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8 Best Designer Radiators to Elevate Your Lifestyle (2023 Buying Guide)

If you’re on the market for a designer radiator, chances are good you’re either replacing an old clunker or renovating the room entirely. But don’t worry, getting a suitable upgrade doesn’t have to cost you dearly. In fact, there is an abundance of super-stylish radiators which absolutely belt heat. And today, we’re taking a look at eight of the very best.

Best Designer Radiators

8 Best Designer Radiators on the Market

Comparison shopping can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Below, we’ve pared down the wide marketplace to what we believe are the eight best designer radiators for any home or budget. While we stand by our top recommendation as the overall best, we’ve grouped the remaining models according to type: vertical, towel rail, horizontal, cast-iron style, and electric panel.

Without further ado, the top 8 designer radiators:

1. NRG Vertical Oval Column Radiator

NRG are a dominant force on the market due to their exceptional line of designer column radiators. The best-selling of all are their vertical oval column models, which produce impressive amounts of heat, boast superior efficiency, and flexibly fit into (and enhance) most any home décor.

NRG Modern Vertical Oval Column Panel Designer Radiator


Unlike the cast-iron radiators of yore, NRG’s line of vertical column rads bears a refined look. Instead of pitting and mottling, you get a smooth anthracite or white powder coated finish. Not only does this wear hard, resisting both corrosion and yellowing alike, but it provides an amazing opportunity to add a touch of modern elegance to any room.

We also particularly like the design of the bars themselves, which are a sort of flat-ish oval. While these do call back to older style radiators, they shed the visual bulk and rustic dishevelment for a truly designer aesthetic. From a distance, the flattened ovals present themselves almost as panels, lending the NRG an understated chameleonic quality.

NRG were smart to keep things slim as well; whether you buy the smallest model or require something rather larger, they remain conservative in their usage of your wall space. Visually, it’s easy to balance an NRG with wall decorations and surrounding furniture. They provide a distinct presence, without dominating the space.

An interior decorator would find this all immensely handy, enabling aesthetic creativity to run free.


For all their virtues as a product manufacturer, NRG are surprisingly tight-lipped on just how much heat their radiators produce. We only know the endpoints, with the smallest column rad (1600 x 236mm, 4 bars in a single row) weighing in somewhere north of 2000 BTU; and the largest (1800 x 590mm, 20 bars in a double row) belting close to 11500 BTU.

On the plus side, there are 15 models to choose from; it’s fairly easy to do some rough calculations to pick which one is the best fit for the size of room it will occupy.

Regardless of which model you end up with, rest easier knowing that NRG builds their radiators to last. Occupying a modest price point, these radiators further justify your investment with significant long-term savings relative to other types of space heaters. They’re made of low-conductance 1.5mm mild steel, which offer similar heat retention to cast-iron but warm up more quickly.

Tips and final thoughts

In summation, we categorically recommend NRG’s amazing line of designer oval column radiators. There’s a tonne of choices to fit any room, and you can get truly great heat production without spending a fortune. Moreover, NRG builds their products solidly with durable materials and triple-layered finishing. Your return is further guaranteed with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

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2. Elegant Vertical Single Oval Column Radiator with Mirror

UK-based heating company Elegant Showers produce designer rads that truly live up to the brand’s namesake. Their mirrored vertical single oval column radiator (say that five times fast) is a particularly alluring pick–so long as your space is around 55 sq. ft.

ELEGANT Vertical Mirror Radiator Designer Oval Column Panel


While there are plenty of radiators with a mirrored chrome finish, very few actually incorporate a full-length mirror directly into the design. But that’s precisely what we have from Elegant.

This mirror provides a satisfyingly angular complement to the organic curves of the oval radiator bars. Set in twin rows of three, they not only provide a comforting heat but form an attractive frame to the mirror in their midst. Overall, it’s a bit difficult to pin Elegant’s column rad to a single style, which definitely works to its advantage.

Whether you’ve got a retro-themed living space in need of an Art Deco accent, or you’re planning a new build or renovation, Elegant’s mirrored radiator provides an ideal focal point. Install it directly on the wall, or have it rise up from a floor mounting–the choice is yours.

Moreover, you can further customise your purchase with the choice of a titanium white or anthracite finish. Not only does this provide exceptional durability to the radiator, it adds a smooth matte texture for that modern touch.


While we could fawn over the Elegant vertical mirror column rad’s appearance all day, the real star of the show is its core functionality. Constructed from low carbon steel, the Elegant is highly responsive to your central heating system, warming up quickly to banish chilly air post-haste.

