YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover REVIEW (2022)

YourRepair was set up by experienced heating and boiler engineers who believed there was a better way to support customers by offering them high-quality home and boiler service plans tailored to their needs.

This experience has been put to good use in creating a business that combines flexible plans, low prices, and a major focus on customer support to great effect. YourRepair has grown quickly from a start-up to one of the best and most popular providers on the market.

YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover - Home Emergency Breakdown Cover

Their reputation precedes them, but does the service they provide for landlords live up to all the hype and deliver everything a landlord needs from this type of boiler and homecare plan? In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about YourRepair Landlord Boiler Cover to help you decide if their plans are right for you.

YourRepair Landlord Boiler Care: Quick overview

  • Five flexible monthly plans
  • Prices from just £11 a month
  • Annual boiler service included in all plans
  • Landlord gas safety inspection and certificate included in all plans
  • All parts and labour included too
  • 24/7 UK-based helpline
  • Unlimited support
  • 95% first-visit repair rate
  • Customer service promise

What is YourRepair?

YourRepair is a boiler and homecare company that was set up by industry experts who had the inside line on what was working in the sector and what wasn’t. They had a clear view of where improvements could be made and YourRepair is the culmination of this.

Their aim was simply to create a boiler and heating coverage and maintenance service that could provide customers with a high-quality service at the lowest possible prices.

Their flexible cover is available for both landlords and homeowners. The landlord cover offers subscribers full boiler coverage at extremely competitive prices.

Little wonder that their customer feedback on TrustPilot gives YourRepair a rating of 4.5* based on more than 1,500 customer reviews and on more than 96% of respondents gave YourReview a 5-star review.

Landlord boiler care plans explained

YourRepair’s Landlord Boiler Care Plan is a single, flexible boiler repair and replacement plan. It comes complete with a whole host of components including:

  • Unlimited repairs to your boiler and controls.
  • All parts and labour costs included
  • A guarantee to replace your boiler if it is less than seven years old and cannot be fixed.
  • A free annual gas safety inspection and certificate
  • Access to YourRepair’s UK-based 24-hour emergency helpline.

This plan is available with flexible pricing to suit the needs of any landlord.

Firstly, you can choose whether you want to remove the call out fee or not. YourRepair’s standard callout fee is £60 per repair but for an additional £5 a month you can take this down to zero.

Then you can also choose how long to fix your price for. YourRepair allows landlords to fix prices for either one, two, or three years. They are the only boiler care provider to offer a three-year fixed-term plan which offers landlords certainty and peace-of-mind for longer.

Plans start from just £11 a month but even the most expensive option is a mere £21 a month meaning no matter which pricing structure you go for, YourRepair is cost-effective for landlords of all budgets.

YourRepair Fixed Price Landlord Plans

What’s not included

While YourRepair’s Landlord Boiler Care Plan offers a comprehensive service, you will want to be absolutely certain that it covers everything that you need.

Importantly, landlords should be aware that there are a few boiler models that aren’t covered by this plan. They are:

  • Potterton
  • Powermax
  • Britany
  • Chaffoteaux
  • Servowarm

There are also certain types of faults that are not covered by the Landlord Boiler Care Plan. These are generally minor and rare problems, but it is important that everyone who signs up knows what they are and are not covered for:

  • Faults on the central heating system or on anything other than the boiler
  • Pre-existing faults, inaccessible components or system design faults
  • Faults caused by you or someone else you used for repairs
  • Faults caused by sludge, hard water scale or blockages
  • Damage caused by weather or freezing
  • Faults when your home is empty or unoccupied for more than 30 days in a row
  • Smart or internet-connected thermostats or devices
  • Tasks detailed in your user guide, re-pressurising systems, bleeding radiators, resetting controls or replacing batteries.

This might look like quite a long list but, in practice, these issues are far less common than other boiler issues and the level of customer feedback suggests that these limitations do not put many landlords off the service.

If you want to know more about the details of the YourRepair Landlord Boiler Care plan, you can download their full service agreement from the website before you sign up to check through the small print. If you have any specific questions, it is advisable to contact the YourRepair support team for advice before signing up.

Other considerations

As well as these service limitations, there are a few other things you should be considering before you sign up for the YourRepair Landlord Boiler Care plan.

The first is whether a boiler care plan is right for you. Some of the services offered in this plan might be covered by your boiler’s warranty or even your landlord insurance. While these are unlikely to offer such comprehensive coverage and the possible increase in insurance premiums could offset any financial savings you could make, some may be willing to take that risk.

It is also a good idea to think closely about which price bracket to sign up at. If your property has an older boiler that is likely to require multiple callouts, it is probably advisable to pay more to reduce the call out fee to £0.

