British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover REVIEW (2022)

British Gas is the best-known gas engineering company in the UK. Since being privatized, it has retained its reputation as Britain’s premier heating, plumbing, and gas company and despite the growth in competition across the sector, it has kept hold of many of its former customers.

But has their reputation for high-quality service carried over into their Landlord Home and Boiler Cover. The landlord market is a hyper-competitive one so we are often asked whether British Gas’ offering cuts the mustard.

BritishGas Landlord home and boiler cover

In this review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover, how it works, and how it compares to its rivals. Once you finish reading, you will know all you need to make an informed decision about whether Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is right for you.

British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover Review: Quick overview

  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline
  • Four flexible plans to suit landlords need and budgets
  • Annual boiler service included
  • Gas safety certificate included
  • All parts and labour included

Who is British Gas?

For most readers, British Gas will need no introduction. It was once the state-owned gas company but is now in private hands. It still remains one of the UK’s so-called big-six gas and electricity providers.

But there is a lot more to British Gas than the supply of mains gas and electricity and in recent years it’s home boiler and heating coverage has become a well-known service in its own right.

It promises landlords peace of mind and gives tenants the assurance that if something goes wrong with the boiler or heating system in a property they are renting, it will be repaired quickly and by a qualified engineer. Having the name British Gas on the service should provide confidence given that, with their various different provisions, British Gas serves around 12 million homes in the UK.

British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover explained

British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is a set of four packages that offer landlords a range of services to cover problems with the boiler, heating, plumbing, and even electrical systems in their rental properties.

The four plans offered by British Gas are:

  • HomeCare One – Priced from £16 a month

This plan includes repairs to your boiler and controls, an annual boiler service, and a gas safety certificate.

  • HomeCare Two – Priced from £19 a month

This plan includes all of the above plus maintenance and repairs to your central heating system.

  • HomeCare Three – Priced from £23 a month

This plan includes everything in plans one and two and also adds coverage of your plumbing system and drains.

  • HomeCare Four – Priced from £25.50 a month

Everything included in plan three plus home electrics coverage as well.

BritishGas HomeCare landlord cover with a Gas Safety Certificate

A full outline of each of these plans and what they do and do not cover can be found on the British Gas website. The detailed terms and conditions are also prominently displayed on the site too so you can read through all the small print before signing up.

To find out more, simply click on the green Tell Me More button. Once you have chosen the right deal for you, click the Sign Up Now button and follow the onscreen instructions to register details of your property and to set up payment.

How much does British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover cost?

British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is one of the more expensive plans of this type that we have reviewed. But for that extra money, you are getting the reassurance that comes with signing up with one of the biggest gas and heating engineer companies in the country.

The prices we have quoted in the previous section are the minimum amounts you can pay for each package. These all include an excess charge which will be incurred every time you use the service. If you want to bring down that excess, the monthly rate will go up accordingly.

It is also important to note that British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover involves making a commitment to a 12-month contract. As with other insurance policies of this type, you can save a little money if you choose to pay your insurance premium up-front as a single payment, rather than paying monthly. You are likely to only save £10-£12 or month over the course of a contract, but every little helps.

Other considerations

Before you sign up to one of British Gas’ Landlord Home and Boiler Cover plans, it is important to consider all the factors that come with committing to such a plan.

Firstly, you will want to be clear about what is and isn’t covered by your chosen plan. British Gas are clear and transparent about which parts of your boiler, heating and plumbing system are covered and details can be found in their terms and conditions which are not as long and arduous as you might fear.

One thing you must be certain of is that your particular make and model of boiler is covered by British Gas. Most of the main ones are, but unlike some of their rivals, British Gas do not offer a handy list on their website. If you sign up, they will insist that they send an engineer to examine your boiler in the first few weeks of the agreement so they will tell you if there are any issues on this front.

This initial visit will also be used to conduct a gas safety inspection and issue you with a certificate. This is great if you need one but some customers have complained that their existing gas safety certificate was still valid for several months so this was a waste of money for them.

It is also important to think carefully about the package that you choose. British Gas will be absolutely strict about what they will and will not cover, so be certain you have chosen the right package to avoid disappoint and confusion when something does go wrong.

Think carefully about the excess too. If your boiler or heating system is older and you think it is likely you will have to use British Gas’ service more than once over the course of the year, it is likely to cost you less overall to get rid of the excess and pay a little more each month.

