#NoVANber: Crushing Van Tool Theft In The UK [7k Signatures And Counting]

Being a victim of any kind of theft isn’t pleasant.

It’s disturbing to think criminals have been that close to you and your family, not to mention the fact they think they can stroll onto your property and take what they want.

Well, imagine if that theft involved you losing EVERY single tool you needed to go to work that day, to, you know, earn an honest living.

It’s nice to think theft of any kind is on the decline, but it’s not. And, let’s face it. Where there’s an opportunity, there are opportunists.

A potential reward of £1,000+ worth of tools, and a risk factor involving a measly £60-80 fine?

They’re hardly known for their brains, but any thief can work out that’s a good deal.

The tradesmen on the hard end of the stick? Well, they’ll get a crime number, of course.

#NoVANber 2018

Someone HAS to do something, and that someone is Peter Booth (Twitter).

You might not be a plumber…

You might not even be a tradesmen…

But, if you’re an honest person that respects people earning an honest living, you can lend a hand by signing the petition here (takes a few seconds), and get a virtual-thumbs-up from tradesmen across the UK:


What Can #NoVANber Achieve?

Peter has created a petition that:

  • Will be responded to by Parliament when it hits 10k signatures
  • Could be discussed in Parliament when it hits 100k signatures

With a bit of luck, we’ll see tool theft in the UK investigated more thoroughly, with perpetrators being brought to justice, getting fines that fit the crime.

How Can You Help With #NoVANber?

  • Sign the petition here
  • If you have a website, knock together a quick news item like this one
  • Drop a text or email to a friend or family member who knows a tradesmen, they can support their buddies by signing the petition too
  • Ditch your daily selfie, and share the petition with #NoVANber on SM instead

Thumbs up 😎

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