Lastly, when deciding whether this plan is right for you or not, don’t overlook the including of an annual gas safety inspection and certificate in the deal. This is likely to cost you £80 a year or more on its own and that price should be factored into the budget you commit to this type of plan too.

Why choose YourRepair?

YourRepair’s popularity has grown substantially in recent years and its Landlord Boiler Care plan has proved one of its most popular products. Landlords are attracted by its low prices, high levels of service, and option to fix the price over three years.

Repair rates and times

YourRepair’s repair rate is 95% on the first visit. That is hugely impressive and a big factor in their popularity with homeowners and landlords alike.

But their response time is also a big selling point. YourRepair has a network of more than 5,000 qualified engineers dotted across the UK. This helps them deal with customer repairs fast.

According to their website, the average YourRepair response time for emergency repairs, such as an uncontrollable water leak, is two hours. They get to all urgent issues in an average of 24 hours and also do everything possible to schedule any routine work at a time that is convenient for both you and your tenants.

The promise

The YourRepair Customer Promise is a six-point promise that the company makes to all customers whether they are landlords or homeowners. It is at the very heart of their service and has played a big part in their success over the years. It includes:

  1. No high-pressure sales – YourRepair pledges to never use cold calls or pressure selling with prospective or current customers. Most business comes to them through word-of-mouth and they are very happy with that.
  2. Clarity of information and details – YourRepair is open and upfront about what its Landlord Boiler Care plan does and doesn’t cover. Their service is easy-to-follow and non-technical so any landlord can take advantage.
  3. Easy booking – If you need to book an engineer or a safety inspection, the process is both simple and user-friendly.
  4. Quick and easy repair resolution – As we have already highlighted above, YourRepair is dedicated to solving problems quickly and getting things right the first time. Its 95% first-time success rate and average response times are a testament to this and it also has a network of more than 5,000 qualified engineers to call upon.
  5. Simple and stress-free service – YourRepair wants to make boiler maintenance and gas safety a stress-free area for landlords and its high satisfaction ratings suggest it does a pretty good job of this.
  6. Transparency – YourRepair prides itself on having no hidden costs and no complicated small print. Everything about its service is straightforward and upfront so customers know exactly what they are getting.

Customer support service

The YourRepair customer support provisions are one of the real high-points of their service.

The customer support helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even better, it is entirely in the UK which means that you can be confident of getting through to a native English speaker on a clear line who is ready and willing to help.

Pick-up times are generally extremely good, even in busy periods and all the helpline staff we have engaged with have been polite, cheery, and exceptionally helpful. Actually speaking to someone directly who knows what they are talking about rather than navigating a live chat or an automated system is a big plus.

The YourRepair website is also an impressive source of information and support. It is crammed full of information about its service and answers to lots of the questions you may have. It includes honest reviews, a packed FAQ section, and even an online repair booking service if you prefer to do things online.

Why choose a boiler cover plan?

Some landlords reading this article might be thinking to themselves, ‘do I really need a boiler cover plan at all?’.

The truth is that this is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Everyone’s needs are different and while a boiler care plan is a great service for many landlords, it won’t be right for all.

If you live next door to your rental property and have a brother-in-law that is a qualified gas engineer then you might have no need for a service like YourRepair. Some people will prefer to use their landlord insurance or boiler warranty for things like this, and if that seems best for you then there is no reason not to.

But there are also lots of compelling reasons why many landlords do like the security and peace of mind that comes with a boiler cover plan. If you have an old boiler, a difficult tenant, or a busy job that leaves you no time to sort these things out for yourself, then a boiler care plan is the ideal solution for you.

Equally, if you live a long way from your rental property then plans like these offer an ideal solution.

For thousands of landlords up and down the country, YourRepair is their boiler care plan of choice. But ultimately only you can decide if it is the right plan for you.


YourRepair offers a flexible, reasonably-priced, and high-quality service to landlords across the UK. Its flexible pricing has proved a big attraction to landlords as has the option to fox your price for up to three years.

Their service covers most boiler manufacturers, although there are a few exceptions to this, and it also includes an annual gas safety inspection and certificate as standard.

With a 95% first-time repair record and hugely impressive customer satisfaction ratings, YourRepair is clearly a major player in the market and a great bet for many landlords.

We rate YourRepair extremely highly and are more than happy to recommend them.

Avoid Expensive Breakdown Costs
Boiler Replacement Promise: If it's under 7 years old and we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it.
Try YourRepair. From £9/mo
All plans include: annual boiler service, all parts and labour, unlimited support and 24hr helpline.

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