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Best Men’s Work Jackets and Coats on the Market

Combining fashion with utility is essential when it comes to a good work jacket. In this list, we’ll be factoring in value, quality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to help you select your next work jacket, helping to keep you both warm and stylish during those cold winter months. Different kinds of industries and climates will be better suited to some kinds of jackets than others, so paying special attention to the materials and the special features, such as waterproofing, will go a long way to ensuring you pick the right one.

We’ll also look at which jackets will be best for layering strategies and which ones are particularly durable. Ideally, you will want a work jacket that is rugged and won’t get damaged or destroyed in the elements. While comfort can be subjective based on certain physical attributions and allergies, we will factor in comfort into our rankings as well.

Best Work Jackets for Men (2020)

Based on our research and reviews, these are the 10 best workwear jackets and coats you should consider purchasing.

1. Scruffs Men’s Worker Softshell Workwear Jacket

Price: £ | Sizes: UK Small – UK XX Large | Material: Polyester | Colour: Black

Clothing tends to be a subjective thing that requires a large number of users before a conclusive opinion can be drawn, and thankfully we have a large enough sample size here to make a good assessment with the Scruffs Softshell Worker Jacket.

From the people who have so far reported the quality of the fit, 92% said it was a perfect fit, while just 8% said it was moderately large. As far as quality is concerned, it’s 4- and 5-star reviews across the board.

This light- to midweight jacket is comfortable and smart. Perfect for chilly mornings on the job or on commute, this jacket is of excellent quality and provides a good deal of warmth, especially considering the affordable price tag. The water-resistant fabric will shield you from light rain, and it’s also machine washable. It has a zip fastener and conforms nicely to all body types. It only comes in black, but then I think most people like black jackets anyway (unless you need a high-vis option, of course).

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2. Scruffs Men’s Water-Resistant Worker Fleece Black

Price: £ | Sizes: UK Small – UK XX Large | Material: Polyester and Fleece | Colour: Black

Another water-resistant black jacket from Scruffs here — the Fleece Black. This one’s a solid budget option, featuring a warm fleece lining that is composed of 100% polyester microfleece. The jacket overall is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Featuring side pockets and a zipped chest, this jacket is perfect for people who favour comfort and utility.

The zips have a robust build, tipped with fluorescent orange for added visibility and style points.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a worker jacket that matches this jacket for value and comfort. It features elasticated cuffs and an adjustable hem to help keep the cold air out. This jacket is ideal as part of a layering strategy, offering a protective layer of comfort and warmth when you need it most.

Scruffs offers free delivery to all of England, Wales, and Scotland, proudly keeping Britain warm for the past 20 years.

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3. Carhartt 101230 Berwick Work Jacket

Price: £££ | Sizes: UK Small – UK XX Large | Material: Nylon and Fleece | Colour: Black

Ready to look like a bona fide rock star? With the Carhartt 101230 Berwick Work Jacket, you can! Washed with sandstone, the water canvas exterior is the definition of durability. It is the perfect combination of style, practicality, and utility, featuring adjustable sleeve widths with press studs.

It has two large front pockets as well as two interior ones, meaning you can say goodbye to lame work jackets of yore that don’t even consider the needs of the average tradesperson. If you don’t have a pocket to put a screwdriver in or file away a customer invoice, what’s the point?

This jacket features fleece lining in the torso and nylon lining in the sleeves. Sizing might be an issue, though, so make sure you do your homework and see how your size stacks up against these items. If in doubt, you can always ask the manufacturer.

This item tends to underestimate their customers’ sizes, so it behooves you to double-check, especially if you’re on the taller side. The metal zip may stick at first, but it will loosen up over time; you just need to break it in a bit. 

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4. Carhartt C001 Duck Chore Coat Water-Repellent Work Jacket

Price: £££ | Sizes: UK Large | Material: Nylon | Colour: Black

Carhartt C001 Duck Chore Coat Water-Repellent Work Jacket

Oh, wow. The Carhartt C001 Duck Chore Coat Water-Repellent Work Jacket is stylish to the extreme. Honestly, if it weren’t for the iconography on the front pocket, this beautiful jacket could pass for a fashionable winter coat. While it might look a bit stiff, the ergonomic design allows exceptional freedom of movement, ensuring that you can do your everyday tasks without restriction.

The body contains a blanket lining, whereas the sleeves are constructed from quilted nylon. Carhartt has hit this one out of the park, honestly. While the colour is listed as black, to our eyes the jacket is a very dark shade of navy blue. Either way, the gold-coloured buttons really tie this jacket together (literally and figuratively).

