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Best Boiling Water Tap for Instant Hot Water Needs (2023)

Your electric kettle is doing your power bill no favours — instead why not consider the enhanced efficiency and convenience of a boiling water tap. There’s a bit of an investment upfront, but it often brings with it other perks such as a modern kitchen aesthetic, and clean filtered water to boot.

Best Boiling Water Tap

Today, we recommend the top five boiler taps on the market. We also help you decide which features are critical, and which can be left out in favour of a smarter budget.

Best boiling water taps

Most boiler taps come with some sort of filtration, which can be a literal lifesaver in hard-water areas. The benefits thus extend beyond the convenience of the perfect cuppa on demand, into a healthier, happier lifestyle overall. It doesn’t hurt that most modern boiling water taps are extremely easy on the eyes, as well, and will make a handsome addition to your kitchen décor whilst the magic happens under your sink.

Below, we recommend the five best water boiler taps for your kitchen, health, and power bill, and for a variety of budgets.

1. Qettle Original 4-in-1 Water Tap 

The Original 4-in-1 boiler tap from Qettle makes a strong claim to best in class, and it certainly tops our list. It isn’t a budget pick, but it provides a tonne of value for money. In the long-term, its efficient design will pay itself off due to the savings over equivalent usage from an electric kettle.

QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

But it’s not just about pounds and pence–here’s why the Qettle 4-in-1 is awesome:

  • True-boiling (100°) water dispensation
  • Exceptional build quality and aesthetics
  • Superior filtration
  • Robust warranty from a reputable UK company
  • Three boiler capacities (2, 4, and 7L) to meet your needs

Performance, filtration, and efficiency

Many otherwise excellent hot water taps claim to produce boiling water, but few actually do. Qettle, on the other hand, doesn’t mess about, and gives you all 100° needed to constitute a proper cup of black tea.

The 4-in-1 moniker derives from the fact that this Qettle filters both boiling and cold water, but also allows you to tap into regular warm/cold water. Thus, four modes of operation allow you to efficiently choose the best way to go:

  • Need water for any old task, like mopping the floor? Your regular cold mains is available without wearing out the filter.
  • Need to do dishes or wash the counter? Go for regular, unfiltered hot without using up energy on the Qettle’s boiler.
  • Need a nice, cool refresher on a hot day? Spring for the filtered cold for superior taste.
  • Need boiling water for pasta or tea? Pull out all the stops and enjoy the cleanest, true-boiled water courtesy of Qettle!

In terms of efficiency, it’s hard to fault the Qettle 4-in-1. No, it isn’t an instantaneous, tankless water heater, but it veritably sips power on standby mode. At most, you’ll pay 3p per day to maintain a tank full of boiling water at the ready. 

Design, aesthetics, and usability

Lots of manufacturers tout their “award-winning” designs without actually saying what they won. Qettle, on the other hand, has garnered both the German Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, and it’s easy to see why.

The 4-in-1 is modern, elegant, and radiates thoughtful design and engineering. If we were to pick nits (as we’re in the business of doing), it’d be nice to have some colour variants available. But we’re well-pleased with the polished chrome, and you’ll find it fits nicely in with modern as well as classic kitchen décor.

The 360° swivel spout has an almost platonic shape, and arches organically from the sturdy base. Turning the lever handle is a tactile joy for mixing your mains, while the filtered boiler knob has a precise action that allows you to set the perfect temperature. If you don’t like the default orientation of the two, you can easily reverse them.

Your plumber will thank you with a lower bill, due to the straightforward installation requirements of the Qettle 4-in-1. So long as your mains pressure is between 1.5 and 5 bar, this boiler tap drops right in. It’s also compatible with a waste disposal system, so no need to give up one modern convenience for another.

Safety and enjoyment

Qettle may deliver true-boiling water, but they don’t play with fire as far as your safety is concerned. Indeed, it will be quite difficult to accidentally scald yourself with their 4-in-1’s myriad safety features in place.