When budgeting for your heating and homecare plan, it is also important to factor in the costs of what else is included in the deal. All British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover plans include a gas safety inspection and annual boiler service. These will likely cost you around £80 on their own so that saving should be factored into your calculations,

Why choose British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover?

One of the big selling points for British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is that it is provided by one of the biggest names in the industry. That will give many customers the peace of mind of knowing that their coverage provider is well-established and the risks of them going bust or getting into financial difficulty are minimal.

But reputation alone is not enough for most people to sign up to an expensive coverage plan of this type, so we have been digging a little deeper to see what existing customers have been saying about the actual service offered by British Gas.


It is fair to say that reviews of British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover are mixed. Almost 30,000 people have reviewed their service on TrustPilot and their 3.5* rating means they are only ranked as average. This is despite almost half of those reviews ranking their service as excellent.

Other rating sites such as score them even lower but their official review partner, Reevoo gives them a much higher 8.6/10.

These mixed reviews suggest there is a far higher variance in user experiences of British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover than some similar providers. There could be a number of different reasons for this but size is one that could be taken into account. As the biggest provider of this type of cover, and one which uses its own network of engineers rather than delegating repair work to others, there is obviously more scope for things to go wrong.

But the reasons for mixed reviews don’t matter to customers. They care about the level of service they are receiving and the value-for-money a service offers and it is clear from the online reviews that views on this vary significantly.

Customer Promise

Unlike some other providers, British Gas does not offer a specific customer promise for its Landlord Home and Boiler Cover customers. But it does have some core service values and commitments that all users will benefit from.

Firstly, their service is available right across the UK. As one of the UK’s biggest gas and heating engineering firms, British Gas operates nationwide and there is no part of the country that is not covered by this service.

British Gas are also committed to offering a 24/7 service 365 days of the year. They do not make any specific commitments about how quickly they will respond to your emergency, but their hotline is open around the clock and they will do their utmost to get a British Gas engineer to your property as fast as possible.

One thing that is guaranteed for all British Gas Landlord Home and Boiler Cover customers, regardless of plan, is that all parts and labour from any repair work done will be covered as part of the plan.

They also allow customers to make an unlimited number of callouts and allow a 14-day cooling-off period for you to change your mind after you initial sign-up. It is possible to cancel the deal after that period, but you will incur a charge if you do so.

Why choose a boiler and heating cover plan?

One broader question that we regularly get asked about plans such as British Gas’ Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is whether they are worth the outlay in the first place.

The honest answer is that this depends very much on your individual circumstances. The average cost of repairing a boiler in the UK is just over £200 and the cheapest British Gas landlord plan will cost you slightly under £200 a year. Given that it also includes a boiler service and gas safety certificate, you will definitely save money if you do need to make a repair.

If you don’t the question you then have to decide is whether the peace of mind that comes with this type of cover is worth the cost involved or not.

Some landlords decide that they are happy to rely on their landlord insurance for coverage such as this. The downside to this is that any callout is likely to push up your premiums and insurance companies will not coordinate an engineer to fix the problem so you will have to do that yourself.

Other landlords say their boiler is covered by its warranty. This may be true but again, a warranty doesn’t mean the issue will be fixed quickly. Also, unless you use HEATABLE, which offers a 10-year warranty on Worcester Bosch or Viessmann boilers, many warranties are very short and are likely to run out before any major problems occur.

Landlord boiler and heating care plans such as this is designed to fill the gap between landlord insurance and boiler warranties. They offer emergency repairs and peace of mind for tenants and landlords and also include gas safety certificates and boiler services too.

For many landlords, this is worth a small monthly fee and a lot of tenants like the peace of mind it brings too. But ultimately it is up to you to decide if the positives of British Gas’ Landlord Home and Boiler Cover outweigh the negatives.


There is no doubting British Gas’ size and reputation but it is fair to say that their Landlord Home and Boiler Cover has both pros and cons.

It does offer peace of mind, a 24/7 emergency response, a gas safety certificate and annual boiler service plus the option to cover all your heating, plumbing, and electrics too.

But there are some downsides too. It is more expensive than many of its competitor services and the reviews it has from existing customers are far more mixed as well. There are fewer commitments to customers and a few non-sequiturs in the service they offer too.

It is difficult to argue that British Gas’ Landlord Home and Boiler Cover is the best landlord cover plan on the market right now. But it is the biggest and from the most established company and for some landlords, that alone will mean it is worth taking a punt on.

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