Best Boiler Cover: Compare the Top Care Plans in 2022

It’s the stuff of nightmares: it’s the height of winter, everyone’s getting ready for Christmas, money is tight, and your boiler chooses that exact moment to stop working. It’s too cold to carry on without hot water and heating, but the thought of looking for a gas engineer — and their fee — leaves you in a cold sweat.

Luckily, you can prepare yourself for this moment. If you have a boiler cover plan, all you have to do is make one phone call, and the cover provider will do the rest. No big bills; no long waits; the problem resolves quickly and you get on with your festivities.

Best boiler cover - compare and save with our plans

If you’re not sure what boiler cover is, you’ve thought boiler care was a rip-off, or you want to find the best boiler care plan, this guide is for you. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about gas boiler care, including the best boiler breakdown cover care plans, and providers, available in the UK right now.

What Is Boiler Cover?

Simply put, boiler cover is a type of boiler insurance.

You’re likely familiar with home and contents insurance. If you already have it, the chances are you’re reluctant to make claims on it because of the resulting spike in premiums.

It’s also quite possible that your boiler has a warranty on it; this means the manufacturer should fix any problems that arise.

Boiler cover sits right between boiler warranties and home insurance. It’s a type of insurance policy offered by companies authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

How Boiler Cover Works

But it works more like a home emergency cover. When something goes wrong with your boiler, you ring up your provider’s helpline, and they arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to visit your home as fast as possible.

What Boiler Cover Includes

Even better, some plans will cover the cost of a replacement boiler, though parts and labour for installation may be excluded.

If that doesn’t sound like enough, most cover plans will almost always also include annual boiler servicing, too. Some will include other complimentary checks, such as a carbon monoxide test, whilst landlords will usually get a gas safety check and certificate included in their deals.

All you have to do is keep up payment on your agreed monthly rate and be ready to pay the standard excess rate on which you agreed.

Best Boiler Cover Plans in the UK in 2022

Over several months, we’ve researched all of the major boiler cover plans currently available in the UK.

Now, we can confidently present our top 3 boiler cover plans in the UK right now, for homeowners and landlords alike:

1. YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan

Your Repair Boiler Cover Homeplan

YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan is our #1 recommendation for homeowners. Its combination of superb customer service, flexible plans, and competitive prices has made it a popular choice with both market newcomers and those switching from other providers.

YourRepair subscribers have a choice of 5 plans, which give them the flexibility to cover their boiler only, go for a comprehensive package that includes electrics, home security, and even pest control, or opt for something in the middle.

Their boiler cover plans start under £10 a month, which is an extremely competitive price point. These plans also include an annual boiler service and a carbon monoxide test, provide cover for all parts and labour, and give customers unlimited callouts.

The YourRepair emergency helpline is based in the UK and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its staff are fluent in English, friendly, helpful, and will solve any sort of issue with just a single call.

YourRepair has a network of more than 5,000 qualified heating engineers and boasts a 95% first-repair success rate. Throw in their comprehensive customer promise, and this really is one of the most impressive boiler cover plans on the market right now.

YourRepair Boiler Cover Homeplan for Landlords

YourRepair’s Landlord Boiler Cover Homeplan also came top of the pile in our testing. Like its homeowner equivalent, it’s a high-quality customer-focused service with some special landlord-friendly add-ons.

YourRepair’s landlord home plan comes with a choice of 5 different cover options to suit various financial situations. You can choose to cover anything from just your boiler, to electrics, home security, and pest control.

Prices are still impressive, with the cheapest landlord plan starting at £11 a month. The price includes your annual boiler service and a free gas safety inspection and certificate, as well as unlimited callouts.

YourRepair landlord customers also have access to their dedicated UK-based 24/7 emergency helpline and the company’s 5000-strong network of qualified heating engineers.