First, there a safety clip that immobilizes the boiler knob. It’s highly visible with its bright-red colour scheme, and thus should assuage any fears over whether it’s currently safe to use. Even once the clip’s off, you’ll need to firmly depress a stout button upon the handle as you turn it–a feat of coordination that is difficult to manage unwittingly.

What’s more, the tap is well-insulated, and remains scald-free to the touch.

The filtration system makes for truly enjoyable water, whether hot or cold. It effectively removes lead, chlorine, hard minerals, and any off-putting tastes or odours for healthy, clean, family-fit drinking water.

Durability and warranty 

Qettle stand by their designs, so it should come as little surprise they guarantee the Original 4-in-1 for up to 2 years.

You’ll need to keep up with filter changes to maintain this warranty, but a built-in LED health indicator removes the guesswork in doing so. It uses the Q08 filter cartridge, which is not only readily available, but a doddle to replace. (Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate that it’s 98% biodegradable, as well.) Plan to spend under £30 every six months or so.

Besides, keeping up with your filter will dramatically lengthen the lifespan of the boiler itself. Filtration doesn’t just remove the stuff that makes your drinks taste bad; it also removes scale which can build up within the boiler and tap, gunking up the works and dropping efficiency. Towards this end, the Q08 performs admirably.

Who’s it for? 

Look, if the money’s not an object, you can stop reading this article right here. Qettle simply makes the best boiling water taps on the market. The Qettle Original 4-in-1 is British design to meet UK needs. They know their market, and this is their flagship product for that purpose. Your satisfaction is categorically guaranteed.

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2. Qettle Mini 2-in-1 Water Taps

If you’re not fussed about retaining access to the unfiltered mains, the Qettle Mini 2-in-1 is a great opportunity to get the market’s best boiler tap for a lower price. It’s still not exactly cheap, but once again Qettle does everything they can to return your investment–and then some.

QETTLE Mini 2-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

You’ll love the Qettle Mini 2-in-1 for its:

  • Svelte good looks
  • Robust build quality
  • Safety features
  • Filtered 100° and cold water delivery
  • Slightly lower price point

Performance, filtration, and efficiency 

It’s perhaps easiest to describe the Mini 2-in-1 as the better half of the 4-in-1. It lacks the lever handle needed to access the unfiltered warm/cold from your central water system, but you may find you don’t miss it.

In all other meaningful ways, the 2-in-1 matches its bigger sibling blow for blow. There are three different sized boiler tanks on offer, from 2-7 litres, all of which refill between 10 and 15 minutes. Standby heating draws a mere 3p worth of power per day, which drastically undercuts the cost of firing up the kettle each time you need a boil.

And boil it does, with reliable delivery of 100° water (for all intents and purposes) on demand. Whatever temperature you choose between boiling and mains-cold, Qettle’s patented filtration delivers the best water you can have.

Design, aesthetics, and usability

While the Mini is indeed the junior member of Qettle’s product line, it lacks none of the sophistication of form and function this manufacturer is known for. Polished chrome adorns the unit makes a striking impression (whilst resisting corrosion).

We do sort of miss the chunky mixer handle from the Qettle Original, but safety makes the low-profile design of the boiler knob a necessity. At any rate, it has a smooth, precise action that just feels luxurious in its own right.

The base is simply cylindrical, and imposes minimal bulk upon the head of your basin. It’s easy to clean around, simple to install, and just looks great.

Whatever size boiler you choose, smart engineering allows for a compact design that fits easily under most sinks. Yes, you’ll need to hire a professional plumber to handle install, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours with standard water pressure.

Safety and enjoyment 

The folks at Qettle don’t compromise on safety–ever. The convenience of boiling water on demand must balance out with the need to avoid scalding at all costs, and the Mini leaves little to be desired in this respect.

The 2-in-1 features a two-stage safety system. To activate boiling water, one must first remove the red safety clip, then depress a button integrated into the knob, then turn clockwise. It simply won’t move towards a boil unless you follow these steps exactly, making accidental scalds highly preventable. Even with the cap on, however, you can always turn it anti-clockwise for ready access to cold water.

