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The 2023 Salus RT500RF Wireless Thermostat [Reviewed]

There are lots of cheap and efficient wireless programmable room thermostats on the market, and the Salus RT500RF is one of the very best

Salus is a well known brand in the plumbing industry, offering quality heating controls.

And, although their products are usually pitched against the likes of Honeywell, the comparable products from Salus tend to be a lot cheaper.

In this quick review, we’ll cover all its features, price and whether the RT500RF is really the best thermostat on offer.

Online Reviews

First, let’s start with the RT500RF reviews online. When I’m buying anything, I like to check out what users are saying about a product. Not only does it fill me with confidence to make a purchase, it usually uncovers a few things I might not have thought of prior to reading them.

And the RT500RF has hundreds of positive reviews online. Most buyers are happy with:

  • Aesthetics
  • Ease of installation (i.e. you won’t need to pay a heating engineer to install the stat)
  • Price

They’re definitely worth checking out.

Salus RT500RF Price

So, let’s talk about the RT500RFs price.

Lower end thermostats tend to sit in the £30-60 range. But, if you want a high quality WIRELESS thermostat, you’re going to need to budget £70-100.

The Salus RT500RF tends to sit in the lower end of the wireless thermostats, price wise So, it’s one of the cheapest programmable thermostats on the market.

There’s a great deal over at Amazon right now on the RT500RF.

Check price on Amazon


So, how does the RT500 work, and what can you expect?

Start Up Programming

The price of the stat includes all installation and wiring instructions.

For a first-timer, you should expect the installation to take somewhere in the region of 45-60 minutes.

There’s also built-in start up programming. That means minimal time setting up the RT500RF wireless thermostat, as the built-in software does the majority of the work for you.

Frost Protection

This is a biggy. When temperatures drop below zero, boilers become extremely vulnerable. Pipes are prone to freezing as well as cracking, and that’s going to cause:

  • Your boiler to lock out; it’s not going to work!
  • Expensive emergency repair bills

The frost protection system on Salus wireless thermostats protects you against both of the above.

When the frost protection mode is activated, the boilers temperature will be set automatically to 5 degrees. That’s just enough temperature to keep pipes from freezing and your boiler operational.

But, why would you want it? Naturally, if it’s 5 degrees or less, it’s likely you’ll have your heating on anyway. However, leaving your boiler exposed to these temperatures for even one night if you’re away, could cause a boiler lockout.

The frost setting allows your boiler to keep operational whilst you’re away, but in a low energy usage mode, heating the boiler to just 5 degrees. So, your heating bills aren’t going to be hugely affected, but your boiler is going to be 100% protected.

Address Codes

We’ve been out to emergency repairs where a customer’s boiler suddenly started turning on and off randomly.

The problem?

If a wireless thermostat is on the same radio frequency as yours (for instance, your neighbour), they’ll effectively, be controlling your heating system. And some cheap wireless thermostats don’t have an option to switch this frequency.

If you suspect that there’s a pairing issue (i.e. your neighbour has the same thermostat/is running on the same frequency), the solution is to reprogram the stat using Salus’s address codes.


This switches the heating on and off. The control centre will then operate the temperature sensing and control side of the thermostat.

These two elements work in harmony using a radio frequency (hence, the RF).

5/2 & 7 Day Programming

This thermostat is quick and easy to install and can be set to run on a 5/2 or a 7-day calendar.

And, it’s perfect for most properties given the fact it has a huge30m range.

Wireless Capability

Being a wireless thermostat, the Salus RT500RF can be placed anywhere in the home. It doesn’t have to be wall mounted. Alongside it’s sleek looking and back lit LCD design, it comes with a stylish desk stand.

So, unlike other thermostats, it actually looks cool!

Pros & Cons

The price, frost protection, the fact it’s wireless and has 7-day capability all works in favour of the RT500RF.

That means you’ll be able to program your heating specifically for each day of the week, rather than a traditional thermostat/timer that only allows one timed program for heating and hot water.

The biggest let down is the fact this is not a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats, although they’re a lot more expensive tend to allow more flexibility for your heating and hot water (especially in larger properties with zones), and that helps to improve efficiency.

That said, the likes of the Nest & Worcester Wave (both being smart thermostats) are closer to £200, and that’s a huge investment.

Salus RT500RF Review Verdict

The Salus RT500RF is a great wireless programmable room thermostat. If you really want a wireless thermostat and have a small budget, this is one of the best and cheapest wireless thermostats on the market.

There are more expensive brands on the market. For instance, Honeywell offer a tonne of wireless thermostats. But, they’re typically a lot more expensive than the equivelent Salus stat.

Our overall review verdict? We’d be heading straight for a huge cash saving by picking up the RT500RF from Salus.



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