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The 6 Best [And Most Powerful] Electric Showers In 2019

Confused about which are the ABSOLUTE best electric showers? Our 10-minute guide covers everything you need to know to make your purchase decision [and 10 recommendations].

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The 3 Best [Thermostatic] Power Showers In 2019

Looking for the best thermostatic power showers? Check out this 10-minute guide that’s got EVERYTHING you need to know before you make a purchase [and 3 recommendations]

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The Best Blow Torches For Plumbers & Gas Engineers

Confused about plumbing torches? Our 5-minute guide has everything you need to know, as well details on the top 2 plumbing torches available.

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2019’s ABSOLUTE Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support? [Spoiler: DeWalt]

Buying new boots? Check out our BIG guide to the best riggers boots. We’ll cover (in detail) the cheap and best-of-the-best currently available.

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The Best Work Shorts With Pockets? [Spoiler: They’re Made By Scruffs]

Looking for new shorts? Read our 5-minute guide to the best work shorts from Scruffs, and what we think about the alternatives.

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