Your Qettle’s spout is fully insulated, and safe to touch along its length even during a boil. The exception to this is at the tip where the boiling water escapes–you’ll want to avoid touching this area as much as the water itself.

The Mini’s filtration system is the same as those in Qettle’s larger models, which is to say it is excellent. Their Q08 cartridge works a treat to remove all manner of impurities from your water, making it taste great and healthier, besides.

Durability and warranty 

Qettle protects your purchase of the 2-in-1 with a sterling 2-year warranty. Your Mini will likely last much longer than that, especially if you keep up with the filter changes. There’s an LED light to alert you when it’s time for a change, which as a rule of thumb occurs every six months or so. The Q08 effectively prevents scale build-up within the tank.

Each Qettle boiler tank must pass rigorous quality testing right here in the UK before hitting shelves, and bears CE approval for safety, efficiency, and eco-soundness.

Who’s it for? 

The Qettle Mini fills much the same niche as its larger counterparts, but stands on its own as a more budget-conscious pick. If you find you won’t miss the use of unfiltered water, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better water boiling tap.

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3. InSinkErator 3573 Steaming Hot Water Tap

American company InSinkErator have a cute name, but they’ve been around for nearly a century–and have used that time to perfect their product line. The 3573 Steam Hot Water Tap system is an exemplar of its class, and provides affordable access to piping hot filtered water on demand.

Insinkerator 3573 Instant Hot Water Tap

We love the InSinkErator 3573 because:

  • It does almost everything you need it to for half the price
  • The manufacturer offers a solid warranty
  • Its no-nonsense design still leaves room for luxury 

Performance, filtration, and efficiency

The boiler tap industry has a dirty little secret: most people don’t really need a true boil. Seriously, you can cook most pastas or prepare virtually any hot beverage to satisfaction a few degrees short of 100°. For those of you fall into this category, rejoice that you don’t actually have to spend half a grand on your hot water tap.

The InSinkErator 3573 provides 98° water virtually on demand, thanks to its 2.5L tank and 1300W heating element. That’s enough capacity to serve up to 60 cups of piping hot water per hour! Should you drain the tank, it takes a mere 10-15 minutes to completely refill and reheat, depending on your climate and mains temperature.

InSinkErator uses the same SWT-3 heating tank on many of its units, and that’s because it’s both efficient and effective. Compared to a traditional electric kettle, well… there’s really no comparison. The amount of power drawn to keep the reasonably sized tank hot for an entire day is typically less than what you’d draw running the kettle twice.

Unlike the other products we’ve mentioned so far, the 3573 is something of a one-trick pony. It does one thing well, and that’s produce a well-filtered near-boil on demand. So, you’ll want to use this alongside a standard mixer tap if cold water is something you anticipate needing at that particular basin.

Design, aesthetics, and usability

In terms of aesthetics, InSinkErator tend towards a stylish utilitarianism. The 3573 system, which features the single-handled GN1100-1 tap, may not have the “wow” factor of InSinkErator’s higher-end models, but it nevertheless slots nicely into any modern basin.

The tank and filtration system are clearly robust, and looks as though it could survive a kick down the pitch in good nick. That’s not to say it’s ugly, just that it’s well-geared to serving reliably under your sink for many years.

The single lever is easy to pull and features a responsive, satisfying action when you need a boil. And, should you need to adjust the temperature, it’s dead-simple to reach underneath and turn the oversized dial to the appropriate setting. 

Safety and enjoyment

The InSinkErator 3573 features a highly insulated tap, which prevents it from getting too hot to the touch. There isn’t a particular lock-out mechanism to prevent accidental usage. However, the fact that you are able to manually adjust the temperature output on the tank means that you can finely balance your maximum need for heat with the safety your household requires.

