Baxi Boilers: Prices, Installation Costs And Homeowner Reviews

When people think of getting their boiler replaced, there’s usually one brand that stands out, and that’s Worcester Bosch. There’s no doubt that in terms of branding, Worcester are the most well-known. But, there are other brands that are high quality, and are perfect alternatives; Baxi boilers are a perfect example. They’ve been going since 1866, and still manufacture their products in the UK. I say products, because their parent company is BDR Thermea Group, and they own brands that include: Potterton Main Heating Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Remeha Andrews Water Heaters Potterton Commercial And, in a competitive market, you don’t

The Best Cheap Combi Boilers [And What You Should Expect To Pay]

Looking for a cheap combi boiler, but don’t know where to start? This 10-minute guide has everything you need to know. Below, we’ll be covering leading boiler brands, the best buy combi boilers available this year, and two specific recommendations. If you’re looking for the cheapest installation prices for Worcester boilers specifically, we’d recommend checking out BOXT. They’re part owned by Bosch, so the prices here are about as good as you’re going to get. How Much Does A Good Cheap Combi Boiler Cost? Avoiding the most expensive, and the unreliable low-end products, the best overall cheap combi boilers are