However, it still works well to retain heat–even after you’ve cut the thermostat off. The Elegant literally radiates at a slow burn, producing a comforting, gentle warmth that is friendly to people with allergies. Moreover, it saves a bundle on total power consumption in the long term.

Sadly, Elegant doesn’t produce their vertical mirrored column radiator in more than one size, which is 1800 x 500mm. The nominal heat output is 2750 BTU, which is best suited to warming rooms up to 55 sq. ft. Admittedly, this is a good range to occupy considering the average living spaces in the UK. But still, it’d be nice to have more options with the mirror.

In terms of durability, you really won’t have much to worry over with the Elegant; they’ve tested this model up to 10 bar of pressure, ensuring minimal risk of leaks and ruptures forming through normal use. If that’s not enough value for money, Elegant ship their mirror rads with an amazing 25-year guarantee.

Tips and final thoughts

Oval column radiators offer perhaps the best balance of aesthetics and performance, and Elegant makes some of the best on the market. Their designer line of vertical radiators is sure to elevate the style of your room, producing a gentle, natural heat all the while.

But the integrated mirror really puts this model over the top. We love the seamless blend of form and function, and we’re confident you will too. Use it as a centrepiece to your room, or as a bold accent.

We just narrowly decided against giving the Elegant our top recommendation due to the fact that only one single size is available with the mirror. If your room is 55 sq. ft. or thereabouts, get this one over the NRG.

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3. Requena Luxury Towel Rail Radiator

Form meets function in grand display in Requena’s luxurious towel rail radiator. It produces outstanding heat, yet lends your bathroom a sophisticated air all without breaking the bank.

Requena Heated Towel Rail Chrome Bathroom Ladder Radiator


The Requena doesn’t so much break the mould of towel rad aesthetics as it refines them. Getting up close, you’ll first notice the deep lustre of the chrome plated finish. This is the finish of choice for those seeking a distinctly modern vibe; but moreover it resists corrosion exceptionally well, lending itself to heavy usage over a long period of time. It’s not just skin-deep either; Requena use a special 6-layered plating process that means the quality runs deep.

Also notable is what you don’t see; namely the weld joints holding the rails to the pipes. Sure, many people are perfectly happy with radiators with visible welds. But it drives home the level of quality when you see the care that went into the Requena’s literal seamless construction. Adding to this sense are gracefully bevelled edges you just want to run your fingers over for the sheer joy of premium tactility.

All total, there are seven sizes to choose from, running from 800x500mm to 1600×600. All models share the same slim-line depth of just 30mm. The number of towel rails range from 10 all the way up to 22–great if you need a lot of heat or just have a large family’s-worth of towels.


Requena’s designer line of towel radiators put out a respectable amount of heat, ranging from 680 BTU to 1651 BTU. Considering the average bathroom size in the UK is around 47 sq. ft., this is admittedly on the lower end of the spectrum as far as radiators go. Throughout the house, you generally want 50 BTU per square foot, so some back-of-napkin calculations suggest the Requena falls short.

But keep one thing in mind: most bathrooms do still benefit from the central heating system. Moreover, they are relatively slow to lose heat being so small. Thus, when you consider the Requena as a supplement or extension of your central heating system, it comes to life as a truly viable, attractive option.

The Requena designer towel rad installs easily into any standard UK combi boiler, heat pump, or tank fed heating system. While it is quick to heat up and disperse heat, it also retains thermal energy quite well. We can easily recommend the Requena as an economical option that will greatly increase your comfort without greatly increasing your power bill.

Tips and final thoughts

As with most manufacturers, Requena doesn’t ship valves with their towel radiator. We recommend you go for a thermostatic valve, which will give you a level of control over the total output of the radiator. There are plenty out there that will match the Requena’s lovely chrome finish, so just shop around.

Additionally, Requena is compatible with electric heating elements, allowing you to enjoy toasty warm towels even when you haven’t got the central heating on. This is also sold separately, but the added flexibility is well-worth your consideration.

The only complaint we can come up with is that the wall fittings seem a little inconsistent. Some work exactly as they should, whilst others are a bit loose. Considering the extremely affordable price point, exceptional good looks, and efficient usage, we’re not too bothered by this possibility, and we doubt you will be either.