InSinkErator’s F-201R filtration system works a treat to remove odd odours, chemicals, and tastes. Sure, you won’t likely be drinking 98° water directly, but it’s a relief to know you won’t be cooking with making a cuppa with chlorine, lead, and the like.

Durability and warranty 

We’ve already described InSinkErator’s design ethos as workmanlike, and thankfully it isn’t just skin deep. Indeed, the 3573 boiling water tap is quite durable, and requires little in the way of maintenance.

The F-201R replacement filters typically go for £55-65 for a two-pack online, though there are aftermarket products which can be had significantly cheaper. As there’s a filter LED on the tank, you’ll never have to wonder when it’s time to replace your filter–preventing scale from building up around the heating element and tap.

Of course, InSinkErator are a highly reputable brand, and as such stand by their products with a 2-year warranty on parts and labour. Clearly, they expect your investment to last a good bit longer than that.

Who’s it for? 

Anyone who doesn’t need a full boil or a giant hole in their wallet will appreciate the InSinkErator 3573. Just be aware that you won’t get cold water–filtered nor unfiltered–by default. You’ll need your own, separate mixer tap hooked up to the central hot water system, or to upgrade to InSinkErator’s HC1100-1 tap.

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4. Fohën Furnas 

Based in Leeds, Fohën knows exactly what a cup tea should be. Towards this end, they produce some of the most attractive, effective boiling water taps on the market.

Fohen Instant Boiling Water Fahrenheit Contemporary 3 in 1 Tap Brushed Copper

The Furnas 3-in-1 is their flagship, and it might just be perfect for you due to its:

  • Stunning brushed copper finish
  • Thoroughly modern boiler unit with touch screen control
  • Smooth-flow spout
  • Exceptionally safe child lock system

Performance, filtration, and efficiency

With its 2.4L tank and 1500W heating capacity, the Furnas has plenty of horsepower to kick out 10 cups of piping hot water on demand. Output temperature is easily controllable from 75-98°, with the crystal-clear and responsive digital touch screen located conveniently atop the tank. Inside, there’s a special temperature sensor which ensures the water coming out is precisely the temperature you specify.

Being a 3-in-1 unit, the Furnas provides filtered boiling water, plus ready access to the hot/cold coming from your central water system. This makes it the perfect complement to any modern kitchen that already has filtered cold coming from the refrigerator.

Fohën understands the UK market demands efficiency, and provides it in spades with a fully insulated main tank. It’s neither too large nor too small, and on average provides the perfect amount of on-demand boiling water for dish washing, cooking, coffee, tea, and more. 

Design, aesthetics, and usability 

Aesthetics are largely subjective, but it’s hard to argue that the Fohën Furnas is anything but a head-turner. The brushed copper tap clearly steals the show, with a corrosion-resistant finish, smooth handle action, and 360° swivel faucet.

But don’t let the glitz and glam upstairs distract you from the real magic: the tank. We’ve already mentioned the digital display, but it really is an attractive adornment. After all, it’s dark under the sink, and the variables pop off the screen for easy usage. That screen sits beneath a smoked tempered glass, and atop a handsome black brushed stainless steel body. In another life, the Furnas might’ve been an iPad! 

Safety and enjoyment 

The Furnas really shines when it comes to safety. Whereas most boiler tap systems just allow you to adjust the temperature to a safe maximum and/or have a locking mechanism to prevent accidental activation, the Furnas has both of these features and then some.

So, to turn the Furnas’ boiler on, you need to first hold a lock button before turning the knob, similar to other products we’ve recommended thus far. However, the key difference is that the knob is spring-loaded, and thus immediately shuts off when you let go. This prevents you from walking away absent minded, leaving behind an unsafe, boiling-hot stream that may scald unsuspecting hands.

What’s more, no one wants to cook with hard or contaminated water, even if it’s been boiled. Fohën’s Carbon Purity Filter works extremely well to expunge chemicals, minerals, bacteria, and other harmful detritus well in advance of meal time. 