It will keep you toasty (as all good jackets should), although it should be said that the jacket is quite heavy; whether you perceive that as a good thing or not is a matter of preference. Personally, we don’t mind a bit of heft to our jackets.

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5. Dickies Mens Two Tone Hi Vis Reflective Tape Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

Price: £ | Sizes: UK Small – XXXXL | Material: Polyester | Colour: Orange & Navy or Yellow & Navy

Dickies Mens Two Tone Hi Vis Reflective Tape Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

Practicality is what hi-vis reflective gear is all about. Made from 100% polyester the Dickies Mens Two Tone Hi Vis Reflective Tape Funnel Neck Sweatshirt is perfect for workers on a budget. Some buyers report ordering a large but finding it a tad small. As such, you might want to look into going one size up to normal, especially if you’re on the fence about which size to buy.

One non-work use for this (assuming you’re not a professional cyclist) is using this for bike riding! The hi-vis nature of this jacket means you’re virtually unmissable to motorists on the road. It also has a bit of thickness to it, too, meaning you probably won’t be caught shivering if it’s all you have to put over your work shirt.

Some customers reported bobbling after the first wash, although bobbles aren’t a concern for a lot of wearers. All in all, this is a great work jacket for people who need to be seen to ensure they can do their work safely (and in comfort).

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6. High Visibility Safety Security Reflective Workwear Bomber Jacket (from Durus Workwear)

Price: £ | Sizes: UK Small – XXXXXL | Material: Polyester with fleece collar | Colour: Fluorescent Orange / Fluorescent Yellow / Black / Orange & Navy / Yellow & Navy

Durus Workwear - High Visibility Safety Security Reflective Workwear Bomber Jacket

If you’re looking for a bit more variety in your hi-vis gear, this High Visibility Safety Security Reflective Workwear Bomber Jacket from Durus Workwear should have you covered. In addition to traditional fluorescent orange and yellow, this jacket is also available in black (for some reason). We’re trying to rack our heads to figure out why someone would need a black hi-vis jacket.

Perhaps it would be so you could stand out at a pride parade or a Skittles convention? In any case, Durus has a 300 Oxford PU Coating, which in layperson’s terms means it is waterproof. It has a diamond-shaped quilt lining as well as a pocket designed especially for storing mobile phones or CB radios. In addition to a zip fastener with studded storm flap, this jacket has a concealed hood and four pockets—two inside and two outside.

It has adjustable elasticated cuffs, fleeced collar and conforms to a bunch of industry standards that will keep your foreperson happy. Once again, you’re probably better off ordering the size above if you want to ensure a comfortable fit.

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7. Scruffs Men’s Expedition Thermo HD Work Jacket – Graphite

Price: £ | Sizes: UK Small – XL | Material: Nylon | Colour: Graphite

Scruffs Men's Expedition Thermo HD Work Jacket - Graphite

If you care about warmth and comfort above all, the Scruffs Men’s Expedition Thermo HD Work Jacket in graphite colour is a sure-fire winner. Scruffs is back again with their take on an expedition jacket, with special focus on providing a relaxed fit and reflective detailing. It has 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, which assures warmth even in the most hostile of climates, especially when used as part of a sufficient layering strategy.

While this jacket will survive just fine in a light shower, it is not waterproofed against the elements. Nevertheless, its ability to resist frigid climates makes this jacket perfect for work in colder climates. However, if resistance to water is essential for your work, we suggest you take a look at some of the waterproofed jackets on this list.

This jacket also doubles as a hunting jacket, ideal for stalking prey in ice-cold locales. Ultimately, though, the Expedition Thermo HD Work Jacket is simply excellent value for money. For those of you looking for the best bang for buck, this jacket is definitely right up there.

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8. Dickies Portland Padded Shirt Fleece Workwear (SH5000)

Price: ££ | Sizes: UK Small – XXXXL | Material: Polyester | Colour: Many colour variants available

If you’re after a classic checkered look, the Dickies Portland Padded Shirt Fleece Workwear (SH5000) is the perfect solution. Made from 100% polyester, Dickies has a dozen different colour variants to appeal to just about every taste. Padded for warmth, the long sleeves and pearlised studs of this shirt make it the ideal candidate for workers who are after a timeless look without sacrificing comfort or bodily heat.

Indeed, this classic design is practically the stereotypical lumberjack uniform, but why mess with something that’s worked for centuries? The only difference here is that polyester is innately fire retardant to some degree, whereas traditional flannel doesn’t share this quality.

As far as comfort is concerned, Dickies knows how to make clothes that conform to the body in a way that some manufacturers fall short on. It manages to accomplish this while also ensuring you have a lock of pockets to store away whatever items you need while out and about.