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4. WarmeHaus Juva Flat Panel Towel Rail Radiator

Headquartered in Manchester, WarmeHaus are a household name in home heating. Their Juva line of flat panel towel rads are yet another of their popular product offerings, sure to elevate your bathroom décor while keeping your towels toasty warm.

WarmeHaus Designer Minimalist Bathroom Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail Radiator


WarmeHaus bill this designer towel radiator as “minimalist”, and it’s hard to argue with that description. Unlike the towel rads of yore, you’ll see no connective nuts or bolts, just a simple, elegant façade adorned by perfectly manufactured flat panels. While it certainly leans modern in its aesthetics, it can easily fit into most styles of bathroom.

There are three finishes available: semi-gloss white, matte anthracite grey, and a vibrant mirrored chrome. Of the three, the chrome Juva is perhaps the most luxurious–though it is also the most expensive by a fair margin. Nevertheless, you get what you pay for: a contemporary, functional installment which, by some wizardry of manufacturing, manages to stay clear of smudges, scratches, and corrosion with ease.

Indeed, Juva owners report high satisfaction with their designer radiator retaining its panache, even through heavy usage. And after all, towel rads aren’t meant to be museum pieces so much as daily drivers!


We review a lot of different types of heaters on this site, and WarmeHaus are absolutely no strangers to our “best-of” lists. Each of their designer towel radiators puts out an impressive amount of heat for their size. This is thanks in large part to the design of the flat panels which provide plenty of radiant surface area.

The smallest Juva measures 650 x 400mm, has space for two towels, and with 7 radiator bars outputs a respectable 1009 BTU. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the largest Juva measures 1800 x 600mm, offers four towel slots, and belches up to 3754 BTU from its 19 bars. Truly, there’s a WarmeHaus designer heating solution for any size bathroom!

Got high mains pressure? Not to worry, as WarmeHaus have stress tested the Juva up to 10 bar, though a maximum of 7 bar is recommended. This means that with proper installation, pressures spikes and water hammers won’t cause ruptures or cracks to form, as there’s plenty of safe margin. Moreover, you’ll get the most out of your modest investment with a radiator that really lasts.

Tips and final thoughts

Fitting the Juva is a simple matter. It’s fairly lightweight due to its mild steel construction, and ships with all the necessary mounting hardware. In terms of installation, you can mount it easily yourself, provided you have the valves to hand and the piping is already in place. The fittings are sturdy, and offer enough adjustable wiggle room to make wall-mounting a drama-free affair.

As always, however, we recommend you hire a professional if you’re not 100% sure you’ll get the job done right. After all, if you can prove you went with a licensed plumber, WarmeHaus will be all the more willing to honour their 10-year warranty.

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5. WarmeHaus Designer Horizontal Oval Column Radiator

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re living inside a Kubrick film, consider WarmeHaus’ horizontally orientated oval column radiator. All jokes aside; these are excellent designer radiators for anyone in need of maximum heat production at a reasonable cost.

Horizontal Column Designer Radiator Oval Flat Panel Double White


While it’s got a designer aesthetic, the WarmeHaus remains accessible to UK home décor at large due to smart styling and proportions, with just the right colour options. To the former point, oval columns are simply more aesthetically flexible than any other style. The borrow the sleek, platonic appearance of flat panels, then soften the visual edge with organic curves.

To the latter, WarmeHaus offer two attractive colour finishes to choose from. The first is a milk white, which complements earth tones quite nicely. A second option is their Sand Grey, which is like a lighter anthracite with a smooth matte finish that is a joy to touch.

In either case, you can count on your WarmeHaus’ finish to wear hard and withstand corrosion and abrasion. That means your designer radiator should stay looking “designer” without having to baby it!


Comparing oval panel heaters to truly flat models, the oval comes out ahead in terms of heat production. Given the same overall horizontal and vertical dimensions, you’ll find oval radiators fit more columns into the same space as their flat counterparts. Moreover, their shape allows for more radiant surface area, to the tune of about 24% greater output.

Consider also how even amongst WarmeHaus’ own catalogue, their designer oval column radiators are cheaper than their flat panel versions. This means pound for pound, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective heating solution, especially if space constraints are in play.

The smallest single-row model runs 600 x 414mm, producing 1035 BTU; while the largest double does a whopping 7420 BTU using 600 x 1594mm of space. There are 14 models to occupy all sizes and outputs in between, so you can make the choice the best fits your room without having to compromise.