Durability and warranty

It seems a trend amongst UK manufacturers to prioritise customer satisfaction, and Fohën is no exception. Indeed, they offer a 2-year warranty that guarantees against workmanship issues or other failures. Beyond this simple (but vital) assurance, the Furnas simply reeks of quality.

Inside the tank, there’s a float sensor which prevents the electronics from starting up if there’s ever a lack of water inside. This effectively avoids overheating which can not only damage your Furnas, but otherwise pose a safety risk.

The carbon rod filtration should be replaced every 3-6 months, as it is your first line of defence against the calcium, magnesium, dirt, and other particles which build up damaging scale deposits over time.

Who’s it for? 

If you don’t need filtered cold and want something that truly feels luxurious, the Fohën Furnas is an exceptional pick. It doesn’t offer a true boil, but its operational range is plenty wide for most common applications. Anyone with children will appreciate the extra safety features which go far to prevent scalding from accidental misuse. Besides, it’s good to buy UK when you can.

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5. Bristan 4-in-1 GLL RAPSNK4 C

Having thoroughly explored the boiling water tap market, we make a round trip back to the outstanding 4-in-1 from Bristan. It has by far the highest list price on our list, but we think Bristan does more than enough to justify the price tag.

Bristan GLL RAPSNK4 C Gallery Rapid Kitchen Sink Tap with 4 in 1 Operation - Instant Boiling, Instant Cold Filtered, Hot and Cold Water Supply, Chrome

Here are a few reasons why:

  • An amazing LED touch control for filtered cold/boiling water dispensation
  • Gorgeous, compact design
  • Large 3L tank and powerful 2000W heating element

Performance, filtration, and efficiency

Bristan seeks to completely replace your old mixer tap, electric kettle, and water filter with its 4-in-1, and it succeeds in that endeavour. There are four modes on offer: filtered hot and cold, plus unfiltered hot and cold.

Controlling the mains temperature is simple with the smooth-glide mixer handle. Meanwhile, there are four discrete options to set your boil temperature, ranging from 80-98°–simply open up your cabinet beneath the sink and set your preference on the tank’s digital touch display.

The tank is positively cavernous, and more than equal to the task of providing a large family’s worth of hot water needs. Even if you do manage to drain all 3L of it, a massive 2000W heating element ensures a thorough reheat completes within 5-10 minutes. It also easily maintains optimal boiler temperature throughout the day with little energy draw for lower monthly power bills.

Installation will require a seasoned plumber, as the 4-in-1 system is about as complex as these things come. What’s more, the Bristan GLL RAPSNK4 C is only compatible with high-pressure plumbing systems of at least 1 bar. 

Design, aesthetics, and usability 

It’s perhaps more appropriate to discuss the experience of the Bristan, rather than its aesthetics. Whereas other 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 boiler taps will have separate turn-knobs for filtered and unfiltered water dispensation, Bristan does it quite a bit differently.

Yes, there’s still the standard mixer handle for unfiltered hot/cold, but opposite that is a unique, LED push-button control. With a single finger tap, this clear cylindrical device lights up a cool blue, then the faucet dispenses refreshing, fully filtered drinking water. Hold your finger down for a moment longer to turn the display red, switching the Bristan to its filtered boiling mode.

It’s a silly thing in honesty, but it’s just so cool one can’t help but experience delight. It feels futuristic without abandoning the practical needs of the present.

Also worth a mention how, despite the future-tech aspect of the Bristan, both tap and boiler have an organic feel, with graceful lines and a luminous polished chrome finish.

Safety and enjoyment

The Bristan’s touch control isn’t just flash; this is actually a safety mechanism that prevents accidental, sudden dispensation of scalding water. After all, you must very deliberately leave your finger touching the interface before the Bristan will agree to boil. What’s more, the well-insulated spout remains cool to the touch everywhere except the extreme tip whence the boiling water escapes.

Whether boiled or cold, Bristan’s filtration system does exactly what is should by scrubbing your water of contaminants and debris. This not only extends the lifespan of your tank and tap, but improves your health as well as the enjoyment of the food and drink you prepare.

