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YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover (2024 REVIEW)

YourRepair landlord boiler cover offers a wide array of flexible, affordable cover policies for the owners of rental properties. YourRepair landlord boiler cover is available in five different bundles, all of which include the legally required gas safety certification.

YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover
YourRepair landlord boiler cover

Below are the five landlord boiler cover plans that YourRepair offer.

  • Boiler
  • Heating
  • Home
  • Home Plus
  • Complete

The five aforementioned plans range between £12.00 and £39.00, depending on the extent of coverage and the excess fee (also known as the “callout fee”) you choose. YourRepair’s excess fee options are £0, £60, and £95.

YourRepair’s plans come with exclusions that range from obsolete boiler models to unauthorised repairs. Such exclusions from coverage are standard across the heating industry.

Deciding which YourRepair landlord cover plan comes down to your desired level of coverage and budget. YourRepair offers highly flexible coverage choices, so finding a bundle that complements (but doesn’t overlap with) any existing insurance is easy. Likewise, YourRepair’s excess options give you some flexibility over your monthly premiums.

There are two suitable alternatives to YourRepair’s landlord boiler cover plans. The first is WarmZilla. WarmZilla’s landlord boiler cover bundles afford extensive coverage options and come with some of the most affordable £0 excess premiums. The second alternative is 24|7 Home Rescue. 24|7 Home Rescue offers an incredibly affordable Complete plan for landlords.

Below, our review of YourRepair landlord boiler cover explains the company’s coverage options, prices, exclusions, alternatives, and more.

Who are YourRepair?

YourRepair are a UK boiler and homecare company that provides a range of cover options for boilers, heating systems, and and other home systems. The company is partnered with most of the UK’s leading boiler manufacturers, and use their technicians to perform repairs on customers’ boilers. This ability to connect the manufacturer’s technician with a faulty boiler of the same brand allows YourRepair to achieve and maintain a high, 95% first-repair success rate. Such a high repairs success rate means that YourRepair’s customers don’t have to wait for days to get their faulty systems up and running.

YourRepair offer flexible cover for landlords and homeowners alike.

What landlord boiler cover plans do YourRepair offer?

YourRepair offer the following five landlord boiler cover plans, all of which come with the requisite landlord gas safety inspection and annual boiler service.

  • Boiler: YourRepair’s Boiler plans for landlords includes emergency repairs for a gas boiler and its controls.
  • Heating: The Heating plan from YourRepair covers the boiler, its controls, and the heating system.
  • Home: The Home plan extends YourRepair’s coverage beyond the heating system, offering emergency repairs for plumbing pipes and home electrics.
  • Home Plus: YourRepair’s Home Plus plan adds taps, toilets, and drains to the bundle offered in the Home plan.
  • Complete: The Complete landlord cover plan from YourRepair bundles boiler, central heating, electrics, plumbing, toilets, taps, and drains with home security and pest control.

Below is a detailed analysis of the five aforementioned landlord cover plans from YourRepair.

What is the YourRepair Boiler plan for landlords?

The YourRepair Boiler plan for landlords is the company’s most basic landlord boiler cover package. The Boiler plan covers emergency repairs to the boiler and its controls, annual boiler service, and a gas safety inspection. The boiler plan is a fitting choice for you if you only need to protect the boiler in your rental property and aren’t worried about other essential home systems.

The landlord Boiler plan has the following three cost options, which depend on your preferred excess fee (also known as the “callout fee”, it’s the charge you pay at every callout).

  • £0 excess fee: £21.00/month
  • £60 excess fee: £16.00/month
  • £95 excess fee: £12.00/month

Check our YourRepair’s landlord Boiler plan here

What is the YourRepair Heating plan for landlords?

The YourRepair Heating plan for landlords is a care package that bundles emergency repairs for the boiler, its controls, and the property’s heating system. The heating system includes the pipework and radiators. The Heating plan guarantees annual boiler servie and gas safety certification, which are mandatory for landlords in the UK. This more comprehensive care plan is a suitable solution if you wish to protect your rental property’s entiry heating system.

The Heating plan has the three excess and monthly premium options below.

  • £0 excess fee: £23.00/month
  • £60 excess fee: £18.00/month
  • £95 excess fee: £14.00/month

Check our YourRepair’s landlord Heating plan here

What is the YourRepair Home plan for landlords?

The YourRepair Home plan for landlords is a care package that includes protection for a property’s most essential systems. The Home plan protects the following three systems.

  • Heating system, including the boiler and its controls
  • Plumbing system, excluding drains, toilets, and taps
  • Home electrics

The Home plan is an appropriate cover option if your rental property is older and you wish to protect its most crucial systems against unexpected failures without breaking the bank. Below are the three cost and excess options for YourRepair’s landlord Home plan.

  • £0 excess fee: £27.00/month
  • £60 excess fee: £20.00/month
  • £95 excess fee: £16.00/month

Check our YourRepair’s landlord Home plan here

What is the YourRepair Home Plus plan for landlords?

