Worcester Greenstar RI Boiler Problems

If you’re having problems with your Worcester RI, use our boiler installation form, and we’ll come and assess the situation. If there’s a cheap fix, we’ll get it sorted. If the boiler needs replacing, we can advise on the best and cheapest options. Alternatively, keep reading, and we’ll try and uncover a few explanations for… Read More »

Baxi Duo Tec HE & GA Combi Boiler Review (And Alternatives)

If you’ve been looking for a new boiler, there’s a good chance you’ve already considered Ideal, Vaillant & Worcester. But, Baxi Duo Tec combis are usually overlooked. One reason the Baxi Duo Tec tends to be an excellent choice, is price. At time of writing, the 24kw Duo Tec HE is priced at around £700;… Read More »

Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 Heating Pump Review

  In this review, we’ll cover all the major details relating to the Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 heating pump, and where to find them cheap, both offline and online. If you are replacing a central heating pump, there’s a good chance the pump is noisy, or a boiler leak has been traced back to blown seals.… Read More »

Glow Worm Boiler Faults [And What To Do Next]

If your Glow-Worm boiler has a fault, you’ve come to the right place. We are called out to boiler breakdowns daily. And, there are two brands that seem to be more intermittent than any others; Glow-Worm and Vokera. Which to be honest is strange, because Glow-Worm is actually part of Vaillant, and their boilers are… Read More »

Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 Boiler Review [And Alternatives]

If you are looking for a new combi boiler, then the Vaillant EcoTec Pro 28 is certainly not a bad choice. Vaillant are up there with the best boiler brands which include Worcester, Baxi and Ideal. The whole EcoTec range offers great value for money. Vaillant have done a good job covering all bases and… Read More »

MagnaClean System Filters (Micro 2, Pro 2 & Pro 2XP)

MagnaClean filters are among the most popular in the heating industry. If you’re unsure whether or not you need one, you can read our guide to magnetic systems filters here. But, to cut a long story short; every heating system should be fitted with a boiler filter. How MagnaClean’s Work And, if you’re unsure how… Read More »

How Central Heating Pumps Work [And Getting The Best Deal]

How Central Heating Pumps Work Central heating pumps are a vital part of an efficient heating system. But, how do they work? Pumps on newer boilers are located behind the boiler casing. And, they look like this: The boiler works hard to heat up water. Once it has, the diverter valve will open and close… Read More »

Ideal Logic Plus 24kw Boiler Review [Worcester 25i Alternative]

One of the most common boiler installations we carry out is the Ideal Logic Plus 24kw. Ideal Boilers are hot on the heels of the Worcester Greenstar range, mainly due to the fact that they offer an excellent 7-year warranty, and are much cheaper. Ideal have been getting more and more popular, and now manufacture… Read More »