2. 24/7 Home Rescue Boiler and Heating Cover

24-7 Home Rescue Boiler Cover

24/7 Home Rescue is a boiler cover company that delivers high-quality service and exceptional customer care. With plans starting just over £11 a month, it’s not necessarily the cheapest, but the service is certainly worth the price.

Plans of all price ranges come with an annual boiler service and cover the cost of all parts and labour. 24/7 Home Rescue also has a 95% first-time repair rate thanks to its large network of qualified engineers located across the UK. All subscribers can enjoy unlimited repairs and access the UK-based helpline 24/7.

Perhaps the single biggest attraction about 24/7 Home Rescue is its rolling monthly contracts. With 24/7 Home Rescue, you don’t have to commit for a full year. This flexibility has proven to be a big draw for homeowners, and played a large part in the company’s rapid growth in the UK.

24/7 Home Rescue Boiler and Heating Cover Plan for Landlords

24/7 Home Rescue’s Landlord boiler and heating cover comes in the same price range as the homeowners’ equivalent. Landlords also only have to sign up for rolling monthly contracts, which means you can end your coverage and save a few quid while your property is untenanted.

Plans of all price ranges come with an annual gas safety check and boiler service, and cover the costs of all parts and labour for any callout.

3. British Gas Home and Boiler Cover

British Gas boiler home care cover

British Gas is one of the UK’s Big Six utility providers and comes into this market with a huge reputation. A lot of customers like the option of signing up with a company they have heard of, and one they are confident is big enough to never let them down.

British Gas reflects this attraction in its prices, which are a little higher than its competitors. But for that, you do get access to British Gas’ network of trained engineers, who only work for them. Contracts include a 14-day cooling-off period, but there are reports that if you use the service a lot, premiums can be increased the following year.

Reviews of their service are a little mixed, but British Gas do offer 4 plans that let you cover everything, from your boiler to all your electrics and plumbing systems. They have a dedicated helpline, cover the cost of parts and labour, and throw in an annual service.

British Gas Home and Boiler Cover Plan for Landlords

Landlords are often attracted to the surety that comes with a big name cover provider, like British Gas. But while the British Gas plans have a lot going for them, they are the most expensive on this list and customer reviews are decidedly mixed.

British Gas offer landlords 4 different plans, each of which comes with a 14-day cooling-off period that gives landlords the option to change their minds in the first fortnight of their coverage.

British Gas plans all come with your annual boiler service, a gas safety check and certificate, and cover for all parts and labour included. Subscribers also benefit from access to British Gas’ network of trained engineers that only support British Gas customers. This is a big attraction for some, but be aware that if you use their service regularly, there is a chance your premiums could rise the following year.

Boiler Cover Buying Guide

Below, we’ll explain the basics and advantages of boiler cover, and walk you through the key selection criteria you should use when choosing a policy.

Is Boiler Cover Better Than Insurance or a Warranty?

Gas Safe boiler engineer resetting a boiler

As we explained in the previous section, boiler cover fills the gap between home insurance and boiler warranties.

But we are often asked why boiler cover is a better option for both homeowners and landlords.

The answer is simple: boiler care plans typically offer a lot more than conventional insurance and warranties. They also come without many of the downsides of more traditional coverage types.

Main Advantages of Using Boiler Cover

Below, we’ll outline the primary advantages of using boiler cover instead of relying only on your warranty or home insurance.

You Get a Dedicated 24/7 Emergency Helpline

A traditional insurance policy or a warranty might cover the core costs of fixing a boiler breakdown, but they won’t help you fix the issue quickly.

In contrast, cover plans include access to an emergency helpline. You make one call and they’ll dispatch an engineer to fix the boiler as soon as possible.

All Parts and Labour Costs Are Covered

Insurance and warranties may cover some of the boiler repair costs, but not all. This means you can end up forking out for parts and labour costs.

With most boiler cover plans, all costs associated with repairs are covered.

