, a direct hot water cylinder is heated, directly from inside the cylinder.

What Is A Indirect Hot Water Cylinder?

Unlike a direct cylinder, an indirect hot water cylinder has nothing inside to heat the water. Therefore, it relies on an external source of heat.

The most common example of this would be a boiler. The boiler feeds the hot water into the cylinder. Usually, the indirect cylinder will have an internal coil which sits in the indirect hot water cylinder to heat the water as it passes through.

What’s Next?

Head over to this guide to find out what size cylinder you need for your property.

And, we’ve written a guide on expected cylinder installation costs here.

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