Ideal Boiler Service & Repair Costs: The Homeowner’s Guide

If you’re the sensible type, you’ll be getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis, and you’ll get it repaired the minute you notice a problem. In our 3-minute guide to ideal boiler service and repair costs we’ll explain everything from: the cost of servicing and repairing an Ideal boiler, to finding Ideal Boiler engineers,… Read More »

This Is How Much A Boiler Pump Replacement Costs

Any boiler engineer will tell you that one of the most common boiler repairs they carry out, is related to the pump. Sometimes pumps can be fixed, but in most cases, a boiler pump replacement is in order. So, if you’re having a problem with your boiler, it might not be dead yet. A lot… Read More »

Confused? Here’s The Cost Of Installing Central Heating.

Maybe your boiler’s broke and you want a replacement? Or, your renovating a property and there’s no central heating at all so you’re looking around at quotes? In the next 5-minutes, we’ll explain the cost of installing central heating, and understanding the small print in installation quotes. Get Heating Replacement Quotes Here We’ve split our guide… Read More »

This Is How Much A Boiler Service Will Cost

Boilers aren’t cheap. If yours break due to poor maintenance, you could be looking at prices in excess of £2,000 to get a new one fitted. And, this can usually be avoided, by having a boiler routinely serviced. How Much Does A Boiler Service Cost? A boiler service should cost £70-90 (depending on where in… Read More »

Combi Boiler Prices – Buyer’s Guide

Combi boiler prices will start as low as £500, up to £2,500 and beyond. The cost of a new combi boiler will depend on the: KW output you need (check out our guide that explains what size boiler you need here) Popularity of the manufacturer Warranty provided Installation costs >>> Get Boiler Replacement Quotes Here <<< Below,… Read More »

The Best Flux For Soldering Copper Pipe

The right flux ensures that joints on copper pipe aren’t just leak free; but stay that way for years to come. Flux paste creates a chemical reaction so that when solder is melted it sticks to the copper. Naturally, some flux designed for soldering copper pipe is better than others. Whether you are a bathroom… Read More »

Salus RT500RF – Review, Price And Alternatives

There area tonne of cheap and efficient wireless programmable room thermostats on the market, and the Salus RT500RF is one of them. In this quick review, we’ll cover all its features, price and the best alternative. Features Let’s start by saying the Salus RT500RF’s functions are split into two units. The first is the receiver.… Read More »

Vokera Boilers: Better Than Worcester Bosch?

If you’ve been looking for a new heating system, there’s one brand that’s probably caught your eye; Vokera boilers. Vokera is a popular brand, with over 500,000 Vokera boilers in use throughout the UK and Ireland. They produce combi boilers, system and open vent boilers, as well as a good range of water heaters and… Read More »

Review: Fernox F1 Central Heating Inhibitor

  Fernox are among the top manufacturers of boiler filters and central heating chemicals. Within their range is the Fernox F1 central heating inhibitor. Fernox central heating inhibitor is designed with two core goals in mind: Break down existing iron-oxide from the insides of radiators and pipework Protect the insides of pipes and radiators from… Read More »

Fernox TF1 Boiler FIlter – Review, Price & Alternatives

Fernox are right up there with MagnaClean when it comes to the top magnetic system filters. And, the Fernox TF1 boiler filter is the most well-known product in their range. And today, we’re going to cover all products in the Fernox TF1 range, prices and suitable alternatives. The range includes: TF1 Total TF1 Omega TF1… Read More »