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Best Knee Pads for Work in 2021 (Reviews)

Whether you’re a plumber, heating engineer or plasterer, you need to keep yourself protected — so read on into our guide for the best knee pads for work.

Because there are plenty of different knee pad inserts for construction work that are suitable, we’ve structured this into two parts:

  • the absolute best (with the Redback as our top pick)
  • and the alternative for those on a budget.

Work trousers with knee pads

We’re focusing on knee pad inserts here. So, you need to make sure your work trousers have space for those inserts.

There are plenty of work knee pads that strap over your trousers, but the pads become displaced easily, and the straps become irritating.

We’ve already covered the best work trousers that accept knee inserts, if you don’t have a set already.

What are the best knee pads for work?

You’re going to slot into one of two camps:

  • You’ll spend a little extra, to get the best work knee pads offering the most comfort possible
  • You just need a little protection when kneeling, so would rather save some cash for the pub

If you’re in the first camp, you’ll want these…

#1 – Redbacks Knee Pads

Redbacks KNPDRDLW20 Pocket Kneepads, Machine Washable, RedThe Redbacks aren’t cheap. And, they look like nothing else on the market. So, why on earth would anyone buy them? This quick review will help explain…


The first thing you’ll notice, is they’re washable.

I don’t know about you but after a hard week, I want to unload my tools, chuck my gear in the wash and be done.

Construction knee pad inserts are notoriously difficult to remove.

And, with cheap knee pads you’ve got to remove them, otherwise they’ll self-destruct in the washing machine.


100% washable, so just chuck your work trousers in the wash as normal.

Weight Limits

I’m not sure who tested the cheaper foam knee inserts, but they certainly weren’t as heavy as me.

After spending 30+ minutes kneeling, I start to feel the floor. And over time as the pads degrade, that 30 minutes, turns into just a few minutes.

What does all that mean? Cramp.

The Redbacks work knee pads are tested to 40st (nearly 250kg), so none of this is a problem.

10x Longer Lasting

They certainly feel like they’ll last, and Redbacks claim they’ll last 10x longer than traditional work knee pad inserts.

So, whilst they cost more upfront: you’ll be getting better protection, comfort and value for money; long-term.

A quick look at the cheap foam knee inserts shows them at around 60g. The Redbacks are around 200g, so that shows the extra durability on offer.


You’ll notice straight away the difference between Redbacks, and the traditional foam insert.

The Redbacks are leaf sprung. So, whilst they’ll compress to absorb impact, they’ll decompress once you take weight off them.

Obviously with the lower-end foam products, once they’ve gone past maximum compression, they stay there, and don’t offer the protection they did when new.

The leaf sprung construction is combined with a soft rubber.

Instead of sitting on your knee, it moulds around your knee. As you move, it moves with you, and returns to 100% form when you stand back up.

Temperature Protection

Being a little more expensive, the materials aren’t just more comfortable in terms of feel…

The material of the knee pad will take the brunt of both cold and hot surfaces, so your knee doesn’t have too.

Ankle Support

Your typical foam or gel construction knee pads more flop over your knee, rather than support it.

There’s a natural curve built into the Redbacks.

Redbacks Pocket Kneepads, Machine Washable

If you’ve ever spent much of your work day kneeling, you’ll know that ankle pain can become a problem.

Wear these for a couple of days, and you’ll really start to see the benefits that the curved knee has on your ankle.

The reduced pressure, means reduced pain.

Online Reviews

Skip through the Redbacks knee pad reviews online.

Sure, they’re not all good, but that’s with any product.

You’ll see reviews from heating engineers, plumbers, and even flooring specialists.

One thing that’s obvious, these work knee pads are:

  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting
  • Great value for money

Who Should Buy The Redback Work Knee Pads?

We’ve mentioned they’re not cheap. I want to backtrack on that point.

Given we’re talking about our long-term health, knee pain, and our daily income; it’s a small price to pay.

After all, we’ll happily spend £100+ on tools that make our life easier (and more comfortable), that spend half their day in the van (or get left on site!).

If you’re in the construction industry and kneel daily, these are the best work knee pads for you.

Check price on Amazon

Best Cheap Knee Pads

DeWalt DWCKP DWC15001 KneepadsWhen looking for the best cheap knee pads, there are a lots of options, and that can be confusing.

I really wouldn’t stress too much. We’ve used a tonne of different foam knee pad inserts for work trousers, and there’s little difference in price, comfort, or quality.

They all provide a little protection (obviously not compared with the Redbacks), comfort and don’t last that long; but they’re still worth the few quid they’re on sale for.

So, we’d personally head for the Blackrock work knee pads we mention below.

However, depending on your brand of trousers, there might be a specific knee insert from that brand.

For instance, the following brands make construction knee pads for their work trousers:

#2 – Blackrock Ergonomic Work Knee Pads

The Blackrock Ergonomic work knee pads are a couple of quid more than the cheapest available. But let’s face it, that’s less than a pint. 

In the lower-end (price wise), we’ve found these are the most:

  • Comfortable when kneeling
  • Long-lasting
  • Snug fitting

The ergonomic fit straight out-of-the-box, is more comfortable than the average gel or foam pad.

But, it also returns to its natural shape much quicker, and that natural shape holds for much longer.

Depending on the size of your work trousers, the knee insert size will need to vary too.

And, the Blackrocks are easy to cut down to fit any size trousers.

Who Should Buy The Blackrock Construction Knee Pads?

We’d always lean towards the Redbacks, but the Blackrock knee pads are suitable if:

  • You don’t kneel much at work
  • Don’t suffer with ankle pain when kneeling
  • Never suffer from knee pain
  • Don’t kneel on hot/cold surfaces
  • Are just looking for a little extra protection on your knee

Check price on Amazon

Need something more protective? Go for the Redbacks.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 3-minute review of the best knee pads for work.

Got questions? Or, found the perfect knee pad that’s not on this list? Drop a comment below.

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