MagnaClean Professional 2 Filter Review, Price & Advice

By | 2nd August 2017

If you are looking to clean and maintain your central heating system, the MagnaClean Professional 2 boiler filter could be the answer.

Before we get into our MagnaClean Professional 2 review, have a quick look at the demo video from Adey which shows exactly how effective these filters are.

Over 1.5 million people have Adey filters installed in their homes; for good reason. The Pro 2 magnetic filter will remove iron oxide, the main cause of heating sludge, from your central heating.

Iron oxide is essentially rust that forms over years on the inside of pipework and radiators. Over time, this can block radiator valves, or even worse, break important and expensive parts in your boiler.

Therefore, most reputable installers will recommend fitting a Professional 2 with every new boiler installation.

It doesn’t just improve efficiency of boilers, it ensures that no costly problems occur within the central heating system.

Filter Size

Like most MagnaClean system filters, the Professional 2 is available with 22mm or 28mm fittings.

The size you require will depend on the piping to the boiler. Speak to your local engineer before making a purchase.

Pro 2 Price

The MagnaClean Professional 2 to is priced similarly to equivalent products from brands such as Fernox.

For those looking for a filter only, expect to pay just under £100 (at time of writing). Chemical packs tend to be approximately £25 more than the filter only from most suppliers.

Filter Installation Cost

Unfortunately, most people think the installation cost of a MagnaClean is less than an hour’s labour. Installation cost will depend on:

  • Access to pipework
  • Size of pipework
  • Time to drain and refill the system

As a ball park figure, expect to pay upwards of £100 (labour only).

Pro 2 Features

MagnaClean are constantly upgrading their filters. The new Pro 2 includes:

  • Upgraded valves to improve reliability
  • Compact size making it suitable for tight installation areas
  • Small drain valve to improve access
  • Improved filtering using twin reverse flow

Why You Need a MagnaClean Professional 2 Filter

Magnetic system filters have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. In fact, many boiler manufacturers insist on a filter such as the MagnaClean Pro 2 being installed for them to honour boiler warranties.

Central heating sludge is one of the biggest killer of heating systems. It can cause a whole host of problems such as:

  • Radiators not heating up correctly, or at all
  • Strange noises coming from the boiler (usually a sign of sludge passing through and putting excess strain on components)
  • The flow on the boiler is hot, but the return is cold (water isn’t passing through the heating circuit correctly)
  • The list goes on…

The fact is, a MagnaClean Professional 2 can help with these problems. Once installed, it will start to remove sludge from the heating system. Most boiler engineers will be prepared to clean out a system filter as part of an annual boiler service.

MagnaClean Pro 2 Review Verdict

There are certainly cheaper system filters out there. Some of the lesser known brands sell filters for as little as £60.

The question is, are they reliable? Do they protect the heating system as well as a MagnaClean or Fernox filter? My guess, is probably not.

Most people assume that smaller heating systems suit a Micro 2 filter.

And remember, it’s not necessarily the size of the heating system, it’s the amount of sludge that it contains. Personally, I’d rather spend the extra and get the Pro 2.


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