Durability and warranty

Price isn’t always an indicator of build quality, but in Bristan’s case it’s hard to find fault. The tap is constructed of solid brass, and the polished chrome coating is made to look great even through years of hard wear.

As with any filtered boiler tap, you’ll need to keep up with replacing the filter cartridge on a regular period to keep the tank in good shape. Bristan is a household name in the UK, and as such replacements are easy to come by and not too expensive.

Bristan extends a superior warranty to cover 2 years for the boiler tank, and 5 years for the tap.

Who’s it for? 

Luxury kitchens call for luxury appliances, and the GLL RAPSNK4 C from Bristan ticks almost every conceivable box. Provided you have a high-pressure plumbing system and an appreciation for the little joys in life, you’ll find the touch-controlled LED boiler/filter system unrivalled.

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Shopper’s guide for boiling water taps

We’ve spoken at length about what we consider to be the best boiler taps on the market.

However, you might want to conduct your own market research and come to your own conclusions. In which case, we applaud your diligence!

How to pick the right one

In an effort to continually provide value to our readers, we’ve compiled a brief list of the criteria we used to make our selections:

You might not always need a 4-in-1 or 3-in-1

There’s a definite allure with all-in-one filtration/boiler systems, but they typically cost significantly more. Ask yourself: “do I really need this?”

If you’ve already got a water filtration system, like the ones you see in modern refrigerators, you might be better off with a 3-in-1 than the full Monty.

Similarly, if you’d rather not replace your mixer tap, you can probably get away with just a filtered boiler. Picking and choosing features can help you save hundreds of pounds.

Replacing filters is unavoidable, so account for their cost in your budget

Let’s say you find a nice, budget-friendly filtered boiler, but it’s an off-brand that uses obscure filters. Chances are good they’ll be harder to find on the open market, and thus more expensive. Household brands typically sell their own filters directly, but often there are generic replacements that work just as well.

At any rate, you won’t be able to just write the issue off as unimportant. Filters have a direct impact on the longevity of your boiler, as they prevent the build-up of scale deposits which wreak havoc on the electronics. What’s more, a scaled-up heating element will be far less efficient, resulting in disappointing heat production and higher monthly power bills.

Safety is key

Honestly, when is this not the case? With boiling water taps, however, you’re risking severe scalding if you pick a unit which doesn’t make some provision to protect you against misuse. It could be delayed delivery of boiling water to allow time to remove your hand from the stream, or something more direct like a physical lock on the knob to prevent children from idly fiddling with it.

While not directly billed as a safety feature, you might also check for boilers which allow you to set a safer maximum temperature output. Anti-dry features are also extremely useful for preventing dangerous overheating, which will not only damage your unit, but can pose a risk of fire.

Make sure your desired temperature setting is available!

Last but not least–and certainly fundamental to the topic of water boilers–is whether or not your tap is actually capable of reaching the temperatures desired.

Most teas, for example, do not actually require 100° temperatures. Green teas become bitter above 80°, and the perfect cup of coffee can be had at 96°. Many pastas don’t actually require a true boil, either. Now, herbal infusions and strong black teas are another matter, and will require 100° for the best results. A true boil can also be indispensable for deep-cleaning, depending on the situation.

If you can afford it, go for 100° boilers that allow you to adjust the temperature output. Overall, they’ll be a lot more efficient than your average electric kettle, and the long-term savings will allay some of the upfront expense.

Otherwise, feel free to lower your temperature requirement to fit your budget–you’ll probably hardly notice the missing couple of degrees, anyway.

In either case, you’ll have more control over the quality of your cuppa than with anything but the best instant hot water dispensers.


So there you have it: the best boiling water taps on the market. Each one of our recommendations occupies a different niche according to price, performance, and aesthetics. We’ve provided you with a short buyer’s guide as well, to help you determine your needs and help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Which do you think is the best boiler tap for money? Do you have any experience with our recommendations? Sound off in a comment below!

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