You Can Expect Quick Fixes

If you rely on an insurance policy or a warranty, you’re still at the mercy of your local tradesperson. If they can’t get to you for 2 weeks, you’ll wait 2 weeks to get your central heating system working again.

With boiler cover plans, you’ll get a qualified engineer at your door as fast as possible, no matter what time of year it is. Most providers try to get emergencies sorted within 24 hours.

The Coverage is Guaranteed

We’ve all heard stories of insurance companies trying to wriggle their way out of paying a claim. Boiler cover plans come with no such risks. Once you’ve signed up, you are covered no matter what goes wrong or how many call-outs you have to make.

There’s Far Less Hassle

For some, the hassle of sorting out a boiler problem is as burdensome as the costs. Boiler cover plans offer a solution to both. All you have to do is make a single phone call and they will handle everything for you. If you are a landlord, most boiler cover providers will even let your tenants contact them directly, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

There’s a Wide Range of Coverage

Boiler cover plans can actually cover a lot more than just your boiler. Depending on the type of plan you choose, you can also cover other parts of the central heating system, plumbing, electrics, home security, and even pest control.

Boiler Cover Gives You Peace of Mind

The biggest advantage of a boiler cover plan is the peace of mind it brings you. Insurance and warranties may cover costs, but they there is always the nagging worry they might not payout. A cover plan will definitely take care of everything, no matter how serious the problem or when it happens.

How to Choose the Best Boiler Cover Plan

Boiler repairs

Once you’ve decided that taking out a boiler cover plan is the right move for you, the next step is finding a plan and provider to best to suit your needs.

Making this decision isn’t always easy. In recent years, a number of boiler cover companies entered the market, and all of them offer slightly different — but equally attractive — types of cover.

Things to Consider When You Choose a Boiler Care Plan

To choose a plan that works for you, there are a few different things you need to consider:

Is Your Boiler Model Covered?

Most boiler cover plans will cover all the major boiler manufacturers and models. But every provider has some exceptions to this, for different reasons. That’s why it’s crucial to check that your boiler model is covered by the provider before signing up.

Does the Provider Have a Good Reputation?

Some cover providers are well-established utility companies that are already household names. Others are new entrants to the market and you may not have heard of them before. The quality of service doesn’t always correlate to this reputation, but you should still make sure you’re comfortable with the company before signing up with them.

Which Plan is the Most Suitable?

Think carefully about which boiler and central heating cover plan is right for you. You may feel that a basic package will suffice, only to find that the things that break aren’t covered.

When choosing your plan, think about the age of your plumbing and heating system, how your property is used, and what your budget is.

Which Add-Ons Are Worth Getting?

When choosing your plan, consider the items it includes and how much those items would cost on their own. Homeowners should expect annual boiler service to be included, whilst a landlord plan will also usually cover a gas safety inspection and certificate as well. Each of these can typically cost around £80, and this is a cost you’ll have to pay if you don’t have a cover plan.

What Excess Should You Settle For?

It’s easy to sign up to a boiler cover plan without giving much thought to the excess. Typically, boiler cover sites will default to the largest excess to show the lowest premiums.

And while a lower monthly fee may sound attractive, it might not be the most sensible choice if your boiler (or heating system) is old and prone to breakdowns. Your callouts could end up costing a lot more than paying a little more each month for a lower excess. Think carefully and be sure to pick the right excess to suit your needs.

What’s Next?

The evolution of boiler cover plans in the UK has been quite a sight to behold. They have gone from being an expensive luxury with a reputation for not being worth the money, to almost an essential part of your insurance arsenal.

Choosing the right boiler care plan can be tricky, so we have outlined some of the main points you need to consider. To help you make the right choice, we have also revealed the results of our exclusive research project, which has revealed the top 3 boiler care plans for both homeowners and landlords.

Have you ever taken on a boiler care plan with one of our recommended providers? Do you have any feedback or information that might help our readers that we have overlooked in this guide?

It’s always helpful to hear about real-life experiences, so please do share them with us using the comment box below.

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