Tips and final thoughts

If you’re not 100% sure which designer oval column radiator to get, keep in mind that the double-row models put out about just under 86% more heat than their single-rowed counterparts. Thus, if you’re short on wall space but have a large room you need to warm, you’ll be well-served by a double.

As we’ve previously mentioned, WarmeHaus have something of a unicorn with this range in terms of pure value for money. You’ll get a tonne of heat for your sterling, and it will continue to operate efficiently without spiking your power bill.

Aesthetically, oval radiators can really fit into any home, though we must admit the powder coat finishes are a cut above the rest with WarmeHaus. And backed by a 10-year guarantee, you can count on getting the full return for your investment.

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6. WarmeHaus Designer Horizontal Flat Panel Radiator

WarmeHaus have earned yet another spot on our list of the best designer radiators with their range of horizontal flat panel rads. Offering high heat output in a handsome, futuristic package, it’s hard to argue with their value proposition.

WarmeHaus Horizontal Designer Radiator Flat Panel Modern Heating


WarmeHaus are here to prove that “minimalist” isn’t just empty marketing-speak. Their designer flat panel radiator protrudes barely 8.5cm from the wall, conserving your precious space and looking great doing it. We particularly like how the piping is well-hid behind those bold 60mm panels–it strikes a futuristic pose suggesting a chic new normal where bulky appliances are reduced to their most platonic shapes, then hovered in midair for good effect.

Editorial speculation aside, WarmeHaus offer their designer horizontal rad in polished chrome, gloss white, or a matte sand grey (sort of a lighter anthracite). That means there’s a model to fit most home décor–even if it doesn’t have a Jetsons aesthetic. At 600mm tall, it fits cleanly beneath most standard window sills, allowing you to make better use of space that would otherwise go to waste.


With 15 configuration and size variants, WarmeHaus are clearly not to be outdone when it comes to sheer consumer choice. These range across both single and double-column radiators, from a mere 410mm wide all the way out to 1430mm. The smallest single rad outputs 1012 BTU, while the largest double impresses with 6490 BTU.

So, when selecting your WarmeHaus designer radiator, consider the heat requirements for the size of your room. Then, weigh that against the available wall space. As a general rule of thumb, the double-column variants put out 83% more BTUs than a single of the same dimensions. For reference, the 600 x 750mm single and the 600 x 410mm double offer equivalent performance (and occupy the same price point). Thus, across WarmeHaus’ full line, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Owners praise their WarmeHaus radiators for exceptionally even heat dispersal, quiet operation with no knocking or banging, and a durable finish which retains its good looks for years upon years. Even with high-pressure mains, you can count on your designer rad to continue working admirably, having been safety tested up to 10 bar.

Tips and final thoughts

As with any hydronic heater, we suggest you hire a plumber to install your WarmeHaus unless you’ve already got the valves perfectly in place from a previous unit. The good news, plumbers always find these radiators particularly easy to fit, allowing for quicker installations and lower overall bills.

Overall, the WarmeHaus designer panel rad is eye-catching, and tends to work more as a focal point for the room, rather than just another accent. You only need minimal clearance about the unit, so feel free to flex your interior decorating muscles dressing up the space around it.

Buy in full confidence from a trusted UK brand, with their solid 10-year no-questions warranty.

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7. NRG Traditional Colosseum Cast Iron Style Radiator

While “designer” is often synonymous with “modern”, there’s still plenty of love for traditional aesthetics among interior designers and home renovators. If you’re looking for a touch of the old world, you’ll be well-pleased with NRG’s colosseum cast-iron style column radiator.

Traditional Colosseum Cast Iron Bathroom Radiator Anthracite 3 Panel


True cast-iron radiators are not only expensive, they have a rough-hewn look due to their porous material, which often presents a mottled, uneven appearance. The charm is undeniable, but it doesn’t fit every décor by a long shot.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get that old-world styling but with a bit more refinement, NRG’s colosseum radiator is a smart pick. Made of highly workable SPCC dead mild steel, NRG are able to accurately mould the intricate lines of double and triple columns without excessive manufacturing cost. Moreover, the process yields clean lines, lending this traditional aesthetic a modern elegance.

NRG are also well-known for their impeccable finishes; in this case they’ve gone for a matte anthracite, though titanium white is also available. In either case, the powder coating is resilient enough to withstand years of wear and tear, and will never lose its colouring or go dull.


NRG may offer affordably priced designer radiators, but they never compromise on performance. Indeed, their choice of material and general design chops yield a highly efficient radiator. While SPCC will never hold heat as well as cast iron, it’s really even necessary in most modern home environments unless you have truly cavernous rooms which require continuous heating.