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9. Scruffs T54184 Pro Softshell Jacket Charcoal

Price: ££ | Sizes: XL | Material: Soft fleece | Colour: Charcoal

Scruffs T54184 Pro Softshell Jacket Charcoal

Scruffs is back with another fine workwear jacket. The Scruffs T54184 Pro Softshell Jacket in charcoal has a modern look that makes it the perfect complement to 21st-century workwear attire. The soft fleece inner lining with reflecting detailing gives this jacket a distinctive look that lives up to Scruffs high standards.

As of writing, this product has a perfect 5-star rating, which is a testament to Scruffs’ aptitude and dedication when it comes to manufacturing exquisite workwear that factors in both style and comfort. If you’re looking for some apparel that’s breathable, this isn’t your best choice, but if your raison d’être is warmth at all costs, Scruffs has you covered with this item.

In addition to being windproof and waterproof, this jacket is the all-star of the jacket world, capable of being simultaneously fashionable and practical. If you’re looking for sheer warmth, this isn’t the most suitable choice, but it makes for an ideal compromise if you have to consider formality and function.

As one reviewer put: “I work in construction sales. This means that I have to work in both offices and boardrooms & construction sites, normally in the same day, such is the variety in my job. I wear this jacket most of the time now. It looks smart enough over a shirt to be acceptable in offices etc whilst being waterproof & windproof.”

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10. Timberland Pro Men’s Outerwear

Price: £££ | Sizes: Small – XXL | Material: 100% Cotton | Colour: Jet Black / Dark Wheat

Timberland Pro Men's Outerwear - Rugged 10-ounce cotton canvas with durable water-repellent finish

1928 was the year that Andy Warhol, Shirley Temple, Maya Angelou, and the inimitable Fred Rogers were born.

Why point this out? It’s simple, really. How many active companies can you name that have been around in ten decades or more? We can only come up with a handful off the top of our heads. Timberland’s reputation precedes itself, but this machine-washable jacket is a testament to their undying legacy. Featuring a “rugged 10-ounce cotton canvas with durable water-repellent finish”, this insulated and hooded jacket is the pride and joy of any enterprising outdoorsman.

Manufactured from 100% cotton and with articulated elbows for added mobility, Timberland can add another string to their bow with this item. We really like the colour options, too, as both the jet-black and dark-wheat variants offer potential customers two excellent colour combinations.

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Work Jackets Buying Guide

How to find the best workwear jackets

When it comes to buying jackets, we’re fortunate to be spoiled for choice. However, with all this choice comes the difficulty of having to pick just one jacket (unless you want to go crazy and buy a few different kinds). The first thing you should do when shortlisting your next jacket purchase is to prioritise which features are most important to you. For example, waterproofing, comfort, value, warmth, and durability are perhaps the five most important features to consider. Other things to consider include the types of material as well as the sizes that are available.


One obvious thing to consider when looking at a jacket is the range of sizes that are available. Different variants and different colours might be sold out of certain sizes, so make sure the exact item you want is actually in stock before adding it to your shortlist.


Not all jackets are designed for warmth. Some are designed for breathability, some are designed for aesthetics, some are indeed designed for warmth, while others still are designed to combine various elements.


Jackets that are flame retardant are ideal for situations where you might be exposed to naked flame or environments that are prone to fire. Certain materials are more flammable than others. If in doubt, do some research to make sure the jackets you’re looking at conform to your specific safety standards.

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

It is advisable to go shopping with the exact item you want to buy in mind. The only problem is the dynamic nature of the marketplace. It is almost impossible to find the exact product as you want it. That is why you need to be open-minded and consider buying online.

Now, open-mindedness doesn’t mean simply buying the first thing that catches your eye. The best thing to do is to know your options. Assessing your options carefully will allow you to settle for the right alternatives.

Once you know what suits your space and budget, finding out which alternatives are available in the market will save you energy and time.

This article has highlighted the best jackets on the market today. Evaluate your options and only make a purchase once you are certain that the item you’ve selected is the best option.

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The Bottom Line

Jackets are designed to keep you warm—plain and simple. However, the jackets on this list go above and beyond to excel in the areas they strive to excel in. Some are designed to repel water, some are designed to offer good value, some are designed for warmth, some are designed for their looks, some are designed for breathability, and some are even designed for their ability to withstand fire.

Take your time to research the companies and jackets on sale. Read third-party reviews and always keep a critical mind. Jackets that have good reviews and that have been around for many years are generally solid indicators of a product that deserves your time and attention.

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