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2023 MagnaClean Boiler Filters Explained

MagnaClean filters are among the most popular in the heating industry. If you’re unsure whether or not you need one, you can read our guide to magnetic systems filters here.

But, to cut a long story short; every heating system should be fitted with a boiler filter.

How MagnaClean’s Work

And, if you’re unsure how effective MagnaClean filters can be, this short video shows them in action, and it’s really quite impressive!

MagnaClean is a brand owned by Adey. Adey filters have been developed over decades and are now used in over 2,000,000 homes throughout the UK.

In fact, many council boiler installation contracts now specify that every home is to be fitted with a MagnaClean (usually the Micro 2) in order to prolong the life of the heating system.

Essentially, the boiler filter will work to remove iron oxide from within the system. These metals mainly come from internal rust from radiators.

And, the longer the system is unprotected, the bigger the problems become. Sludge build up can lead to radiators not heating up correctly.

More importantly, sludge will travel through the boiler and eventually it can cause failures such as blocking the heat exchanger (a very costly component to fix).

If you have problems such as…

  1. Radiators heating up at the top but not at the bottom.
  2. The pump on the boiler has started to leak.
  3. Central heating system is noisy.
  4. Radiators don’t heat up at all.

— these are common signs of sludge build up, and a system filter could have helped to protect your heating system.

A MagnaClean filter can help to remove these problems. Unfortunately, the MagnaClean filter is a preventative measure.

So, where there have been heating problems that have slowly been getting worse and worse, it’s unlikely a filter can fix the problem, but it can help it from getting any worse.

Ideally, a filter is installed after a flush on all new heating systems. Filters are then cleaned out with every annual boiler service (ask your engineer to include a filter clean).

Benefits of a MagnaClean Filter

Let’s just quickly summarise the benefits of installing a MagnaClean filter. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Professional 2, Professional 2XP or the Micro 2.

Installing any filter onto your heating system is going to be better than having none at all.

Here’s how a Magnaclean filter can help:

  1. Protect your heating system on an ongoing basis.
  2. Removing radiator sludge from your system can reduce heating bills by as much as 6%.
  3. Maintenance costs by removing this sludge are then reduced by over 30%.
  4. Increase the life of your whole central heating system.
  5. No running costs whatsoever.
  6. Reduce the carbon emission produced by your heating system.

Which MagnaClean Do You Need?

The boiler filter range from Adey is essentially split into 3 popular filters:

  1. MagnaClean Micro 2 (for small properties)
  2. MagnaClean Professional 2 (for medium sized properties)
  3. MagnaClean Professional 2XP (for large properties)

MagnaClean Micro 2

As the name suggests, the MagnaClean Micro 2 is the smallest boiler filter in the range. There are two instances where a Micro 2 is ideal.

Firstly, if you have a smaller property. Any property with less than 8 radiators will be fine with a Micro 2.

Secondly, if the installation area for the boiler filter is incredibly small. The Micro 2 has an extremely compact design, so it can be installed in a much smaller area than the Pro and Pro 2.

MagnaClean Professional 2

Next, we have the MagnaClean Pro 2. This is the most common type of boiler filter we install. It covers all mid-range properties, sometimes with up to 15 radiators.

The Pro 2 is much bigger than the Micro 2, so an adequate installation area needs to be present.

That said, the larger size does mean that the filter will be able to catch a lot more debris than the Pro 2.

MagnaClean Professional 2XP

If the Micro 2 or Pro 2 are not adequate in size, we move to the MagnaClean Professional 2XP. It looks exactly like the Pro 2, but the body of the filter is slightly bigger. This allows for even more sludge to be caught when the central heating is on.

The Pro 2XP is essential for large properties. The smaller Micro 2 and Pro 2 will fill up with sludge long before the boiler is serviced. And this means your boiler is exposed and has the potential to fail.

MagnaClean Prices

As you look around the internet, you’ll see a range of filter prices, even for the same filter. It’s worth noting that Adey sell their products in 2 variations:

  1. Filter only.
  2. Filter with a chemical pack (MC1 and MC3).

You’ll want to purchase the “Chemical Pack” that includes the MC1 at the very least.

The MC1 chemical will help break up bits of debris in the heating system. This can then flow to the filter, which will then remove it from the heating system.

Some engineers like to use the MC3 which is a powerful chemical cleaner. If your system is particularly old, this will help to get rid of a large majority of the sludge build up in the system.

Here is a rough guideline to the prices you should expect to pay for your MagnaClean filter:

MagnaClean Micro 2 Chemical Pack

Prices fluctuate between £75-90 depending on what deals are being offered by Adey.

This is a small 22mm boiler filter.

MagnaClean Professional 2 Chemical Pack

Expect to pay around £110-125 for a Pro 2 including chemicals for the 22mm variation.

If you’re looking for a 28mm filter, the Pro 2XP is the right way to go.

MagnaClean Professional 2XP (Filter Only)

Prices for the Pro 2XP are in the region of £155-170.

Not only is the filter itself larger, but it’s 28mm which is where a lot of the extra cost comes from.


Still confused about MagnaClean boiler filters?

Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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