And even if you do have a large home, there’s an NRG radiator to fit. Available in 12 total combinations of sizes and column configurations, you can truly choose the radiator which best matches your BTU and space requirements.

Sizes run from 600 x 425mm to 600 x 1460mm, producing a range of heat outputs from just under 2000 BTU to well over 10000 BTU. If you find you don’t have the wall space for a suitably sized double column rad, you can size down twice and opt for a triple to get roughly the same performance. Just keep in mind that NRG’s triples output roughly 40% more than their double-column counterparts.

Tips and final thoughts

This is a floor-mounted radiator which comes with all the necessary hardware, though you’ll need to have your own 15mm valves to hand to complete installation. Do keep in mind that the inlet is on the left and outlet on the right when deciding where and how to position this radiator.

In closing, we can easily recommend NRG’s designer colosseum radiator for anyone looking for a modern take on a classic design. It should prove not only stylish, but reliable in keeping your home nice and warm.

Just remember that most manufacturers, NRG included, are quicker to honour warranties when you can prove installation was competently done. The best way to do that is by hiring a professional plumber. After all, 15 years’ guarantee is nothing to sneeze at!

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8. Adax Neo Modern Designer Electric Panel Radiator

Rounding out our list of the best designer radiators, we present something a bit different: The Neo Modern from Norwegian designer Adax.

ADAX NEO Modern, Electric Panel Heater / Convector Radiator, Eco Design Compliant


True to its name, the Neo Modern definitely brings a heaping dose of modernity to any room. With a single, unbroken panel with a white or black metallic sheen, Adax heaters absolutely radiate that clean minimalist Nordic aesthetic. There’re no bright lights or unsightly buttons to interrupt the façade either; just a single, minimalist LCD display to help you operate the controls

The Neo Modern really is a feat of engineering, fitting an incredible array of heating technology into a lithe form. It measures just under 9cm thick, and projects barely more from the wall once mounted. Each model is the same 37cm high, but varies in length according to the power output (from 71cm to 140cm).

Overall, the Neo is incredibly attractive, and due to its permissive dimensions can easily fit anywhere in the house. It’s not so much a focal point as it is an accent to your décor, and is really meant to blend in seamlessly rather than stand out.

Please note the 3-pin plug exits to the right of the radiator.


While electric radiators are not as efficient as their hydronic counterparts for continuous usage, Adax have a few tricks up their sleeve to lower your power bill. The foremost of these is the adaptive start function, which “learns” what time it needs to start warming up the room to reach the temperature you’ve set precisely at the time you’ve set it.

It accounts for time of day, room size, and even human activity within the room to calculate this incredible convenience. That means you waste zero time and energy getting the comfort you desire. And, thanks to the 24/7 programmable thermostat, the Neo Modern shuts off when you won’t be needing it, further conserving the energy consumed.

Need more? Consider the open window recognition system, which does precisely what it sounds like it does. Whenever you open the window, hot air rushes out, and a “dumb” electric thermostat will kick into overdrive in an attempt to compensate for the sudden drop in temperature. This can cause dangerous overheating, and wasted energy besides.

Instead, the Adax Neo Modern can tell the sudden drop is due to a window, and will shut off to prevent an overreaction. Once it senses the room is sealed up again, it begins dutifully refilling the room with warm air.

The Neo also protects itself and you through the use of a child lock, anti-frost mode, and overheat protection. The fan blows whisper-quiet, and the convected heat is quite gentle on allergy sufferers.

Choose between 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1400W, and 2000W (6828 BTU) models to fit your room size.

Tips and final thoughts

For all its virtues, the Adax Neo Modern is not without its criticisms–however minor. Users sometimes report that programming the thermostat isn’t as intuitive as it could be, and this is where the minimalist design does work to its disadvantage somewhat. You’ve got to follow the instructions closely, as the interface has no visual real estate to spare on walking you through the process.

Other than that, though, the Adax is a user-friendly designer radiator. You don’t even need to hire professional help to handle installation. The mounting bracket is quite simple to hang even with modest DIY experience, and all but the largest models are light enough for one person to handle with ease. Just make sure you don’t install it in the bathroom, as the Neo Modern only has an IP20 rating (good for keeping dust and fingers out, moisture not so much).

If you have kids, you’ll appreciate the child lock, and the fact that the maximum surface temperature only reaches 75°C. This is due to smart design from Adax, which isolates the aluminium heating element from the exterior.

