Are Intergas Boilers Any Good, And Worth The Cash?

Welcome to our Intergas boilers review, covering everything you need to know about this lesser-known, yet promising boiler brand.

Here, we’ll discuss Intergas boiler installation cost and list the best models with the longest warranties in their range. We’ll also explore some top alternatives to Integral boilers.

Intergas boilers

Are Intergas Boilers Worth the Money? 

We think Intergas offer excellent value for money.

Intergas produce quality boilers that sit mid-range in terms of price, so they’re comparable to the likes of Ideal. For example, a quick Google search shows the Intergas Xclusive 24 going for around £900 — excluding installation cost. That’s similar in price to the Ideal Vogue, which would set you back £950.

Both boilers come with a 10-year warranty. (And, if you’ve read any of our other posts — like this one on the best boiler brands — you’ll know we’re big fans of Ideal).

It’s also worth mentioning that you could get a Worcester Bosch for a similar price, or even less, via Heatable. The online installer gets their boilers from Worcester at incredibly low prices, and since the company’s got a tiny overhead, the savings are actually passed on to you. You can check prices using this clickable form.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Intergas Boiler?

Your installation cost will likely double the price of just the boiler itself. So, you’ll be looking at £1,800-£2,000 to supply and install the Intergas Xclusive 24 — Intergas’ top-shelf, high-efficiency, compact combi model.

Of course, this number will vary from installer to installer. Some might be outright cheaper. Others may have incentives from their local merchants or a specific boiler brand, which lets them get those boilers at lower prices and pass the savings on to you.

You can check what an installer would charge by comparing quotes here. Or, you can get a similar price on a Worcester boiler by filling out Heatable’s quick, anonymous questionnaire.

Intergas Boiler Prices Versus Worcester Bosch

Whenever anyone compares boilers, Worcester Bosch is likely the brand people want to compare against. That’s because they’re the most well-known boiler manufacturer in the UK, and they’ve won the Which? Best Buy award 9 years in a row.

There’s no doubt Worcester are typically among the most expensive boilers on the market.

However, Heatable, an installation platform that’s already fitted thousands of boilers has a partnership with all the best boiler manufacturers, including Worcester. That means one thing — Heatable are about as cheap as you’re going to get for Worcester boiler installations.

For example, if we look up the Worcester 25i model, we’ll see a price of £900-1,000, which pegs the installation cost at around £2,000 (more like £2,200-£2,500 if you go with a national company).

Jump onto Heatable, and you’ll get that exact same boiler fitted from £1,845.

Heatable boiler clickable form

Intergas Boilers Warranties Reviewed

Anyway…back to Intergas 😊

We think the warranty a boiler manufacturer offers speaks volumes. You’ll have noticed we’ve used the Intergas Xclusive in our example above, and that’s because it gets a 10-year warranty when fitted by an accredited installer. That’s comparable to the Ideal Vogue and Worcester 25i, again, both mentioned above.

If a boiler manufacturer is willing to offer a 10-year warranty, it means they have confidence in their product.

That said, the 10-year warranty the Xclusive gets is the highest in the range. So, if your installer is offering a different Intergas boiler, be sure to check how long the warranty is before you buy it.

Boiler ModelWarranty
Rapid3 years
Rapid Plus6 years
Xtreme7 years
Eco RF10 years
HRE7 years
HRE OV7 years
HRE SV7 years
Xclusive10 years

I personally wouldn’t have a boiler with less than 5-year warranty, and I’d aim straight for 10 years where possible.

And the good news is that adding extra years to the warranty won’t affect the overall installation cost too much. If you opt for the model with the longest warranty (Xclusive, £900) instead of the boiler with the shortest warranty (Rapid, £650), you’ll pay £250 more. But you’ll also get a whopping extra 7 years of warranty coverage — around £36 for each additional year of warranty, which is much better than forking over £1,800+ for a new boiler during that period.

Can You Trust Intergas Boilers? 

Finding reviews for boilers isn’t the same as your average product on Amazon. However, they’re out there.

For instance, there are some excellent reviews on Trustpilot here, focusing on Intergas boilers (4.6 stars rating from 465 reviews, at the time of writing).

Intergas boilers - Trustpilor reviews

But not all reviews are positive. Which is odd, given Intergas are generally highly regarded by both consumers and installers. Many of their 70+ Review Centre listings say otherwise; you can read them here.

Best Alternatives to Intergas Boilers 

There’s more than one brand that top installers would be happy fitting, and these include the likes of:

  • Ideal
  • Vaillant
  • Worcester Bosch
  • And of course, Intergas

Assuming there isn’t a particular boiler that’s more suited to your individual property’s needs than another, it really comes down to brand preference and price.

And, as we’ve already mentioned, Heatable’s partnership with Worchester Bosch means they can offer these boilers incredibly cheap. Typically, you could expect to save £100-200+ compared with a local installer fitting a brand like Intergas. That figure is going to rise considerably if you’re comparing Heatable to a national company installing a Worcester boiler; £500-1,000 in savings and beyond.

You can get a fixed price online from Heatable (no personal details needed). Then, you can compare your quote with prices from local installers for Intergas boilers.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to Intergas boilers.

Still not sure which boiler you should buy? Check out our boiler replacement guides here.

Drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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