The YourRepair Home Plus plan for landlords has the same offerings as the Home plan, but adds taps, toilets, and drains to the coverage. Consider the Home Plus plan if you worry about your tenants clogging up or causing your toilets and sinks to leak, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of DIY repairs.

The three cost and excess options for the Home Plus plan are as follows.

  • £0 excess fee: £33.00/month
  • £60 excess fee: £23.00/month
  • £95 excess fee: £18.00/month

Check our YourRepair’s landlord Home Plus plan here

What is the YourRepair Complete plan for landlords?

The YourRepair Complete plan for landlords is the most comprehensive offer YourRepair has for its landlord customers. The Complete plan covers the nine items listed below.

  • Annual boiler service
  • Gas safety inspection
  • Boiler and controls
  • Heating system
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Home electrics
  • Toilers, taps, and drains
  • Home security
  • Pest control

Opting for the Complete plan gives you full peace of mind about the your rental properties’ state of repair, safety, and security. However, the extended coverage comes at a price, as the Complete plan is the priciest of YourRepair’s offerings. Below are the three excess and premium options for the YourRepair complete plan.

  • £0 excess fee: £39.00/month
  • £60 excess fee: £25.00/month
  • £95 excess fee: £20.00/month

Check our YourRepair’s landlord Complete plan here

What do YourRepair landlord cover plans exclude? 

YourRepair landlord cover plans exclude the following 12 items.

  • Certain boiler makes and models: Potterton Powermax, Britany, Chaffoteaux, Sime, Elm le Blanc, and Servowarm boilers are not eligible for coverage under any of YourRepair’s policies.
  • Sludge and limescale issues: Faults caused by the accumulation of limescale of sludge are ineligible for emergency repairs under YourRepair cover plans.
  • Boilers beyond economincal repair (BER): YourRepair will not attempt fixing boilers it deems to be BER. YourRepair may decide to replace a BER boiler if it’s less than seven years old or offer financial assistance to replace an older boiler. However, there’s no guarantee that YourRepair will replace a boiler for you — the decision is entirely at the service provider’s discretion.
  • Pre-existing faults: YourRepair do not cover faults that existed before the service agreement was signed, nor those that developed within 14 days of the cover start date.
  • Improperly installed or maintained systems: YourRepair’s policies exclude systems that were not installed or maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • User tasks: YourRepair does not repair faults that the user may troubleshoot themselves following the instruction manual.
  • Non-gas systems: Electric, oil, and biomass boilers (and heating systems they serve) are not eligible for coverage under YourRepair’s plans.
  • Showers and shower pumps: YourRepair exclude showers and shower pump from coverage in all their plans.
  • System upgrades and improvements: YourRepair’s policies do not include upgrades or improvements to covered systems, only repairs.
  • Trace and access: Identifying system faults does not fall within the scope of coverage under YourRepair’s care plans. Only known or obvious faults are eligible for repairs.
  • Accidental damage: YourRepair does not guarantee repairs to systems that sustained accidental damage. This is an important clause if you’re a landlord, as damage caused by your tenants is not eligible for repairs.
  • Non-standard parts: YourRepair’s plans do not fix or replace non-standard items, such as towel rails or underfloor heating.

The exclusions list above might look like quite, but in practice, these exclusions are common to most boiler cover providers.

Which YourRepair landlord boiler cover plan do I need?

Follow the three steps below to determine which YourRepair landlord boiler cover plan you need.

  1. Analyse your coverage needs. Some of the services offered in a boiler cover plan might be covered by your boiler’s warranty or even your landlord insurance. So, check your existing policies first.
  2. Review YourRepair’s available plans. Read through each of YourRepair’s boiler cover plans and see which one is most aligned with your coverage needs.
  3. Consider the excess fee. Higher excess fees translate to lower premiums and vice versa, so think closely about which excess fee to choose. For example, you may want to pay higher premiums to reduce the call out fee to £0 if you have an older boiler that may require multiple callouts.

Why choose YourRepair for landlord boiler cover?

Below are the three reasons to choose YourRepair for landlord boiler cover.

  • High first-tie repair rates: YourRepair’s repair rate is 95% on the first visit, which means that the overwhelming majority of faults are resolved quickly.
  • Fast response times: YourRepair are able to dispatch repair teams to handle emergencies within 2 hours and urgent reparis within 24 of the customer’s call. This ability to send crews quickly is possible thanks to YourRepair’s network of more than 5,000 qualified engineers dotted across the UK.
  • Effective customer support: The YourRepair’s customer support is effective for two reasons. First, YourRepair’s helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Secondly, the YourRepair website is full of information that its customers may find useful during an emergency system failure.

What are the best alternatives to YourRepair landlord boiler cover? 

Below are the two best alternatives to YourRepair landlord boiler cover.

  • WarmZilla: WarmZilla’s landlord boiler cover plans offer some of the lowest £0-excess premiums on the market. WarmZilla include annual boiler service and a gas safety inspection with all their landlord cover plans.
  • 24|7 Home Rescue: 24|7 Home Rescue offer one of the most affordable comprehensive plans, which features boiler, heating, plumbing, and electrics, as well as home security and pest control.