In summation: If you’re looking for an extremely stylish, highly efficient electric radiator with that designer flair, check out Adax’s Neo Modern. It’s made in the EU, and comes backed by a 5-year warranty, making your investment all the more sensible.

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Designer Radiators FAQs

Comparison shopping can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to compare the various features of all the different models, but you have to consider where and how the radiator will be used in your home.

To help you make the most cost-effective selection, we answer a few of your most frequently asked questions about designer radiators below.

Are designer radiators any good for heat production, or are they primarily for aesthetics?

Much has been made in reviews (just like this one) about the aesthetic benefits of designer radiators. But how do they actually stack up against the wider market of radiator solutions? Do they give good heat, or do they sacrifice performance for looks?

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a tonne of bulk to produce a great radiator. In fact, slim-line designer rads make for some of the most efficient heating solutions out there. In place of sheer mass and bulk, designer radiator manufacturers typically opt for smarter design geometry to maximise the physics of radiant heat surfaces. This means more even, consistent heating while using less energy.

Moreover, designer rads radiators are not so tightly bound by tradition, and typically consist of more modern materials. These allow you to really pick and choose how you want your radiator to perform.

Are designer radiators efficient?

Whereas cast iron is always slow but steady (sometimes excruciatingly so), designer radiators can mimic cast-iron’s efficiency on the one hand, while ranging all the way to highly conductive materials on the other for more intense heat production.

We always recommend you use the right tool for the job, so being able to tailor your radiator purchase is a massive advantage in the long-term. Remember, cast-iron may be the most efficient overall, but it might not be the most efficient choice for your specific use-case. Designer radiators allow you to choose the perfect solution for your needs, regardless of space constraints

Does it matter which way you install the radiator?

Despite their symmetrical appearance, most designer radiators do indeed have a set top and bottom. That means unless it specifically says so, your rad will not tolerate installation into any orientation other than right-side up. It’s not just that it won’t heat properly or at all, but it may risk rupturing or damage to your central heating system.

Similarly, be very aware of the fact that most radiators do have a set inlet and outlet; that is to say they are not usually ambidextrous. The reason for this is that most rads will have restrictors on the inside which direct the flow of water in a very specific direction. If you go counter to this intended motion, damage can easily occur.

So if you want a radiator which hangs vertically on your wall, get a vertical rad, rather than turning a horizontal one 90°. And, when it does come time for install, ensure you know your inlet from your outlet; there should be stickers or etchings indicating which is which.

How can I prevent damage to my designer radiator?

The number-one enemy of any hydronic heater is corrosion, which can afflict both the interior and exterior of your radiator. Here’s what you can do to take care your radiator.


Most designer manufacturers use durable plating or powder coating finishing processes for their radiators, but they can still wear thin or become marred with time. Say for example an unfortunate trip or collision scratches the paint of your radiator, then the metal beneath is now open to oxidization.

The fix for bare patches is actually pretty simple: just apply a lick of nail polish to seal it back up. Additionally, be smart about where you install your radiator; if it’s behind a door, make sure the knob doesn’t slam into it. Or, perhaps reconsider placing it in a high-traffic area where coats, bags, and cargo will scrape up against the finish.


The interior of your radiator is not something you have ready access to, so its health is rather at the mercy of your water system. Sudden spikes, temperature changes, debris, and chemical makeup can all speed along damage or rust within.

The best thing you can do is always ensure your central heating system is topped up with inhibitor. This is a special liquid which coats the inside of your pipes and prevents nasty build-up which can harm your radiator. Equipping your boiler with a magnetic filter can also strip particulate debris before it settles in your radiator, as well. Finally, don’t neglect the occasional radiator flush, either. You only really need to do every 5 years or so; but it dramatically prolongs the useful life span of your radiator.

In all cases, if you’re uncomfortable performing this maintenance yourself, call your local plumber or heating engineer. These are all standard services any reputable professional will gladly offer.


As you can see, there’s a lot out there for anyone searching for a designer radiator. We’ve covered vertical and horizontal radiators, towel rail rads, traditional cast-iron style columns, and even electric panels. No matter the size, aesthetic, or usage of your room, you’ll find the perfect designer solution among our recommended radiators.

Which style of designer rad best fits your lifestyle, décor, and budget? Do you have any other tips to help your fellow readers on their quest for the perfect radiator? Sound off in a comment below!

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